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Military Retirees, under 65, probably have another job that can pay their Health Insurance Costs.  We need to convince them to use that Insurance plan instead of the one they earned by 20+ years in the Military.  Obama Administration. (paraphrased, they would never say it that clearly.)

This is what the Administration calls "not breaking faith" with Our Troops and Veterans.  I had a rather heated discussion about this with a civilian friend, who happens to support Obama.  She felt that the disgust I voiced with the Administration, and with those that continue to justify his slashes makes Veterans and Troops appear to be just a whiny special interest group.  She didn't understand how I could confuse her Support of the Troops, with annoyance that she attempted to justify the Administration's calls for culling the force.  And she typed the same lines the Obama Campaign has used to justify the cuts.  The Proposals include:

Increasing and adding new enrollment fees for retirees (for Tricare)
Establishing a new enrollment fee for the TRICARE-­‐for-­‐Life program
Implementing additional increases in pharmacy co-­‐pays
Obama proposals in January 2012, in the DoD "Defense Budget Priorities" previously proposed in the Obama Budget Proposal in September 2011 which was marketed as raising taxes on "the rich" while "raising revenue" to a greater extent from Military Retirees & Veterans.

So, how do I express myself better?  How do I better explain why it is wrong for the American Government to break its contract with the Veterans that have protected this Nation?  Why is it morally and legally wrong to charge Military Retirees for Health Care?  Why is it the responsibility of the American People to stop this?  Who can do that and How?

