Constitutional Emergency

"What is worse is that they have been at this for years, FBI & others are aware, but nothing is being said. We as Christian Americans need to start banning more tightly as the Jihadist are doing, but be bold and make noise about what is happening and why we feel it necessary to become organized."

Larry Mortland


These below links are specific to the threat in AMERICA...these video exposes are a clear and precise look at Radical Islams reach into Law Enforcement, Government, and in our Schools in America. 

If you thought this was only happening overseas...wrong, stealth Jihad is occurring right now in AMERICA!!!!  See video links below...

The Muslim Brotherhood - In Their Own Words - (new documentary)


This documentary is 50 mins. long but well worth your time to watch !!!!!  The first 10 mins. set the stage with the Muslim Brotherhood motto.   These guys may work behind a facade of being peaceful but their terrorist wing is Hamas which is far from peaceful !!!!

What is Jihad?

Spread the word please...

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     Religious intolerance is and has been the reason atrocities have been committed world

wide throughout history. Religion is a powerful weapon to control the masses.


     World wide, people are now being confronted with the religion of Islam. The

monotheistic religion of Islam is attempting to over take not only America, but, the entire

world. They plan to force antiquated doctrines of Islam upon the Americans and people of

every nation. They want Sharia Law recognized in the United States of America.

The legal code of Islam is laws that the 7th century Neanderthals live by. The word Islam

means submission; total surrender of your life to the doctrines of Islam; there is no

tolerance for personal growth or achievement. A person is part of the masses. They claim

the religion of Islam is one of peace while the members commit gross human rights

violations. They practice gender bias abuse. They practice brutal physical acts upon other

humans and they commit murder in the name of Allah. The religion of Islam is pre-

occupied with the female genitalia. The cult places great importance upon the virginity

of females who are members of this primitive cult.

     The religion of Islam has a burning hatred of the Jewish people. The hatred stems

from an incident that happened during Biblical times. The Jewish people are descendents

of Abrahams son Isaac who inherited the blessings of Abraham. The Muslims are the

descendents of Abrahams son Ishmael. The Jewish people became the educated achievers

while the Muslims became prisoners of their own hatred. Their culture did not advance

and they remain trapped in a prison of ignorance of their own making. Therefore, the

profound hostility of the religion of Islam was born and flourishes today.

About 10 years ago our church had a man come and speak. His testimony was that he was saved out of the radical wing of the islamic movement. My few words here will not do justice to the message or warning he brought. The muslims he said had a 10 year plan to make America a muslim nation. We all know that these movements have target dates for their plan. If they are not successful in getting all they want they just take what they can get and regroup and set another target date and more ambitious goals. From what I see happening his words were quite accurate. The end game for these radicals is to make Christians deny Christ.

Amen,  Twana,   PFA>>Deb.  Real  powerful  weapon..!  Who  remains  stronger..??

Islam requires the blood of those enslaved to their pagan god Allah.As a religion it is a religion of violence, and LIES-and of destruction. I slam cannot be compared to Christianity or to Judaism or any religion of Peace.and Truth. There ought be NO room in America for Islam--for it is the enemy-and has been our enemy since Columbus set sail lloking for a trade rout  aound the Islamic Terrorists of the day.

All the other bs of this idiot religion aside...all you have to look at is how they treat their women and you know they are screwed!  What interests me is how the MOTHERS can raise these little idiots!

This video is marked private and will not allow me to see it.  Did that just happen?



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