Constitutional Emergency

IT'S TRUMP OR AMERICA GOES TO THE GRAVEYARD...It's that critical, a personal observationl!!!

An Open Letter To America,

Toward the end of my military service in the late 80s early 90s, I came to the conclusion the United States of America could never be defeated militarily and for that matter any nation that could try would never do it. The principle of “assured mass destruction” is still valid.
It was and still is very clear to me that America’s demise will come through internal rot and outside migration without assimilation, with destruction as a goal.
This rot takes many forms but the most damaging is the loss of patriotism and allegiance to our God ordained Constitution, loss of moral courage by those allowed to occupy positions of trust, the total surrender of United States three branches of government oversight responsibility, and the total decay of personal integrity and rejection of Christian principles.
So, here we are at a crossroads in our very existence as a Republic, a nation of laws. We are witnessing chaos in the streets, a political system controlled by self-serving mafia that is battling an outsider by the name of Trump, and a population that is starting to wake-up. Will the wake-up be too late and with too little motivation to reverse the destructive course America is traveling?
As a fox-hole survivor, one who understands what it means to take an oath to the US Constitution, I will never surrender. I pray America has recognized the threat to our Constitution through corruption, thievery, criminal activity in our political establishment, and that we will do everything within our power, everything just short of criminal activity, to elect Donald Trump as our next president.
Donald Trump is not a perfect individual, (most of us live in glass houses) I don’t like some of his antics, but I do like his attitude in support of America, his proven ability to get things done, his no-nonsense and straight talk, his freedom from any campaign support obligation, he hasn’t spent his life sucking the public teat, which is putting the existing political apparatus in panic if not chaos.
The current republican party makes no bones about their displeasure with Trump. They are taking every action possible, bringing to bear every anti-Trump side-show they can dream up, and attempt to destroy Trumps freedom of speech at campaign rallies. Trump does not fit the mold of the establishment and they cannot take a chance on him upsetting their golden goose existence.
Certainly we can understand that when the entire republican establishment is in involved in a no-holds barred to eliminate Trump, he must be someone special. He is scaring the dog-crap out the greedy elites and threatening their free-rides that has been going on for decades. We need a man like Trump “for such a time as this”.
If the establishment despises Trump so much, it’s a sure sign it’s absolutely critical and demanding that we pack the ballot box in support of Trump.
Finally, is it possible the establishment in their panic and chaos are totally overlooking the fact that Trump’s popularity is being heaped on him by “we the people”? Trump hasn’t generated the massive voting for his candidacy, he has tapped into the anger, disgust, fed up America and is trumpeting the message of “we the people”. Cruz, Kasich, or any other others offer nothing but more of the same and we know what that has given us.
And there is another factor regarding Cruz...he is not eligible as a “natural born citizen” required by the Constitution to serve as president...if he were nominated I could not vote for him and dishonor our Constitution again.
The establishment is vicious and will even try to override the will of “we the people” in order to retain their prized positions...we must stop them and Donald Trump is the only hope we have. Trump may be the last chance for America to retain our Republic...we can’t squander this potential opportunity to get our nation back on track.
Let us... democrats, republicans, independents, unify and elect Donald Trump as president who will be no puppet of the vile political establishment, but pursue restoration of Constitutional government, with a refreshing attitude of power to "we the people".

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Harry, you have just about covered it.  As a lifelong Republican, I could not be more humiliated by the behavior of our Party in DC.  They have betrayed America's trust.    They have lied, stolen and cheated.  Their real lack of moral character is coming to the front.   Clearly, in their opposition to Donald Trump, they have revealed their true selves, and it is ugly.     Promises broken, lies told, and no idea of any type of Representation, or Accountability.   A dressed up bunch of Thugs, with fancy titles. Bottom Feeders, at best    . A man comes along, inspires the whole Country, gets out more Voters than we've ever had before, increasing the size of the Party, and a great chance to win the Presidency, and who is fighting it??  The Republican Party!!!      These people need to go find a Job, and get an idea of how Americans live day to day.   Struggling to make ends meet, more Taxes and Regulations, more "mandates", more Govt control, and we're sick of it.    We have Two Parties, and one is as bad as the other.     Neither could pass for respectable.   I'm voting for a "Non-Politician" as I have seen Politicians make a huge mess of my Country.   Everyone is suffering, and we're tired of it. GO FOR IT TRUMP, AMERICA IS WITH YOU!!!!

You are very much on point here Mr. Riley ! I too am in agreement concerning Trump, and my feelings of like and dislike are akin to 2 cat's in a burlap bag....he's got good points and some rather uncomfortable characteristics from a woman's perspective! 

BUT....he is our only future hope of getting some semblance of getting our country back whether in minimal restorative means or this time anything smelling like a positive gain he can make in rebuilding this country to its greatness will be an improvement over what those soft bellied, power grubs,ungrateful idiots we voted into office have shoveled into the shit pile! Nothing...nothing has turned my guts more than what they have done...allowed...and propagate to be for the betterment of our country! I'm SICK of it. And don't even get me started on frigg'n illegals and immigrants!!!  So, yes I will be voting for Trump....if only the sheeple-people out there would just connect the frigg'n dots!!!! That's all.

I am in total agreement with this post. The republican wigs are, I believe are going to try and wiggle Jeb Bush into the Oval Office. Some how. And I have believed this for several months. I also believe that back in 08 when Jeb converted to Catholicism he knew as did Tony Blair that the Holy Roman Empire would be reborn as it did on Nov 3, 2009, and that the Chruch/State,(Holy Roman Empire) would give its power to the NWO Beast. Deep intrigue is the only way it can be termed. The bush family are complicit in this evil scheme. Now our Gov't is given over.  Our elected officials dumped their morals in the ditch and kept on running as tho nothing had happened.

