Constitutional Emergency

Maybe you have a different picture of what it will be like in America than I.  If you do please take your time & enlighten the Patriots on this site.  What do you think America will be and where do you picture yourself should the unthinkable occur?

 A 12+ minute video of Dinesh D'Souza, college president in New York and author of many New York Times best sellers speaking at CPAC about the movie 2016. The movie is from Gerald R. Molen, producer of Academy Award winning Schindler's List, Jurrasic Park, Brave Heart.

It explains in plain language who Barack Obama really is, what he stands for, and the dangers of him being reelected for another four years.

Watch this short informative video preview of this movie which came out recently and share it with others.

The preview has already been seen by over 18,000 people. After you see the preview, listen to what Dinesh has to say about Obama at CPAC.

Please take the time to hear this and pass it on.


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I watched the video of obama and Dinesh and feel Dinesh is 100 per cent on target. This should be seen on TV at least once a day until Nov. 6th.

Dorris,  Ditto  my  feelings,  thugs  & thieves,  Sheriff  Joe in  Arizona  has  joined  who  Mr. Obama  really  Is..!! Thank you..*******************************

You need to clarify what you said. I don't think you mean to say that Sheriff Joe has JOINED Obama?!

Look  Men,   DITTO  My   Feelings   to  Dorris   Ponsting,    Does  anybody  on  here  understand  the  investigation  by  Maricopa  County  Sheriff  Joe  Arpaio's is  the  1st  Law  Enforcement in  the U.S.A; after  a  6  month  investigation, to  produce complelling  evidence  to  Challenge   Barack  H. Obama's  B.C.  and  eligibility  as  POTUS..!!  HE  has  joined  others  that  have  documents   to  back  Him  Up..!*Then  there's  2016 , Will  We  Be  Here, Well  I  pray  so  to  view   the  Downfall  like  Richard  Nixon. 

Ronald........I have communicated with you about reviewing your posts before adding them......see Bruce Forster's post above.......

Also read Trevour Loudon's book "Barack Obama and the Enemies Within"     SCARY!

I'll tell you exactly what I'm expecting.  Bear with me as some of this may seem a bit extreme, even unlikely at first, but give it some thought.  All of this has to happen BEFORE election day.

First, there is going to be more civil unrest.  It's going to be racial, and there's going to be unrest with the Unions.  It's going to be direct at anyone who opposes them, either of them.  Then there is going to0 be a carefully orchestrated attempt on "President" Obama's life.  The attempt will fail, but it will increase tensions here to such a point that "President" Obama is going to end up declaring Martial Law.

The moment he does, the Constitution and the Bill of rights are suspended.  Elections are also suspended until "Peace" is restored to the country.  Now, since elections are suspended, because they are part of the Constitution.  "President" Obama will remain as President until the Constitution, or its replacement can be instituted.  

Think of it.  Obama doesn't like the Constitution because it restricts him too much.  Obama complains he can't get what he wants from Congress, that's why he uses Executive Orders to get what he want.  Then if he can't get it done that way, he has his Czars that can issue orders the way he wants.  Remember, they don't answer to Congress.  Congress is part of the Constitution, so what happens to Congress?  We will be under Martial Law until "President" Obama says otherwise.  He will also have the power of the NDAA of 2011 to back him in his efforts.  Along with the over 700 FEMA Retention Camps at his Disposal.

I do NOT trust that man until I know he is on a plane taking him got Chicago!

Well personally, I think he should be on a plane to either Leavenworth, Kansas or to Kenya, Africa.

William........"Israel "super-ready" to strike on Iran"......maybe another trigger???

Mr. Lee , Your thoughts are mine!

Ive been thinking and saying the exact same thing. SOMETHINGS going to happen, just cant see obama/soros giving up power that easily



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