Voters can write their Congressmen and that is likely the only way this will be stopped.  If the politicians in Washington continue to believe that the Electorate puts a low priority on this issue, then the Pelosi Democrats in the House, and the Reid Democrat dominated Senate will continue to blindly vote in support of the Administration cuts.  And the Republicans in both houses will, otherwise, continue to allow it to happen.  It is a sad fact that politicians are first and foremost concerned with their own re-elections, not in doing what is right, or is best for the Nation.
If politicians on both sides of the aisle don't start seeing a stack of letters and emails on their desks, expressing support for a strong military, for honoring the contract the US Government made with its Troops, the politicians will look only to the polls that say its not important to voters.  If however, the politicians believe your vote will be based, at least in part on how they deal with this, they will change how they deal with it.  Sure, you can write a letter to the White House as well, but frankly, I don't see it having any impact on its actions.
But why should you care?  Why should you bother to express your Support of Our Troops, Veterans, and Retirees to your Congressmen, when you have other issues to deal with, like how to pay for that Obama mandated Health Insurance, how to pay rent, how to pay for rising gas prices, finding or keeping a job, or whether the legislature of a neighboring state has taken up residence in a neighboring hotel to avoid their own duties?
Afterall, didn't those Troops and Retirees sign up for the risks and sacrifices they made?  Shouldn't we "all sacrifice a little" to return this country to fiscal responsibility?  An average Military retiree of today signed up during the Cold War, earning hundreds of dollars a month.  It is unlikely that he signed up with a plan to retire from the Military, but he understood that there was a very large, looming threat across the Fulda Gap.  He trained for it.  He knew the Soviet Army and Warsaw Pact vastly outnumbered the US Forces and NATO.  He learned that the strategic plan was to hold off complete defeat long enough for the American people to send re-inforcements. 
Today, the threat remains the same on the Korean Peninsula, with the Forgotten War that has never been ended, only paused, with tens of thousands of US Troops facing off against hundreds of thousands of North Korean troops, armed with nuclear weapons, and the threat of blowing a dam that would flood the South.  Today, Our Troops are still fighting the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, the Haqqani, the HiG, al-Shabab, Abu Sayyab, and other terrorists around the World.  Iran remains an enemy with increasing influence and fresh American blood on its hands.
Many of today's military retirees spent cold nights, preparing for war, in week long and month long field exercises in Germany or Korea, and/or hot days in the jungles of Panama.  While few were in Beirut or Lebanon when Hezbollah attacked Our Peacekeepers, many of today's retirees are Veterans of Wars in Grenada, in Panama, in El Salvador, Nicarauga, and Desert Storm.  More than once, they went from manning their posts, watching for a Soviet or North Korean attack, to standing ready, with loaded weapons, waiting for it.  For those that did not experience it, the lens of history may make it appear that the Military of that day was peaceful and stress-free, but there is a reason that Our Military Retirees appear to be much older than their years.
They didn't man those walls for the money.  Most that joined with the idea of retirement realized with a single enlistment that a military retirement wasn't worth the 20 years of abuse it took to get it.  Those that do stay for 20 more often joined with a belief they'd serve their Nation for an enlistment, do their part, and get out, realized they were needed for another, and at some point realized they had already invested too much time to throw away, that they might as well stay for a few years longer to get the promised pittance that comes with it, a safety net, for his re-entrance to civilian life.
A retiree of the class of 2005 would have served during the protested wars of Central America, during the Cold War, the Panama War, Desert Storm, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, the War on Drugs, the War in Afghanistan, and the War in Iraq.  It's unlikely that he would have been in all of those Wars, but likely that he had served in a few of them, and the only one he "signed up for" was the Cold War, to be ready, should war come. 
Whether he served in any war or not (which is unlikely that he would not have), he would have sacrificed time with family, holidays, and comforts.  He would have been stationed in Foreign Lands, and have moved every 2-4 years.  He would have been ordered to "the field" to sleep on the ground, or perhaps a canvas cot, eating MRE's, with a piece of canvas or thin plastic to keep the rain, sun, and wind off him. 
He would have trained with a heavy ruck, an oppressive helmet, and a rifle always in arms reach.  The military took a toll on his body.  It was necessary, to be ready for the battles he didn't know if he'd fight. 
The average retiree has been divorced at least once.  Spending that much time away is difficult on a relationship.  Many Troops are faced with an ultimatum, a wife that has been the second priority for too long, that tells her Troop that he must decide if he wishes to be married to the Military or her, because she can no longer accept being the 2nd priority, can no longer deal with an absentee husband.  Many Veterans have chosen the love, and hung up their helmets.  Military Retirees chose to put their Nation first, and their wives either had to accept 2nd place, or go their own way.
Not every Warrior gets wounded in battle, even if he returns to battle many times, war after war.  Some will say that Soldiers make an implied agreement to "die for their country," but that is not the case.  The majority of Troops have no desire to earn a Purple Heart, but if they earn one, they're proud of it.  Warriors instead accept that the risks they take and sacrifices they make are necessary, to keep Our Nation, Our Freedoms, and Our Citizens safe.  They believe the American People are worth those risks and sacrifices, even if their fellow Citizens are unwilling or unable to actively participate in their own defense.
There was an agreement made, that in exchange for those risks, sacrifices, and low pay, the Nation, the People, would in turn honor its promises.  The promise was that if they kept making those sacrifices, for at least 20 years, or until wounded beyond the ability to fight more, they would get a retirement check, and health insurance/coverage through a bureacracy that makes it painfully full of red tape to use.
During his 20-40 years of service and sacrifice, there was little time to visit the Doctor.  Warriors often had to choose whether his illness or injury needed treatment, or his mission on the battlefield or in training was of greater importance.  More often than not, the Warrior chose the mission.  And when those service related injuries went untreated, they became un-documented.  Regardless of how well they healed, or if he eventually got them treated, his body would one day remind him they were there, and charge him in aches and pains, for his service and sacrifices.  He was promised these would be covered when his mission was over, for however long he could bear to maintain the mission.  He was promised that if he could endure for at least 20 years, he wouldn't have to fight to prove those un-documented injuries were service related.
The military seems to have a habit of losing the documents proving those injuries, even when the injuries were sufficient to require medical care.   So, if that Warrior wants those injuries treated, it is often his burden to prove.  If he was smart, he kept a copy of the report, but as often, he just wanted to get back to the mission, and that injury was just a challenge to overcome.  He wasn't looking for a VA check, or health card.
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As a Service connected disabled veteran I take the papers I signed a a contract and this would be a violation of the contract I did my part now it is their turn to fulfill their part of that contract  

Anything this impostor administration does  to deprive those who have served with the most basic of medical provisions is too much for even us non veterans to bear.  My dad was a veteran of WWII, and he was (thankfully) able to use his veteran's medical benefits without too much hassle.  He is now with his comrades in Arlington, and  I am relieved that he has been spared what the troops are experiencing under these new O. "not breaking faith" edicts. 

All of us must do what is necessary whether it is calling, writing, or emailing our representatives and senators to help stop this outright discrimination and failure of obligation to our veterans.


This is the most comprehensive explanation of our situation that I have read/heard to date. As a Vietnam combat vet and Air Force retiree it sounded almost like he was writing about me. In actuallity he was talking about each and every one of us who has shared the sacrifice to keep this nation safe from foreign enemies. Now we have to enlist help to protect this nation from internal enemies and they are just as dangerous, if not more so. It will be up to us to enlist our family and friends and others to fight this battle. My experience has been that my elected representatives, although they send me letters saying all the things they think I want to hear, in reality their voting records indicate a totally different position.

As my foot soldier friends say it is time to "Ruck up" one more time to defend this nation.

It is time for all US veterans to come together as one and take this nation back.

Well give me a call and lest get ur done

Second that. I am ready and recruiting!

