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A Suggestion by Robert D. Jones, LTC, USAF (Ret) For We the People / Black Ribbon Campaign

I am going to do this. I know my neighbors will ask me what the black ribbons are about. That will be my in to tell the truth of Benghazi.



NOTE: The author was in-charge of Rescue Command Centers (as well as the fixed wing elements of the aircrew recovery forces) in Vietnam and Thailand early in the Vietnam conflict. This action by our government to NOT rescue those in fear of their life is unconscionable to him and others.
As more and more information surfaces, it becomes more and more apparent that the death of our people in Benghazi was not a foregone conclusion.  The lack of proper military response was a definite contributing factor.  The latest information indicates that the military closest to the situation was in the process of launching a rescue effort when told to stand down.  Reportedly, the Army General Ham, who ordered the response, was told by someone (at the Pentagon?) to stand down.  His answer, perhaps more graphically stated, that he was going to launch anyway got him, and others, relieved of command almost immediately (within 30 seconds/1 minute?).
Where is the media on this story?  Robert McFarlane, President Reagan's National Security Advisor, on FOX News last night said:
"On September 11th, of this year President Obama’s incompetent performance – faced with an urgent need, and the opportunity to send help and perhaps to save lives of Americans under fire – represents the most egregious dereliction of duty by an American official I’ve ever heard of.  I cannot imagine a more serious abrogation of his responsibility as president."

 Well, shucks, if the mainstream media won't cover this massive demonstration of incompetence coupled with a clear dereliction of duty and an absolute violation, by at least several officials, of their oath of office -- apparently it is up to We the People to do something.  Well, what can we do?  Here are a couple of suggestions:

1.  Get the TEA Parties and Veteran's Organizations to join forces in common cause to focus their influence to demand this story be told.  Now -- before the election, if possible.  If not, then they should demand impeachment or dismissal with prejudice for all involved in this despicable affair.  It would help if they would encourage members to contact their Representative and Senators to enlist their help in this and even the suggestion below.

2.  What can we do as individuals?  How about a national level outcry?  This note is not only going to you, it will be going to media outlets all over the country as well as specific individuals in various news agencies.  For starters, remember the "tie a yellow ribbon" campaign?  How about tying black ribbons around all the trees in the Nation in memory of those who died in Libya and in condemnation of those who sacrificed the lives of four patriots on the altar of political expediency.  Let's tie them around trees and keep them there until the situation has been resolved as a constant reminder that We the People are watching.  I hope that, with your help, this note will go viral.  It would be ideal to see black ribbons around the trees before the election, perhaps by this coming weekend.  How does Friday sound as our first target?  With your help we can make it happen.

I can't do it alone.  But perhaps those on this list will join me and spread the word.  Since most of the media and our representatives seem willing to let the issue fade, particularly with the storm, the least We the people can do is act in a way that will not let the matter drop after the Administration executes what Thomas Sowell calls the "Cooling Out" period".  Apparently, we must force a response from the media and the politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, who would allow this atrocity to go unchallenged.  

I would appreciate your thoughts and actions.


Robert D. Jones, LTC, USAF (Ret); 

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We'll start today...

Great idea, I'm starting today.


" 50 REASONS TO IMPEACH ( INDICT ) obummer ".

I will go get some black ribbon and place today.

I copied this into an e-mail and forwarded it to those who would otherwise not see it.  Not everyone is on here and I also included some liberals who may wake up if given the chance.  Just a thought...

The media and POTUS share bedrooms.

Good idea, We are the only, true media left.

The bho & media are like cats making noises in the dark, can't tell if they are fighting or coupling, but I suspect the latter. Time to start a serious letter campaign to the sponsors of the stations not involved with telling the facts & truths. Let them know we can do without their products longer than they can do without our being a customer, . Make them force the issue on the so called media with fair and impartial reporting, you know, like the moderators during the debates. I would also get a permit to do informational pickets on the stations and major retailers, well done signs with facts and where to call for info.I have a huge oak out by the road, I'm getting large black ribbon (should be on sale tomorrow), and putting a message on it in bright silver; date and what to look for about the truth.

I will be doing it as well, both a large one on the tree facing the highway and smaller ones to wear on my clothing.


I am so excited, this is something I can actually's affordable AND the little bit of money we get comes in on the 1st. WOOHOO!!  lol.  It's goin to email and much as I don't like FB, it's a free way to keep in contact with friends and family and some of em only have FB (certainly cheaper than the phone). I've got it limited to just close friends/family.   momof5shortstuff

That is a great idea. The government apparently needs a constant reminder , that "WE ARE WATCHING ".



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