There are youtube videos popping up claiming that anonymous supports and is actively spreading the message of our Movement.  Those posting use a capital "a"...whatever...if you are anonymous, you don't get a capital "a" ARE anonymous! 

My position is this, anonymous supported OWL...anybody remember that...?  You annoynymous folks are what is 99% of nothing?  How could you so ardently support that bunch...with "no hope and no change" and then jump on this next thing?  ("Oh Look...a group...!")  Most of the membership on this site that had any opinion of OWL were probably shaking our heads and wondering where EXACTLY it was that we went so wrong!

I will address anonymous directly and more personally in a different post unless they can come to grips with a couple of concrete facts.

Moving on...


We do not forgive

We do not forget

We Are Legion

Remind you of anything?

Anonymous is not our friend. We at OAS (If I may be so bold) Disavow ANY affiliation "Synonymous w/ Nobody"

David, I was so happy that you were on top of it.

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Michelle, the point is that anonymous was associated with OWS and we do not want that association in any way, shape, or form. That crowd became the left's heroes and we all saw the degenerate things that they did while "protesting" against everything under the sun with no direction. They were simply for chaos and anarchy. Again, we simply do not want that association.

Thank you Kyouri Kai,  what a beautiful name.  Operation American Spring is a Movement to Action that needs only the endorsement of We the People, and I use the word "needs" very intentionally.  If We the People needed any endorsement from anyone, we might just as well ask foreign aid...or maybe we should go to the U.N. for help.  I hope everyone realizes that I am being totally facetious.

Thanks, Kevin! While we're on the subject of not needing endorsements, I would also like to ask about this following link:

Operation American Spring May 16th 2014

It's on and mentions  Col Harry Riley, Maj Gen Paul Vallely, Ex-CIA Jim Garrow as being the organizers of OAS. The FB event page has Karl P. Koenigs as the host (as well as others).

Who is organizing this event? And why is the FB event page being allowed to be turned over to the trolls? Does that not defeat the purpose of keeping people signing up, or does that particular page not really matter? (Sorry, really don't know.) There were over 20 people in just a half hour drop off the 'going' list and I'm wondering if that is going to hamper the event's progress, even though we're still 4 months out.

Thanks again. :)

I was helping to host this event and I've been deleting trolls every few seconds for HOURS.

Thank You!

Yeah, why not show your face if you believe so strongly in your position/mission.

Right, We the People are coming.  Along with our faces and names.

Anonymous consists largely of muslim Pakistani geeks in the UK. They have hacked and opposed many conservative movements sites in the UK including the EDF which has fallen apart recently because it could not move on without the specter of nazis in their ranks.

I wouldn't invite them in under any circumstances.

They're not our friends, as theyre proving in so many online forums for conservatives and christians!

Anon is on the side of the people as Anon are the people,Anon have the ability to encourage many to show and are no threat,i say again no threat, to any american citizen!THE THREAT IS OUR CURRANT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!


The threat from anon is by association. They were associated with OWS and we do not want to be associated with that group in any way. Anonymous grabs onto any movement that comes along and would provide guilt by association with lots of things that we want nothing to do with. That is just the way it is.

sorry but OWL???u mean the lib clowns who sat in on wall steet,I must stand in d-fence of Anon here Anonymous,are the people,their are white ,black,Jewish,Italian,German,French and AMERICAN'S, and they are Republican,Democrats, Patriots,Tea Party,and even Liberal's,as well as young and old, and to quote you here "How could you so ardently support that bunch...with "no hope and no change" HOPE AND CHANGE IS OBAMA BULLSHIT AND PART OF THE REASON WE THE PEOPLE are here and our CONSTITUTION is in GRAVE JEOPARDY, so... when Anon  people decide to help and spread the word of TRUTH about not only this movement but the Tyranny in our country i think it would be wise to accept help where ever it comes from.

 and I have a question for you, what if the help and support was coming from the KKK would you say they are NOT OUR FRIEND? I think 1 you are angry as many of  us are but do not let anger cloud your judgment,the focus of anger should to the Unconstitutional Tyrannical Federal Govt.and 2 don not fear what you may not understand.




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