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11/11/11 protesters: 'Time for talking has passed' Veterans challenging Obama on legitimacy, constitutionality Read more: 11/11/11 protesters: 'Time for talking has passed'








Declaring that the "time for talking has passed," organizers of a peaceful rally scheduled for Veteran's Day in Washington are demanding the resignation of Barack Obama along with other members of his administration.

The rally is being assembled around the issues contained in a Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic, which sets out the goals of the organizing groups, which include the Veteran Defenders of America and its parent organization, The United States Patriots Union.

The events are scheduled to begin at the Washington Monument at 6 a.m. and continue at points around Washington, D.C., throughout the day. How many people are expected isn't being released, nor is the membership information for the "member-only" organizations.

But they know who will not be participating:

 Jerome Corsi’s new book,  "Where’s the Birth Certificate?", is now ...

According to Col. James Harding of the veterans organization also served by retired Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, "It is much easier to list who is not on board at this point – leftists who have a very anti-American vision for America, people who have not yet accepted that there is no political solution now and those who have a seat at the table of corruption are not on board."

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The organizations have issued a code of conduct for the events, calling for peaceful protest and resistance. And while they acknowledge they are not likely to have the resignations in hand by the end of that day, they say there is a very important reason to rally.

"We have to start somewhere," said Timothy Harrington, cofounder of the Patriots Union. "We are hoping to show D.C. insiders that the people have had enough. That the time for talking has passed and the time for serious action to save this nation has arrived."

This job should already have been accomplished, the organizers point out.

"Every member of every branch of government has taken an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution and the people of the United States and it's high time we see which of them is ready to live up to that oath."

The crux of the issue is the still-unresolved dispute over whether Obama is eligible for the office of president, or whether he's been usurping the authority of an office for which he fails to qualify. Following closely are the actions he's taken while in office, from strong-arming private companies into doing what he wants to imposing amnesty by fiat on the American public.

There have been lawsuits over his eligibility, as the Constitution requires a president to be a "natural-born citizen." The Constitution does not define the term, but texts consulted by the Founders and U.S. Supreme Court decisions indicate it refers to the offspring of two citizen parents.

Obama's father never was a U.S. citizen, and critics argue that made him unqualified under the Constitution.

The event is calling upon all freedom-loving citizens "fed up with the corruption and tyranny in D.C. to take a stand."

A preview of what's to be going on:


There should be no shortage of people willing to abide by the oaths they've taken to ensure the Constitution and the republic is protected, according to JB Williams, who is integral to the operations of the organizing units and a key leader in the protest planning. He says military personnel, officers, members of Congress and the judiciary, and employees of the federal government all make such an affirmation when they take their posts.

The enlisted service members oath requires obedience to orders of the president and the orders of "officers appointed over me," but the oaths for officers, the judiciary, members of Congress and federal employees simply require support for the Constitution.

For example, the officers' oath states, "Having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States … [I] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic … So help me God."

"Amid an endless stream of conspiracy theories, a real conspiracy was under way and well-founded concerns for the true state of our union led many to one question surfacing repeatedly with increasing anxiety – 'Why are our soldiers allegedly fighting for freedom and liberty abroad while we are being stripped of our freedom and liberty at home?" Williams said.

He said there are more than 21 million federal employees, and all of them have submitted to an oath affirming their loyalty to the Constitution.

"Violating their oath is not just cause for immediate dismissal and removal from office, it is a federal crime," he explained.

President Obama

From that set of facts comes the "Call-to-Action" scheduled for Veteran's Day:

  • We CALL upon every member of federal, state and local government, legislative, judicial, law enforcement and military, who have taken an oath to protect and defend the constitutional republic from all enemies, foreign and domestic, to act upon those oaths for the stated purpose of restoring the constitutional republic.

  • We CALL upon ALL veterans and veteran organizations in America, who still believe in their oath to protect and defend, to unite with us at once – in this Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic.

  • We CALL for ALL citizens who still desire freedom and liberty, to stand with us in peaceful protest, and carry our demands to right the wrongs against our nation in the preservation of freedom, liberty, justice and the rule of law.

The list of charges which Obama and his team of government managers are being called to provide an account of includes dozens, from amnesty for illegal aliens in America, spending U.S. taxpayer money to restore Muslim mosques overseas, plans to tax contributions to U.S. churches, creating "targeted assassinations" of U.S. citizens, disgracing America by bowing for foreign tyrants and assembling a team of "czars" to dictate what happens.

