OAS BENGHAZI PRESS RELEASE - Death by A Thousand Cuts—Some Slice Deeper Than Others

Death by A Thousand Cuts—Some Slice Deeper Than Others

Of all the assaults on America: IRS, NSA, HAS, EPS, NEA, ad nauseum, the rape, torture, and murders of four Americans in Benghazi is an especially painful injury to our nation. Far beyond the insult to our pride in ‘never leaving a fallen comrade behind’, our desertion of those four Americans strikes at the core of what America stands for: protecting and defending what is rightfully ours.

Whether we are talking about our Ambassadors, our soldiers, our borders, our Constitution, or anything else uniquely and exclusively American, our national consciousness seems to have abandoned it all.

“Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…Dude, that was like two years ago,” quotes from different people representing the same viewpoint. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Distract, disarm, and deflect. Blame the accuser. Belittle, trivialize, and disconnect; straight from the Saul Alinsky playbook.

“My heart was, and is, ripped out as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton cast their cold shadows over the coffins of four murdered Americans during the receiving ceremony at Andrews AFB. Hillary showed no sign of remorse as she looked dead into the eyes of those grief-stricken family-members, told them a video was the cause of their son’s deaths…she lied. She didn’t lie to spare their feelings or to ease their pain. She lied to protect her presumptuous presidential entitlement and her fragile, fabricated legacy. Obama’s re-election campaign was faltering. His first four years, a testament to his failed philosophy and impotent strategies, President Obama could not let the blood of four dead Americans stain his record further, so he lied in support of Clinton’s lies.   –Ret Col H.G. Riley, OAS

In a long-overdue report that Trey Gowdy, (R, SC) will head the Congressional Select Committee to investigate the brutal rape, torture, and murder of Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, the murder of information officer, Sean Smith, plus the deaths of two former seals who came to their aid, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, offers some hope that some solace may yet come.

“Justice delayed is justice denied.” –William Gladstone

“Operation American Spring fully supports Rep Trey Gowdy in leading the Special Committee Investigating Benghazi,” offers Col Riley. “Neither Obama nor Clinton should ever be allowed in a position of authority, certainly not in governing America.  They have proven themselves unworthy to stand in the presence of fallen Americans.”


The time has come for America to regain its rightful stature among nations. We have fallen prey to the temptations of feigned privilege, and the false sense that our government officials are true and faithful servants. America is laboring under the carefully-crafted illusion that we must rely on our elected executives for leadership, while those same agents of deceit have built a bureaucracy of self-aggrandizement and enrichment.


Operation American Spring intends to shake loose our notions of public dependence and reassert our People to take leadership in guiding our Republic. Our retransformation requires a period of awakening. A time to reflect on our lapses, and to begin anew with a clear vision of what America can be, and will again accomplish. OAS may be scheduled to begin May 16 in DC, but it must also take place in the heart, the mind, and most importantly, in the spirit of every American, in every American city.


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Terry Trussell

P.O. Box 1551

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Yes........you nailed that Karen............

Obama has made it clear to any with open eyes that while he has nothing but praise for Islam he has contempt and disregard for anything Christian or Jewish.   His apology tour for starters, his order to REWRITE history basically by editing out any reference to violent Islam in the 9/11 reports.

I was sickened by a recent video I saw of him, yet again, gushing praise for Islam and VERY OFFENSIVE to me announcing that he was giving a gift "on behalf of the American people" as they celebrated some holiday or other.    He never asked me if I wanted to contribute - it was not a gift it was robbing from Americans to support Islam and possibly the brotherhood.    Can you imagine the reaction of something similar on the part of Bush? 

Does this video offend anyone else; I doubt its just me.   I'm sick of his going on an on about the contributions of Islam while he insults our military and Christians or any American tradition that has morality at its core.   He's pushed every kind of perversion through to the point its not good enough to tolerate gays or "live and let live" you must be effusive in your acknowledgment are among the new rules according to Obama for our military. - but as far as for myself AIN'T HAPPENING.


Uhm, there was no sound......

Not sure why, if you are referring to my link I just tried it and it is working.   You might check your computer settings.  Has anyone else had problems with it?   If there are multiple instances of no sound then it bears checking out.

Have you tried it again?

yes, and still no sound

yes it was...and it still goes on using Jordan

Ben Rhodes, white house NSA is brothers with David Rhodes, CBS News President, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Nothing to see here, move along uninformed people.

Oh yes, move along, nothing here..............

The list is even longer of so called news people related to white house staff. The MSM is something OAS needs to correct also. If we had a free press we would not be in this mess. OAS has a lot of cleaning up to do so everyone should expect a long process but the end result will be glorious.

Not OAS, but rather WE THE PEOPLE.  

I'm extremely glad that some of my Congressional Representatives are holding this Administration to the Fire!! Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy are 2 Members that I am very glad to call my Statesmen!!! Now if only we could get rid of Grahamnesty!!



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