Should people be outside their State Houses protesting the Marxist attack on the 2nd Amendment with bumper sticker slogan signs and listening to folks speaking to the choir?




Should they be inside the State House talking with their State Reps, Senators and Governor?






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Both. We have got to make our presence known. This administration is going to take every inch we let them take. Write to your State Reps, Senators and Governor. Overwhelm them with letters and calls. If we are silent we lose>

I say both! Im so sick of obama and his sh*t, i know that he is not alone on this matter. The lack of nerve in this country is just un heard of, if george washington were to come back from the dead, and see whats happening he would have a stroke! Why are these republicans so soft spoken, i wish they would just sit up and tell obama to go to hell with all these liberal ideas he and his other idiots have. They should tell him this is america, we have always had guns, and it is not going to stop just cause he has a mental problem, we always tell libs guns dont kill people, people kill people! And that they are just tools either for protection, or for evil, that is about how basic this reality is. U cant have it one way the wourld is evil, stop attacking our rights and look at the schools and homes these evil people come from!!! Tell obama to take a stroll through the city of new york or any other city at night without a gun, know think he does not have a gun cause of his laws, but the criminals have guns some may be automatics, now does that sound like a fun scene to have play out. I think not! But remember obama does not have to walk through dark streets at night WE HAVE TO! Lets TELL him no, and if he tries to push us, well he and his people are going to see how strong the real americans are!! God bless america!

why do you think he wants our guns so we are unprotected he got his black fema army waiting to kill us all !!! we are all being lead to the pen like sheep!! is way time to go within the halls and make them all hear us!!   Peacefully however people because they are just itcing to prove us wrong on guns......They have GOT to understand that we do not care what communistic nonsense they are pushing ...that we are patriots and stand for the Constitution, our founding in faith and do not want that 'change' that zerO keeps taking about!   If they will not hear us, we have to make them listen somehow!

If you think this will happen peacefully, may not truly understand the depth of depravity to which our legislators have sunk.  Nixon was removed for something so stupid as bugging the headquarters of his opponents.  obozo has tromped on our constitution repeatedly, without regard for our "rights" and nobody in this congress has the balls to arrest him.  We are way beyond talking now.  Time to plan for action.

Both...but good luck with that,  because we're about all talked-out, 

as it's worked so well so far...

We should do BOTH.  However, it should be coordinated with ALL states so that it occurs on the SAME DATE!!!

Yes... the same date is a definite goal worth shooting for.

Both  loud & clear

tell ya want we need to hurt them right in the pocketbook no one pay taxes until he is removed, let them arrest 400 million of us !!!!!!




However, as always I have an additional thought. It will take some really good organizing to get enough serious people to gather all at the same time with the same message in each state. Then I would suggest the very same thing be planned for Washington just to shake the bastards up a bit.

The two main reasons for the 'good organizing' remark are...

1. CONTROLLING THE MESSAGE: Make damn sure that everyone going to our little party goes to speak the very same message. (It only takes one or two people in a crowd to hold a sign that reads like they have a 2nd grade education level or spouts some nonsense about UFO's, Obama, NWO, and Hitler all working together to do significant damage to our message) Keep in mind how the Liberal POS MSM in this country love to interview or take pictures of the one nutcase in a crowd just to make us all look like uneducated Conservative extremist retards!

2. THE NUMBERS: Without some strategic planning and/or serious organizing for such an event it's hard to get enough people to hit the streets anymore. We MUST have a plan that will excite 'the people' so to increase 'the numbers'. (There is enormous power, political, security, and even social strength in numbers)

They should be inside speaking face to face but only if they can do it without creating a mob scene like they had in Wisconsin last year.  Those inside speaking to elected officials need to be a select few who can present our case based on logic, statistics, and the Constitution.  They should also have quotes from the founding fathers at their fingertips.  The founding fathers didn't have sport shooting and hunting in mind when they inserted the second amendment.  We cannot stoop to the level of the brain dead leftist thugs who pass themselves off as law abiding US citizens.  That being said they should also be outside in the greatest number that they can muster and demonstrate peacefully.  Keep in mind that for every person out there demonstrating there are x number more who agree with the demonstrators and the politicians know that.  They also realize that demonstrators on the right are not the bussed in thugs used by the left.  Those outside need to ensure that any speakers outside are thoughtful, logical speakers who are not driven by emotion.  I watched a video online this evening of a spokesman for the West Virginia Civil Defense League.  He was one of the most thoughtful, logical, well spoken advocates of the second amendment I have ever seen and heard. 



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