The Canada Free Press decried the almost complete lack of coverage of such a significant event.

"We can read daily all about the Nazi/Communist-endorsed Occupy Wall Street (OWS) members' public sexual depravities and their unbelievable grumbling greed about being tired of sharing gourmet food with the homeless, but nothing about a group whose noble aim it is to restore the constitutional republic," the commentary from Judi McLeod said.

"The next Veterans Day after this one will follow the November 6, 2012, election. God only knows how long after election day it will take Obama to complete his promised fundamental transformation of America if the most anti-American president in U.S. history gets himself re-elected.

"Will he join OWS to escalate class warfare from the sidelines of defeat? Will a RINO GOP-blessed president be complicit with the power brokers who eased Obama into power? Will there even be an election?

"All these questions are foremost in the minds of veterans and patriots heading to DC. "

She continued, "To the patriots, veterans and their supporters, the Constitution, the U.S. Declaration of Independence are everything; ideals worth preserving for their children and grandchildren."

Past efforts to take Obama to court over the eligibility dispute have proven unsuccessful, although Maricopa, Ariz., County Sheriff Joe Arpaio currently has a Cold Case Posse investigating the possibility that Obama will use a fraudulent document to try to qualify for the state's ballot in 2012.

There also are several lawsuits pending that challenge Obama's eligibility, but the U.S. Supreme Court repeatedly has refused to even consider the question of law at hand – whether Obama is eligible. One justice admitted the judges were avoiding the issue.

And there have been revelations that Obama supporters tried to change the requirement that a president be a natural-born citizen legislatively before Obama's ascent to power, strongly suggesting a knowledge of a potential problem years ago.

Despite the stonewalling by official channels, a scientific survey showed fully half of Americans want Congress to investigate.

The focal point of concern for the rally? "To date, there are no signs that anyone in Washington, D.C., intends to keep the oaths they have taken to the Constitution and to the people of the United States. Instead, they seem quite disinterested in protecting the Constitution, and are instead, directly engaged in subverting every principal and value stated in all of our founding documents."

"We're pulling together people who have taken an oath to protect and defend," Williams told WND.

He said of those groups, veterans, active duty military, the judiciary, members of Congress and even federal employees, who have taken an oath to the Constitution, the "best we can tell, nobody is keeping that oath."'

He warned that the theft of authority, if that, in fact, is what happened in 2008, will undermine the nation and could contribute to its collapse, as a future presidential candidate could cite the precedent for allowing virtually anyone, including enemies of America, to run for president.

Harding told WND the problem didn't develop only with Obama, although his tenure has caused it to come to a head. Harding said the drift away from the constitutional republic has taken years but now has reached the point where the executive branch has "taken over the legislative branch and is making its own rules by edict."

He said the judiciary also is "pretty much neutered," because the judges appointed have been vetted to ensure they support the Obama cause.

The Call-to-Action cites violations of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, unlawful use of military force, violation of international treaties, violations of the public trust and misuse of resources, bankrupting the nation, taxation without representation, confiscation of people's goods and abuse of judicial power.

The declaration states, "No longer will we sit idly by and tolerate the utter destruction of our country, at the hands of anti-American elitists in Washington, D.C., who have mistaken the people's peaceful tolerance for acceptance of their ill-advised behaviors. The time for all good and decent Americans to stand together, in defense of the Constitution, the republic, freedom and liberty, has arrived. The rule of constitutional law must prevail. We call upon all who have taken an oath to protect and defend, to take appropriate measures now."

Demanded are resignations from Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, the Obama cabinet, staff and the unelected czars, as well Supreme Court justices given lifetime appointments by Obama and some members of Congress.

This is the point at which the military, judiciary, law enforcement and the federal employees are involved: They are "to direct all assets of the people of the United States toward the restoration of the constitutional republic and stand with the American citizens in compliance with their oath to protect and defend," the declaration states. .

While individuals must "make the necessary provisions to secure and protect your families and neighborhoods in the event of economic instability and social chaos," they also need to be prepared for more.

"In the event that the current administration or its thug supporters attempt to use government or civilian force and violence to silence the people, as in the cases of Syria, Libya, Yemen, China's Tiananmen Square, the Bonus Army of 1932 in the United States, or the UK presently wrestling with black and Muslim violence, the people must be prepared to defend themselves against such tyrannical tactics. We cannot expect that the federal government will act in the best interest of American veterans or citizens."