Steve, you may very well be on to something.  If we could only get 20 or 30 percent of the veterans in the country to march on DC I bet we could get their attention.  The problem is organizing something like that would be a nightmare.

I am a 100% rated Disabled Veteran and I would love to have kept my job and retired like most normal people. However,

I signed a contract with the US Govt. to be ready to give my life,including soul and body, for the defense of this Republic.

I remember a Full Bird Colonel speaking to a bunch of us fired up young men at Lackland AFB and saying that "You no longer belong to your Parents wives and girlfriends. You now belong to the US Govt. In turn they Promised to make sure When I left the service, I would be as good as when I joined. If not they would make sure I was compensated.

I dare say they would never turn their backs on any of the Union workers ripping off the Govt or suggest they give up what they aggreed to in their contracts.

Unfortunately our country has a long sad history of abusing and mistreating our veterans which dates all the way back to the Revolution.  At the end of the Revolution the powers that be at the time decided that instead of paying back pay and bonuses they would pay the veterans with land grants.  For the monied officers and others of independent means this was a real boon, however, for most of the troops this did nothing to feed their families or pay the debts they had incurred.  As a result they were forced to sell their land to speculators for literally pennies on the dollar.  In 1932 veterans who had been promised bonuses for their service during WWI assembled in Washington, known as the Bonus Army, as a result of the depression they were demanding immediate payment of their bonus bonds which did not mature until 1945.  (Almost 30 years after WWI ended!)  President Hoover ordered the army to remove the protestors.  General MacArthur used 500 infantry, 500 cavalry, and 6 tanks to assault this peaceful assembly of veterans.  Quite a few years ago there was a group of veterans who sued the federal government over the implied agreement that the government would provide health care for life for them and their spouses if they made the military a career.  If I remember correctly the case made it all the way to the Supreme Court and obviously the vets lost.  I was told by a retired career vet that during the entire 8 years of the Eisenhower administration Eisenhower refused to grant pay raises to the military because he did not want to be accused of favoritism!!  Those are just a few examples of the deplorable treatment that veterans have received at the hands of our "patriotic" politicians.  As is always the case, when cuts need to be made it is always those with the weakest voice who are made to pay.  In this case it is the veterans.  Veterans don't have millions of dollars in slush funds and high powered lobbyists to speak for them.  Also, the number of veterans in Congress is at an all time low.  All to many of the veterans in Congress are the John McCain variety who would throw every veteran under the bus if it meant getting one more vote in an election.  In our upcoming primary where I live we have two very conservative Republicans running to fill the seat of a retiring Demorat.  One is a female who has more or less been a career politician in state government and the other one is an Iraq combat vet.  You can guess who is getting my vote.  As regards the "illustrious" healthcare we receive from the VA here's my personal story.  Six months or so before I retired the Army decided that my hearing loss was bad enough that I should have hearing aids.  I can't begin to tell you what a blessing those aids were.  I'm a wind up clock enthusiast and after receiving my hearing aids I could actually hear my clocks ticking.  When I retired I submitted my VA disability paperwork.  I was notified to report for a physical.  When I went in for the hearing exam portion of my physical the audiologist said to me and I quote, "Just because the Army gave you hearing aids doesn't mean your hearing is bad".  Having completed all of the paperwork I waited for 8 years without having heard anything.  I wasn't really concerned because I had excellent healthcare coverage where I worked.  However, when I lost my job I decided to check into my VA application.  My VA disability application was never approved because some clerk took it and filed it away because I had failed to sign it at one of the numerous and I do mean numerous places that I needed to sign.  I am now in the VA system however, except for audiology and optical I have never been able to see a doctor except for my once a year "keep me in the system" appointment.

Boy, I can sure relate to last part of your story. It took me almost 15 years to get a 60% rate. I had tried to work by over dosing on pain killers, being laid off multiple times because I was unable to work, my wife and boys were wondering how we were going to pay doctor and Pharmacy bills, and Just when I thought I was about to bale off a bridge. My dear old mom called a local Congressman, who was running for re-election, and told him my story.I was sent to San Francisco VA hospital with "EXPEDITE" on the medical records. And Wahlah! They finally remembered their promise to compensate.

I once had an encounter with a surley clerk at another VA Hospital who didn't want to look for my Medical Jacket I said, as firmly as I could, 'Go back in there and if you come back without them I'll pull you over the counter and whoop your@$$!" He suddenly found them. Why should we have to revert to threats for our rights.

Our Veterans, gave of themselves, and did their duty!  They have kept their word!  It's time our gov start keeping their word!  Those bureaucrats sit in their plush off ices and never put their lives at risk and have their outlandish medical care, and retirement checks, but they would dare even considering taking from our VETS!! NO!!!






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