2005 SCOTUS Ruling: Police Not Constitutionally Bound to Protect Citizens

You are your first line of defense - not a phone and not a man or woman in a uniform blocks or miles away!





A 2005 Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruling that received little attention when handed down, but which is extremely pertinent to today's gun debate, found that police officers are not constitutionally bound to protect citizens.

The case originated in Colorado, where Simon Gonzales violated a restraining from his estranged wife in order to kidnap and kill his three children. In between the time of the kidnapping and the murders, the mother of the children, Jessica Gonzales, repeatedly called the police to report the whereabouts of her children. 

After her children were killed, she sued on grounds that the police did not react fast enough--and therefore did not protect her children from harm.

After an appeals court reversed a lower court ruling throwing out the case, the SCOTUS ruled that police officers are not, in fact, constitutionally bound to protect. 

This is important because so many people are under the delusion that we can all give up our guns, and if anything does go wrong we can just dial 911 and everything will be fine.

No. We are responsible for our own lives, our own families, our own property. 

This is no slight against police officers, whom we ought to support 100%. It is just a reminder that in the real world, our defense and the defense of those we love is in our own hands--literally.

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I wonder since they are not bound to protect us, are we bound to have to obey them?

Yes we are....if it is a lawful order. I would anyway because there are many now that are on a power trip. I feel those would have no compunction in killing a person & covering it up....I like living. I'm no good to anyone dead.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube showing police stepping outside their authority and killing people, it is ridiculous.  Their time will come soon enough as well. 

Just look at down under or England and see how the police really work as the crooks come in and take your life as you wait for the police to show up...  Crime rates are 4 times higher than here in the USA while the people stay armed....

That is the reason the Founding Fathers put in the Second Amendment.

What is their purpose if they are not to protect? I know one other thing they do not do, I had motion sensor alarm activated 2 times and I instructed the ADT operator refer it to 911 since I was not near the house. They in turn referred it to the sheriff.  My wife and one of her friends checked the house with guns in hand finding nothing, thank GOD. They waited 2 hours on the police who never materialized. Now I know why.

They REACT to calls for help--if you've noticed, on many crimes that have occurred--even domestic problems--unless they WITNESS the act--they just give YOU a case card and refer YOU to the state attorney to file charges--they have to have EVIDENCE and not hearsay in most cases to make an arrest.  IF they see any sign of assault on a victim, they will arrest--that's why in many domestic cases they do not make an arrest unless they see signs of physical violence on a victim or a violation of some previous order.  Like Wayne LaPierre said about the Sandy Hook shootings and having an armed security available: "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Would YOU rather have your 911 call bring a good guy with a gun from a mile away or a minute away."  In most cases a 911 call, Police could be as long as 15-23 minutes away depending on your location--IT IS YOUR DUTY TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND FAMILY, the police are not responsible for protecting the citizens "at large", THEIR PRIMARY DUTY IS TO UPHOLD LAWS OF THE COMMUNITY, CITY AND STATE.

As my son (a former  police officer) has said several times the police are a reactionary force, always after the fact.  We are always the first line of defense.  It is our responsibility therefore the Nanny State can do nothing but "feel your pain".  It is my opinion that Law enforcement units although not bound by the Constitution are or should be held CONTRACTUALLY to the community they serve.  In otherwords, what does the local/County/State charter or hiring documents say? 

For me gun control and the limiting of arms for which you must defend yourself makes no sense.  When someone or some gang, foreign or domestic, invades your property how many and what kind of arms will you need to repel them until the Police get there?  Remember they ain't coming with bows & arrows.


Semper Fi

The police arrive at the scene of the crime to investigate WHAT HAPPENED and who is the responsible party. The Police Report is used to file a charge against the criminal(s). Then, the Lawyers take over....  they either make your case easy, or they make the police job irrelevant....  defending the criminal, turning them loose, resulting in increased recidivism rates....     and the American Lawyers Association spent hundreds of thousands of $$$$  putting Obama in the WH!  Now, Obama is pushing SOCIAL JUSTICE?.. 

Now if the police are not constitutionally bound to protect--and I teach they are not! then it stands to reason that Joe "bite me"and the despots in the Foggy Bottom are likewise acting outside their Constitutional power when they claim the shooting in Conn. requires them to trash the Second Amendment.--If the Domestic enemy now running things from DC really wanted to"do something" to reduce the violence they would repent and once again "encourage Christianity" as Justice Joseph Story said was expected of the State when our Constitution was adopted. this secular CRAP that the First Amendment is violated when some young scull full of mush reads the Ten Commandments displayed at school ,and tries to obey-"thou shalt do no Murder"  seems a good deal of violence has been allowed since  our Government turned against the Laws dictated by God,Himself.

Every one of our Founders - even those who were not particularly religious - stated unequivocally that if we did NOT abide by the Judeo-Christian principles - upon which the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were based, we could not last as that Democratic Republic for which they sacrificed so much!

Instead of listening to them, and maintaining those principles, we have allowed the Progressive Secular Agenda to overshadow our morality. It's "easier" to allow all those who are amoral and ignorant to "feel good" - and allow Political Correctness to rule - instead of Morality and intelligence...

Unless and until we return this nation to that which was founded - ONE NATION UNDER GOD -  we will only continue to deteriorate and our freedoms will continue to disappear. Freedoms require responsibility.

Lil Bits, I'd just disagree with you on one point, the U.S. is a Constitutional Republic, not a democratic Republic--democracy is MAJORITY RULE by MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE.  We have representatives who make choices for us, respectfully based on Constitutional principles--therein lies a HUGE problem with DC government--MAJORITY disregard the Constitution and represent the biggest paying lobbyists or special interest groups that will continue to keep them in power.  LOBBYING should be outlawed, period--no individual or group of individual should have any more importance than any others.  That's why the Bill of Rights are INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, not "collective" rights that can be signed or legislated away by a president or Congress.   Those "Rights" are not granted by the Constitution, they are recognized as PRE-EXISTING UNALIENABLE RIGHTS FROM OUR CREATOR and those Rights PROTECT ALL CITIZENS.  IF 99.99% of ALL AMERICA and OWEbama WANTS GUN BANS--THOSE RIGHTS PROTECT CITIZENS DOWN TO THE SMALLEST MINORITY OF ONE PERSON!!



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