The group says Obama has committed dozens of offenses, including:

  • "Obama is a National Security threat since he definitely has questionable allegiance to the United States, not to mention his refusal to complete and release full, frank and truthful answers as to who he is. Obama has demonstrated a blatant disregard for the public safety and security;
  • "Obama and his handlers released an obvious forged birth certificate after release at least two fraudulent COLBs (Certifications of Live Birth);
  • "Obama and his incompetent advisers have wreaked economic tyranny on the American people, all the while calling for the rest of us to endure economic sacrifice;
  • "Obama has destroyed accepted administrative process by creating 32 czars who only report to him, bypassing the Congress and Cabinet;
  • "In one year, Obama and his minions doubled our national debt, which took 200 years to accumulate.
  • "Obama and his Justice Department sided with a foreign government (Mexico) when they sued the state of Arizona in order to force the continuation of illegal immigration;
  • "Obama and his henchmen proposed a 1 percent tax on all bank transactions (HR4646) to be implemented after the November 2012 elections;
  • "Obama passed 'Dream Act' by executive order which aids illegal aliens through 'prosecutorial discretion' all to garner votes for his election. The Heritage Foundation has provided extensive proof that illegal aliens and immigrants with green cards are committing rampant voter fraud;
  • and more than 50 more offenses.

In a recent commentary on WND, Vallely wasted no words: "President Obama, his appointees and czars must be replaced immediately."

"This is the current battle that we constitutionalists, face and we must be aggressive in our efforts. We must adhere to our Constitution. Obama will continue to bypass Congress and the people in his progressive agenda because that is who he is and that is what he believes he has the power to do. Congress, you must stand tall for the American people and enjoin the Supreme Court to halt executive-branch violations of the law and our Constitution.

"Incompetence, treason, corruption and dishonesty of officials now come into play as these relate to our national security and economy, and are the rationale for demanding resignations and a change of government," he said.

Likewise, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., wrote in a WND ... "The number of the president's actions that arguably qualify as impeachable offenses is staggering. The question before the country is what to do about it.

"It is time for the House of Representatives to take its constitutional responsibility seriously and launch an impeachment investigation. The investigative committee should hold hearings, collect and weigh the evidence, and then present its findings to the Congress and the nation. "

He cited individual violations on which Obama, if found guilty, should be removed.

The first statement from a member of Congress on the issue of impea... came from U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., who responded to this question from Think Progress: "I know Newt Gingrich has came out (sic) and said if they don't reverse course [regarding trials for terror suspects] here, we ought to be talking about possibly impeaching either Attorney General [Eric] Holder or even President Obama to try to get them to reverse course. Do you think that is something you would support?"

Franks replied: "If it could gain the collective support, absolutely. I called for Eric Holder to repudiate the policy to try terrorists within our civil courts, or resign. So it just seems like that they have an uncanny ability to get it wrong on almost all fronts."


Read the rest plus watch more videos here

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I read the article first thing this morning and wanted to say how happy I am to see that Post and Email and also Canada Free Press has picked it up. Newt G's campaign called me this morning for a donation and I gave them an ear full. I told them I would not support any candidate who does not show support for you at this rally and acknowledge we have an Unconstitutional President. I haven't written my DC Representatives yet but I promise you I will write them all and give them an ear full. I think every DC Representative who supports this should make it a point to come out and chat with your leaders. God Bless you and I am still praying for you daily. Michell Bachmann will come out if asked I believe. Have you invited Candidates as well as DC reps?

Janet Napolitano has labeled all former military as terriorists for such a time as this. Could you send her a certified letter asking for her resignation over her failure to secure our borders.

I too am interested in a Capital Rally. Want to go to DC but still paying for my last trip there.  Columbus, Ohio and back is a day trip for me. Something  I can afford! Please discuss further.  Wouldn't be great if all "57" states had Rallies?
If true, they were terrorists, not Patriots... ricin, and C-4? Not what I'd want around my country.

Perhaps this should be presented by as many as possible!


That's wherewatched that "newscast" from GA.  They didn't sound like my definition of a "Patriot".  Sounded like what I would call a "domestic terrorist".

This is an example (imho) of how the lines get blurred.

for those of us who can't be there in person for the march, we should pray throughout the days and ask God for the walls to come down in Washington DC......the lack of honor and respect for this nation, our vets, our laws, our constitution is no longer acceptable by this regime in Washington......


Time to pray, pray, pray.....throughout the day......God Bless our Vets...and all other who march to stand up for this nation's founding principles - FREEDOM, LIBERTY and Justic for all....

WND is also carrying the story now.



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