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Patriots Union demands Senator Scott Brown engage and put an end to the insane prosecution of American soldiers!

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                                                                                           February 23, 2011 


Senator Scott Brown

317 Russell St. Office Bld.

Washington, DC 20510


Dear Senator Brown:


     Myself and other veterans from around the country have contacted your office without the courtesy of a single reply from you or your senatorial staff with regard to the continued persecution of Sgt. of Marines, Laurence Hutchins III.  We have had several conversations with your staff to include a former active Marine Captain who is on your staff.  This particular staff member knows the history well since he was in Iraq when the events unfolded and had one of the accused members, Cpl. Shumate, as his duty driver.


      We have reason to believe that you have no desire to involve yourself in looking into the corrupt manner in which the UCMJ conducted the trials against one of your constituents (Sgt. Hutchins) as evidenced by your being silent on this issue.  You still serve in uniform for the Army reserve as a JAG officer.


      First and foremost, you are now also a member of the United States Senate with an obligation to represent your constituents as you stated in your campaign for the 2010 elections.  You ran for what was NOT the seat of the late Senator Kennedy, but the seat of the people of Massachusetts whom you promised to represent. 


      In view of last week’s UCMJ decision to overturn an innocent finding and order Sgt Hutchins incarcerated without allowing a clemency hearing, it is time for you to engage, Senator, especially coming from a thirty (30) year background in the penal system known as the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). 


      There is no justice as you know in a penal code.  This is plain and simple history.  The system runs by orders and not justice, as can be found in the writings of Colonel William Winthrop’s, Military Law and Precedent, Vol. I and II – demonstrated in generations of fights on the constitutionality of the UCMJ, better known as the War Articles.


      Senator,  we have contacted your office with regard to the plight of Sgt. Hutchins and have offered contact to council and government documentation that shines the light on the truth of what has been done to this Marine and others in the military that sit behind bars of US prisons, out of sheer political expedience. I need not remind you of your oath or obligations to them and your representation of both of your offices, 

the Senate, and your standing as a commissioned officer. All other individuals previously notified of this issue while in office, such as Mr. Delahunt, were only concerned about capitulation and the sentencing phase in order to find a middle ground for political convenience and plea deal so everyone but Sgt. Hutchins could feel good. Yet, he sits today back behind bars for one simple reason….he refuses to make a deal since he and all involved know that they are not guilty of any of the charges brought against them.


      Sir, you have decided as of late to write a book, have interviews on television and radio to talk about how you were victimized as a young boy. You have also made it known that there was no consummation, just “victimization”.  Let’s look at this in the same light and compare your experience with that of these young men and women in uniform. 


      We send these young folks over to fight and represent the nation where innocence is lost with the speed of heat. We have had twice as many KIA and wounded in the last 2 years than in all of the previous eight (8) in both theaters of action, due to leadership and most of all insane ROE, rules of engagement.  Talk about victimization!  Some pay with their lives, some pay with physical and mental wounds entrenched within these soldiers that are seldom seen and many times ignored.  Then they come home and are victimized by the very people and system that sent them into harm’s way to be persecuted, charged and put behind bars for political and tactical reasons by the very people they trusted. Having the consummation of being put behind bars and losing their freedoms after fighting the battle, the victimization continues. That, Senator is a true story of victimization and you say that know what that feels like. Look at it on that scale. They have been molested by the very people and the country they trusted and served and have not been given a voice or a system to actually defend them with the actual truth!  That is a sadder story!


      We have asked for your assistance as members of the Veterans Council of U.S Patriots Union.  Now, we demand it Senator.


We have a broken system. We have a system that by law should not and cannot exist outside of martial law. History is a funny thing, it is what it is. You have perjury, collusion, broken chains of custody and command, presentment of false evidence, barring of exculpatory evidence, egregious violations of defense to the UCMJ, command influence, attainder and the list goes on.  That is the rape of innocence! As mentioned earlier, you now wear both hats, one as a JAG and one as a United States senator.  The lack of information in the print and main stream media will not stop this from going forward to effect change. We have a staff of senior officers and enlisted that will demand along with their families to be heard in public investigations in Washington DC.


      The American citizens and the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as it pertains to Sgt. Hutchins, will have access to the truth. The department of defense has spent millions of dollars with the blessings of this and the past administration to use our warriors as bargaining chips for benefit of the very people they were sent to fight, all for pure politics. It stops now and the families demand justice.


      At the very time CAAF overturned Sgt. Hutchins decision from the En banc ruling, the United States was working to free enemy combatants in Afghanistan.  Looking at the Middle East and the conditions there leaves many speechless. Teach democracy and make a mob so as they can officially elect terrorists as their new leaders for a country we emancipated and then, turn upon your own in uniform to help placate any ill will with the people of that country. We need to clean up the military system and worry about our own Senator. We hereby request your immediate attention and reply, with an expectation that you will meet with the family of Sgt. Hutchins and councils in the very near future.                                                                                           Respectfully,       
Timothy J. Harrington,
Veterans Council,
United States Patriots Union

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Now if we can only get the Democraps who infest other legislatures to flee the area we may have some hope of repairing the damage thay have caused to America!!!
Liberals have taken over the military and the civilian justice system, so one can not get justice in the courts. 
 We Need to broadcast this from the rooftops of the Capitol building for as long as it takes and hold every Senator and indeed those responsible for this injustice accountable. Makes this Marine wonder why anyone would want to follow orders to deploy to a war zone for any reason let alone stay with it until retirement. I wonder how many young people today that are aware of this kind of injustice would even consider going into the military.
Couldn't say it better. He needs to show that he still respects the colors and the uniform.
Sorry. This guy is a RINO and he will NEVER engage.  Sorry piece of crap.
I agree with Mark Barnes.  Scott Brown is a RINO big time.  He knew he could not get support from the democraps against their gal pal so he ran as a republican and duped many to support him.  Well his time will be up in 2012 as he was elected to fill killer teddy the toad kennedy's remainding term.  Come on Massachusetts Tea Party people.  Vet a true conservative now and get the campaign going.  The dumocraps will be out in number to keep the poor little abused boy in office.  Show the strength of the Tea Parties by getting rid of rhino scotty and get a clone of Alan West, Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint or like minded candidates.
I hope that Sen. Brown Initiates a congressional inquiry into the circumstances around this case!
It is time to bring up charges of treason against the Department of Justice, the Supreme Court and those in the Congress who keep this crap up.
This is but one of the reasons people need to get back involved with the Citizen Grand Jury system set up in their own communities. With the use of them, we could rectify much of the problems that we are facing.



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