Should people be outside their State Houses protesting the Marxist attack on the 2nd Amendment with bumper sticker slogan signs and listening to folks speaking to the choir?




Should they be inside the State House talking with their State Reps, Senators and Governor?






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If possible BOTH

My self I would educate the people and get them involved.  Their is safety in numbers. However my representatives would also gety] an earful of positive steps to take yto resolve issues.

Both!! But we also need too ask for Devine help for us to maintain and heal from the destroying politions "both parties" have inflected on our great Nation.


We should surround the White House and then the Capital with several million people and demand that Obama and all the flunkies who helped him get elected, though he is ineligible. And we should not leave until we've accomplished that goal.

He is a menace. 

I hope that this could be done!  There is someone out there who could organize this?  Are you that person?

Both!  And Bart, this is a plausible idea especially if we can get the local sheriffs involved. It is coming to this.

You're right, it is state, but don't forget that the Fed's don't have the authority, and in particular the President and Congress, to take away your guns.  A little know law HR11654, the Dick Act of 1902, which by the way cannot be repealed, gives every citizen the right to buy and own any type of gun, without permit.  Check it out on google.

What I don't understand, is why aren't the state legislators taking back state rights from the Federal Government?  The only thing that might be happening is that these same legislators want to get to the big house so on the way they don't want to rock the boat.


I can answer your last question in two words... Federal Money! Or we could just call it "Federal Bribery".

Well Bart, I am afraid what would happen would be the same result that happened to the the "BONUS ARMY".  BO will put the military into action against all that were there and then implement "Martial Law" against the rest of America who didn't participate....We need some serious planners now, BO has the Viper Squads now dispersed and ready to use on "Killing us". The courts have ruled that he doesn't have to prove anything as to why "he is killing an American Citizen or Dissident as he calls them. God help this Nation, Lots of people are going to be killed before it is all over. My prayers go to God, who has the power to end this world as we know it and institute the "New Heaven" on Earth. Evil must be driven from America and the rest of the World....



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