Wayne S.--Great video, posted it on Face Book, and sent to all in my address book.  After Paris, Brussels, and San Bernadino, how can anyone have a doubt?  Our Education system is a disaster, but hopefully people are not that "dumbed-down" yet.  Thank you.

 Jo, You are welcome Trump speaks the Truth in that You Tube

He stepped up to the plate and said what I wanted to hear.  In his maturity, he realizes a lot--that we are on the way to losing our country.  He kept trying to get someone to stand up and speak up and finally realized that if it were going to be done at all that he would have to do it himself to be successful and do it right!!!

Col. Riley. Totally agree. The military brass needs to convene and totally endorse Trump then watch Obama, Hillary and RNC tremble. This may be the year of your "Spring". I've never talked to as many ticked off Americans. God bless you and I hope Trump holds the moral compass with someone like Dr. Carson as his respected VP.
Thank you for all you've done for our country
Kirkland Byars, Birmingham
Very well said! Go Trump!

You make a lot of sense; I cannot argue against anything you have said. I must admit, I have been shocked by the things brought out in this forum about Sen Cruz' eligibility....things I was not aware of previously, perhaps because of the way our sitting POTUS got away with violating our Constitution like he did and no court would rule on the issue.    Like you, I am not pleased with some of Trump's antics, language, or methods. But it is quite clear that he is a patriot, he is not part of the "Establishiment", and he will change the direction of our country.  I pray that God will get Trump's ego under control and help him to settle down to resolving our nation's problems, including how he is going to overcome the opposition in a General Election where the Supreme Court has just ruled that illegal aliens have the right to vote in our National General Elections.

Lowell........a separte post on the Supreme Court ruling would be interesting...........I had not heard that?  How, in all that is honorable, non-citizens vote in any election in America?  Where is that justification or even a hint in the US Constitution?

We the people have entered a war. A war upon our Country, fueled by the Left/Liberals, and the power of the elites, which is in serious jeopardy. We can, as the American people, only win this war through diligence. A clear want and need to replace the good ol boy, back room methodology of those who fight against us. We must face, and defeat the Political machine, which has run so smoothly for many, many years now, the machine which keeps chugging along, with the elite keeping it oiled, and running smoothly. To beat this machine, the Politics nightmare we have been forced to remain under for so very long, we must do it with a controlling interest in the voting process. We must have the masses, the numbers, the will, and the need to take back that which has been taken from us, at first slowly, and as time progressed, very fast, indeed. Once Nobamas hand dipped into the honey pit, and was not slapped the first time, he from that point until now, had the gift of knowing he could get away with anything.
We have two ways to stop the mayhem of big Government, the way I see it. We can go to war with the powers that be, and declare that we will not take it any more in a all out Civil war, or we can make sure that we are not cheated out of our will. That being the election of a non establishment individual, who feels as we do about this Country, and also wants to see it returned to the greatness it was, before it was given away to this PINO and his minions. They, in turn, have given it away to our enemies, and those who stand against us. They have apologized for our strength, character, and long fight we have had, to take the high spot in the World, to almost every Country. He has bowed low to kings, which no President of our Country has ever done, and told them how sorry he is that we were strong, and how terrible we were to assert, and defend ourselves. I am thoroughly tired of being downgraded from the best, to the worst. I am thoroughly tired of having our name slandered across the world, I am tired of the fact that he is destroying our Country from within, while basically handing it over to our enemies. I am tired of the politics as usual, the ruling of our Country by the money of the elites, I am tired of being taken down the primrose path from the greatest in the world, and being dispatched towards a third world Status by this man, with that as his strongest agenda.
It bothers me to see those on welfare, and all the other benefit programs, voting for him to keep their freebies and paychecks coming. What they do not realize, is that once our dollar looses it’s standing as the world’s reserve currency, it will loose it’s value almost overnight. This will effectively mean we can no longer borrow money to pay our bills, so cuts will have to be made. They are too ignorant to figure out that the first major cuts will be all of their benefits. The Government will no longer be able to feed, clothe, give them monthly paychecks, and pay their utility bills. Those freebies will be the first to be removed from our debt. As long as he cannot continue to borrow money to make those payments for them. Many other programs will fall by the sword, as our bills have to be cut, so that we can survive on the intake of the Government from the working class. Who will they vote for then?. They will no longer have a free ride, and they are not going to be happy about it. The riots this will cause, will most likely be the very opportunity he will use to declare martial law, and become for all intents and purposes, our Dictator/King.
If we elect Trump as President, he will find ways of cutting down spending, without taking it directly from the welfare programs. He will cut the worthless and expensive Foreign aid bonanza we have given almost every Country in the world, for free, forever. He will then, likely cut out the grants given to companies doing basically worthless studies, such as the mating habits of beetles, and such. There are literally thousands of such studies we are paying for, which produce not a single cent into our economy, or our Government for income.
He will stop the Governments outreach, and heavy payments for lands which they now purchase, but have no use or purpose for.

Donald trump needs no money, he has no need to take bribes, kickbacks, or follow the business as usual of the political elites, as they line their own pockets, while taking from ours to do so. He is for America, Americans, and the return to the leadership under our Constitution. So, we have two choices either fight a very hard and bloody battle to take our Country back, or hire Donald Trump to do it for us. Sounds like a pretty easy choice to me.

Without one or the other, we as America, and Americans, can kiss our freedoms, our future for generations to come, our way of life, our world standing, our Constitution, and all else we stand for, goodbye. We will effectively be OWNED by the left/ elite, and money, likely for many, many years to come, if we do not loose it forever. We have our backs to a steep cliff, from which we will not survive the fall. We can either step back to our doom, or fight forward to our independence.



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