Constitutional Emergency

Maybe you have a different picture of what it will be like in America than I.  If you do please take your time & enlighten the Patriots on this site.  What do you think America will be and where do you picture yourself should the unthinkable occur?

 A 12+ minute video of Dinesh D'Souza, college president in New York and author of many New York Times best sellers speaking at CPAC about the movie 2016. The movie is from Gerald R. Molen, producer of Academy Award winning Schindler's List, Jurrasic Park, Brave Heart.

It explains in plain language who Barack Obama really is, what he stands for, and the dangers of him being reelected for another four years.

Watch this short informative video preview of this movie which came out recently and share it with others.

The preview has already been seen by over 18,000 people. After you see the preview, listen to what Dinesh has to say about Obama at CPAC.

Please take the time to hear this and pass it on.


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William, I don't think your theory is far fetched at all.  I have been saying for a long time that there will be no election in November.  The powers that be have been manipulating us for a long time.  Unless there is a revolution and records are made public we will never know the truth about major events going all the way back to the Kennedy assassination and perhaps before that.  I don't believe we were told the truth about the Oklahoma City bombing and that McVeigh was executed as quickly as he was to keep him from talking.  That entire thing was a set up.

The solution is Very Simple : if 10% of the American Population, that is 30 Million of real Patriots ,would Unite and * UNITED WE STAND * * UNITED WE ARE THE POWER * , only a Fool would come against us . That 10% would be the most powerful organization against the Enemy ,foreign and domestic ; there is no military organization of that size on this planet ; obama`s army ,black panthers, tsa,and all the rest of craps on obama`s side would be running and pissing on their pants; all the 10% has to do is to * STAND TALL * and say NO to obama`s distorted mentality.

30 Million American Patriots * UNITED WE STAND * it is all it takes to CLEAN UP the garbage .
Now difficult is to achieve this idea ???? It is matter of being a real American, a FREE man in a free Nation or become a slave. Please pass the idea of the 10% around. Thanks.

Raffaele you are absolutely correct, however, trying to get 6,000 to act together seems to be an impossible task, can you imagine your 30 million.  What most folks don't understand is "we may hang together but we will most assuredly hang separately".  The truth is we wouldn't even need that many.  A third of that number would be enough.  Assuming you could get that number the problem would be organizing it without the feds knowing.  Pardon my language but if one were to attempt to organize such an effort the feds would be on you like stink on you know what.  The only way you could be successful is if you were strong enough to offer serious armed resistance.  And, of course the first thing the feds would do is shut down communications.  Don't forget you can rest assured that they are monitoring sights such as ours.

Marvin and Raffaele........I believe we have the ball well within striking distance of a goal.  It started in 2010 elections, was confirmed in Wisconsin, and Obama is against the wall.  Nothing he tries fabricate is sticking...he's looking like the fool he is.

We're organizing in plain-sight with an army of shadow patriots that will tear the ballot box to shreds in November...Obama is weak, he won't be able to create the threat he wants, we have thousands of small patriot groups like PFA across the U.S, all with various name, but with like goals......the beauty is there is no self-serving leadership with selfish ego traits, by and large, in these small groups...we're all focused on the same goal.  Obama elimination and congressional rearrangement, constitutional restoration.

Let's do it...........


Harry I hope and pray that you are correct.  I hope that November will be the start of recovery for this poor abused country of ours.  However, November, if we are successful, is only the very first small step on a road to recovery.  If we are successful we cannot rest on our laurels and have to keep the heat on every politician regardless of party affiliation.  We most certainly have to insist that the military and our intelligence agencies are purged of every trace of the last 40 years of corruption.  I would not be above seeing some high level individuals tried for treason and given the maximum penalty as a message to all the rest.  The same would apply to numerous traitors of the political stripe.  We should also insist that no one who is a socialist or supports a socialist agenda be allowed to serve in Congress or hold a position of any sort with the federal government.  I would even go so far as to say that no Muslim be allowed to have any dealings with the federal government in any way shape or form.  Were it my decision, I would require that no building can be converted to a mosque or that a mosque can be built without a ballot referendum. As I write this I am reminded of Senator McCarthy and how he was persecuted and we now know that all of his allegations were true.  Had he been successful I think we would not be in the situation we are in.

