Constitutional Emergency

Egyptians thank our dear leader for his support and financial aid that helped to install a dictator who is far worse than Hosni Murbarak ever was.

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Surprised there are no responses to this story. When I heard it this afternoon I thought --  "Maybe we can get BOW out of office by setting a million or so gun-embellished veterans or ex-veterans  spread around. Seemed to have worked for the Egyptians.  FBI, CIA, police, SWAT - I am kidding.  Sort of.

so am I, sort of.

God help us! Wake us all up so we can get ready!

I still don't understand how Obama was reelected.  Are the American people that blind and have the people in our country turned to socialism and communism?    How would anyone vote for Obama and this bunch?  It really puzzels me.   The Obama supports have put this Muslim on all of us a second time and I just do not unerstand the voters anymore.  

And unfortunately we have a dead beat Congress also.     America is going down the tube, and we will pay the price for what the voters have done.    Just unreal!!!!!!!

Obama's election wasn't a clean deal.  Between people voting more than once,  voting machines that were fixed,  the unions pushing their membership toward Obama,  and the Republicans deliberately picking a middle of the road candidate, not just once but twice.  Congress is no better on either side of the isle.  Boehner will sell us out with another increase of  taxes.  If I sound like a conspiracy nut,  that is probably a real picture of me,  since I don't believe any of them any more.  Going toward world government and a real dictatorship with Obama is where we are headed.  

Obama is one of them.




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