Constitutional Emergency

CBS forced to release damning 60 Minutes footage proving Obama refused to tell the truth on Benghazi.


Obama suspects Libya attack targeted Americans

November 4, 2012 3:53 PM

In an interview with Steve Kroft conducted on Sept. 12, 2012, President Obama says he's suspicious that those who carried out the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, were "looking to target Americans from the start."

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Obama is a dishonest person.

Sounds like more of the same BS to me. He never admitted he lied and actually knew what happened from the start like we all know he did. so Same ole BS as always running from his mouth.

obummer is an evil person.

Duh... What an Idiot... 

you have seen satan/ovomit up close and personal,the ineligible treasonous musmutt traitor.the enemy is here,in the wh,and the government

Obama is a lying duplicitous purely EVIL excuse for a human being; a multi-faceted chameleon who would not know the truth if it hit him over the head and an amoral assassin or the equivalent of it for his handling of the Benghazi attacks when it is becoming ever more plain that he KNEW the reality and CHOSE to have our Embassy personnel sacrificed in the name of HIS polical expediency, until the truth began to be known . May it convince us all to rid ourselves of this purely evil man and his reign of ruin on this fair land. God Bless America and save us from this agent of Satan.

The lying usurping muslime piece of camel dung obunga just spouting his usual lies. The arrogant  a hole must think he is fooling some one.

I think it was in the second Presidential debate that Barry repeatedly addresses American citizens as “folks.” The noteworthy thing is that he used it over and over. He did not speak to us directly, but as if we were not in the room. I figured he was taking a cue from his buddy Biden’s Soggy Bottom era of politics; politicians address the “town folk”, the “common people”. As the debate went on, I figured that Barry was talking to my hillbilly farmer dust bowl ancestors. You know, us folks out here…before we moved to L.A.

 Check it out in this interview. Barry refers to terrorists, to murderers, to assassins who committed an act of war against America as….wait now! “folks!!”

“…bring these folks to justice.” “…these folks who carries this out.” He pitched it to us that these are a benign flock of ignorant sheep.

 Just like…….Americans???


He has his lies down pat.

Had congress done it's job four years ago, we would undoubtedly not be where we are and under the rule of law and eligibility for the run for the presidency, Obama could NOT have qualified. He is a collossal fraud and has been from the BEGINNING. He is pure evil personified and elders and our military will suffer hugely if he is re-elected as will all those in the private sector with crushing overregulation in all aspects of our lives and employment to create a people so dependent on Government we will lose all freedoms and submit out odf utter desperation , to tryannical rule by a man who is nothing but a puppet for Islamic expansion in this country and domination with no real sovereignty by the UN. He needs to go and., we cannot wait too long if he is re-elected which he plans to state early on as a strategy for getting Romney supporters to be discouraged and throw in the towel: DO NOT FALL FOR SUCH TREACHERY! The time is coming when, in all likelihood, every single one of us will have to decide fpr ourselves whether to submit to this tyranny or stand in pride and  Standard American tradition and valor to oppose those who would take from us all that prior generations fought to defend and uphold. Think well on the options: It may be the last time you have a FREE CHOICE. MUCH more informatrion can be found at the following sites:





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