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Good list!  Does anyone have any others?

Great information, thank you.


Very interesting.............Thanks.

I can't read this.  My puter won't open it.  Can you send me this in a PDF format?   Or the website?  Thanks

I made a PDF file from the Word document for you and anyone else that needs it.  All the links work just like in the Word documents.


To make this even better is to have a solar pump system.

How about this?  It's kind of "rough", but we are dealing with an emergency situation when we mention "survival":

Putting small children to sleep at times when their crying could alert an enemy to your presence.

Now would be a good time to start training them to not cry.  Offer them a reward in the morning if they go to sleep now.  Or you can sound proof their room by putting egg cartons or blankets on the walls to suck up the sounds.  Have you noticed how your voice echos in an empty room?  Once you start putting things out the sound stops echoing.  The sounds stops bouncing around the room.  You can put Styrofoam over the windows.  Anything to baffle the sounds.  Like the muffler on your bike.  You can let the kids to play in the closet to secure their playing.

You're right about the acoustic attenuation, but that won't work under a bush with an eight-month-old infant.  If you're in a building, they're going to come in and they WILL find you.  Don't think you can drive them off; compared with you, holed up in a building or, worse, in a room, they have infinite resources.  They will either remove you or, simply, kill you in situ; your resistance to being removed will determine that outcome.  They have devices mounted in trucks and aircraft that can "see" you through walls and roofs.  They already know where to look; after all, buildings tend to "stand out" from the natural background.

If you stay in a city -- or, even worse, at home -- when things "go south" in the way that it now looks like they are likely to, you will be peering through a chain-link fence or fertilizing the soil in no time at all.  Your only hope to stay "free" is to escape into "the wilderness" and avoid capture.

Trust me...I know this stuff, having been educated and trained at great taxpayer expense by the best of the best of the best.

Want to up the alcoholic %, go for the rums, several are proofed at 150, also requires less of the juce to get juiced and is much more pleasing than Everclear or 'shine.

True, but those (Bacardi 151) are really hard to "gag down" a child.  Sweet wine like Mogen David is good.  The high-proof spirits do the job, but they must be diluted some and sweetened.  If not, they make the child cry, and that's what we're trying to avoid.



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