Constitutional Emergency

H/T Tish

"This is a picture I took this evening on a wall just down the hall from my office. It's new and put up today. While it may look innocent enough, those in the know realize the paranoia this poster represents. It's part of this year's campaign against insider threats which included a mandatory online program where you 'vet' other workers based on 'suspicious' evidence.

In other words, the suspects were primarily conservative males who were outspoken against current US policies and adhering to constitutionality. Females were present but the focus was on white males.

Let that sink in while looking at the poster awhile."

-I'm withholding the name of the person who sent this for security reasons.


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Rip them down.

I agree.  Rip them down!

Thanks, you just said it a little different than I would have. I was going to say these need to be posted on EVERY wall in the White House and the halls of Congress.

Well, no different than Hitler. we all knew this was going to happen if obumma got back in the second term. America as we knew it is gone. We have a president and a congress that has betrayed it. Obumma is going to make us a third world country. He has promised that, and that is one promise he is and will keep. The only thing that will, or could stop him is another civil war. I don't think the American people are gutsy enough to do that. We have been too soft too long. We are now just sheep being herded into little corals at the pleasure of the marxist in the white house. It is just too bad that we lost our way and let the extreme left gain control over our government. Now we must pay, and pay dearly.

Dang--WhileI as sleeping Dunie chard snuck in and posted the reply I was gonna make once I got up and opened this up so I could see what's innit. The poster would be most funny if it didn't reflect the reality of the O Administration--traffic weapons to our enemies.Betray all of our friends  --raise and maintain a private Army to enforce the Despotic Dreams of change then let everybody you have called peon  act like your brown shirts And someone got mad at  the singer for comparing O  to Hitler?




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