Constitutional Emergency

DNC to bus 20,000 Muslims to DNC Convention. Is this the ultimate deceit against women's rights?

My answer to this is YES! This shows the Feminazis in our country that claim to work for "womens rights" are a bunch of liars! THEY DO NOT SPEAK FOR HONORABLE WOMEN!



This question was asked over at Soda Head.

The DNC announced last week that it is busing 20,000 Muslims to the 2012 DNC convention in Charlotte. Here is a weblink verifying this announcement:

This makes no sense to me. Aren't the democrats and liberals the ones who push for women's rights to have abortions and free contraception, equality in the workplace and even rights for lesbians to marry each other? However, Islamic Sharia Law says that the practice of homosexuality is worthy of death, and women are forced to cover themselves with burkas, without the freedom to express themselves, especially in the fashions they wear. No tank tops, mini-skirts, bikinis, or even nudity.

Therefore, is the DNC's action to bus 20,000 Muslims to their 2012 convention the beginning of the ultimate deceit against women? YES or NO?

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It looks like the white house is now bring out its true colors and they are not red white and blue....

it isn't only the ultimate deceit, it's the ultimate betrayal. 

This action simply adds to the already Obama/Muslim example of bowing to the Saudi King........A Muslim cannot, cannot have women interests at heart.  A Muslim has only two uses for is to be a slave and the other you can figure out.

How American women can even cast a glance at Obama as a supporter of equality for women is beyond any reasonable explanation.

This should also confirm to all America the absolute commitment Obama has to his Muslim religion of hate, violence, and American destruction.

What has happened to America?  Where is our ability to reason in reality?  Almost every day our warriors are being killed in Afghanistan by the green/blue association.........

We can only start righting the ship by crushing Obama on November 6, 2012.

May God grant the mercy that this will be possible. You are so right Harry. it makes me wonder if today's news that children are banned from the dnc convention floor, isn't an effort to cater to their special guests?

I hope this gets major news coverage.

Most of the medias are only going to the left and will not put this on the news for the people to see. They are payed by the left to keep their mouths shut and will not cover what is really going on with the Islamic Democratic party...

I have been posting the link on every democratic site I can find. We can get this out to their voters.


They are also busing in Illegal immigrants just sign up for job papers! This is the Democratics NEW ACORN attempt to STEAL THE ELECTION. They will be getting soc sec # & Names 4 all these people.Some group should be taking pictures of all these people & trying to identify where they live, along with checking voter registration!

Having lived in the Middle East, I agree that this sends a mixed message at best.  I also wonder if any of those 20,000 people are women - I strongly doubt it.

Linda........I'm curious about your "mixed message" observation.  How so??

Hi, Harry.  By mixed message I meant that Obama keeps arguing that he is not an Islamic fundamentalist yet buses in 20,000 Muslims to the convention.  That certainly is not in keeping with his contention that he is a Christian.  I don't see buses for Christians being provided or even for Jews and if that is accurate, then he is giving Muslims preferred status.  Thanks for enquiring.



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