I have been putting into thought why it is we can not seem to control our own government so I designed a plan based upon what our founding fathers saw as a need for all of us to be involved with our Representative to give us back our control based upon the Constitution. I have never liked Washington DC always seemed to me it was putting all our eggs in one basket, in these times one nuke could leave us leaderless, defenseless, and with one less National Park.

Break up of Washington DC:

Washington has for a long time been a refuge for government lets break it up by spreading the political machine that is our government out across the country in 5 simple steps.

1. The President must reside within the middle of the country. No more will the office of the President be in Washington rather he will have his office at the geographic center of the 48 contiguous states. Further more it will be required that the President visit every state in the United States each year to hold an open forum with the people of the state. The purpose of which is to answer the questions of the public not to give a speech but open questions.

2. The Senate shall be located in the North West and each Senator shall be appointed by their State Legislator and shall not have any specific term, each can be recalled or replaced at any time by the state.                             

3. House of Representatives shall be located in the South East with one Representative for each 70,000 people and they are required to live among those they represent. There will no longer be a term of office as each will serve who they represent until replaced at any time.

4. The Supreme Court  will be located in the North East and serve no longer then 10 years on a rotational basis appointed by the President approved by the House.

5. The bureaucrats that make up Washington shall be spread through out the remaining states that do not have any of the above residing within.

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Every senator and all representatives should work from their offices in each state. There should be a combining of the state militia and some Military groups spread the states equally. Congressmen and women need to have nomore than two terms!

We should then break up the Federal Reserve scam and make it mandatory that there shall be no politics allowed in the Supreme Court.

But whose kidding ourselves. When the economy crashes, there will be lawless bedlam and we need the state Militia to control it each state. No one who abuses the Constitution will be allowed to stay.

Every one elected must be able to pass a Constitutional test, torpor that they know and understand what it is.

Good Luck doing any of this.

Formally under the US Constitution each Senator was Elected by the State Legislators this was changed to a popular election with the 17th Amendment, the power would come back to the State rather then the Federal Government. Our country would be much better if the Senators were responsible to the States rather then setting themselves up as reasonable to Washington DC.



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