Well , I think the viewpoint that our pResident will be in charge after January 20, 2013, if all of the pissed off Americans go to the polls will be sadly mistaken. The only way BO gets elected is if Cycl in SPAIN pads the voting machines for BO to win by FRAUD and if that happens, God forbid, the veterans and like-minded individuals will be on the move to over-haul government. And if BO executes Martial Law in this country, all bets are OFF.

Doris , I believe the opposite of you . I have no doubt that Ocrap will be re-elected one way or the other I'm sad to say . Right now the Ocrap people are scheming on how to cheat us , illegals , dead , and stuffing is their motto .

"IF" by chance Romney wins we must demand immediately we get back our rights that have been taken away and demand that Executive Orders be put back where it belongs , to protect our shores and for natural disasters . Otherwise we are put right back into the same scenario .

When you have a congress and senate along with the judiciary , all media , being complicit in hiding Ocraps real history we will remain in serious trouble and continue on with our demise .

Trust no one . Dems want socialism today , Republicans want it tomorrow .

I am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, and even my fig tree has ceased to bear.

2016? Who knows? These days, with the way that Iran is threatening Israel and the U.S. is threatening insolvency, the Lord Jesus could snatch away the Christians to heaven at any time for the wedding feast and a seven year family reunion, where everyone has a good seat. But for those who did not trust the Christ to save them from their sins, words fail me. Even the author of The Revelation had to describe it in figures of speech, so horrible will it be.

However, if we are still here in 2016 and have not taken our heavenly flight, then we will be experiencing a new era of peace and prosperity, a utopia for all mankind, God's kingdom here on earth, cancer cured by stem cell research, poverty eliminated by manufacture of wealth faster than the birth rate, man's proclivity for evil eliminated by genetic engineering, Mos|ems and Jews, Christians and Hindus, all living as neighbors in harmony, with free health care, free clean energy, restitution for every injustice, a pony for every stocking, and SSRIs for all.

Or, for those who didn't drink the O-aid, not all that.

Should be a good movie year: This movie, Monumental, and Atlas 2....

There HAS TO BE AN ELECTION for Obama to be replaced.  "IF there are no elections, then Obama can't be replaced.  What better way to prevent an election then suspend the Constitution.  The fastest and easiest way to suspend the Constitution is to declare Martial Law.  BEFORE elections are held.  All that is necessary to do that is create enough "Civil Unrest" that it seems to threaten the country.  With the divisions in our country, how much do you think it would take to do that?  

Look at what happened in Wisconsin.   "IF" AND I'M SAYING "IF", I'm not saying that it should/will, but "IF" it should happen that there was a dramatic threat on the life of "President" Obama, what do you think would happen?  You think a sharp shooter wouldn't miss?  But what if he DID miss?  What if it was planned the he miss?  After all, you need Obama to be alive to continue on as "President".

Think of the rioting and demonstrations that would take place!  Impose "Martial Law" to restore "peace" & "calm" to the Nation once again.  The question would then become, "How long will that take?"  The answer would lie solely with the "PRESIDENT."  How long do you think he would hold off on restoring the Constitution?

Would he restore our "original" Constitution, or would he have another one drafted that would be a "better, fairer" constitution?  According to HIS standards of fairness!

Remember; No elections, no new "President." 

I have been saying this for a year or so. I think WL Lee you are spot on with your idea.

While I agree that there is high probability of such as this occurring, at the same time I am of the belief that it may also be the final tipping point for the patriots of our nation. What I mean is that if this administration foments the civil unrest that you speak of the patriotic Americans may give them unrest that they do not desire.The president can declare all the Martial Law that he wants to but if there are enough patriots pushed far enough it will make no difference. That will become the time that we the people will choose to amend or replace a government that is no longer functioning in the interest of the people, as we are required to do. At least I pray that will be the outcome, if not we will be finished as a free country. 



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