There are youtube videos popping up claiming that anonymous supports and is actively spreading the message of our Movement.  Those posting use a capital "a"...whatever...if you are anonymous, you don't get a capital "a" ARE anonymous! 

My position is this, anonymous supported OWL...anybody remember that...?  You annoynymous folks are what is 99% of nothing?  How could you so ardently support that bunch...with "no hope and no change" and then jump on this next thing?  ("Oh Look...a group...!")  Most of the membership on this site that had any opinion of OWL were probably shaking our heads and wondering where EXACTLY it was that we went so wrong!

I will address anonymous directly and more personally in a different post unless they can come to grips with a couple of concrete facts.

Moving on...


We do not forgive

We do not forget

We Are Legion

Remind you of anything?

Anonymous is not our friend. We at OAS (If I may be so bold) Disavow ANY affiliation "Synonymous w/ Nobody"

David, I was so happy that you were on top of it.

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Not OWL, OWS. Occupy Wall Street. I personally have no clue who anon are, since they wear masks and change their voice and all that junk. They, anon, may have good intentions and I am sure that some do but that doesn't change anything that I stated above. It would seem I have hit a nerve here and I am truly sorry if you find what I am saying offensive but that is just how it is. Perception is reality and if we are perceived to be like ows we lose the people that we want and need.

As for the KKK, they are most assuredly not my friend under any circumstance. Anger has nothing to do with my judgement on this, what about you? Sounding pretty upset there.

You are correct about the fact that anyone wearing anything can stand up to this tyranny however that does not mean we have to associate with them or accept an endorsement from them. It is simply a matter of how we wish to be perceived by the people we wish to recruit to our cause.

wow! This movement needs some discipline.

I have informed everyone who anon is (without equivocation), and people are still arguing over whether to join with them.

Now I'll inform with even more, anon seeks only to delegitimize government. Especially the UK, and largely because of immigration policies. Joining with them is like joining with Bradley Manning, only they are much smarter and far more dangerous. Anon has NO LOVE for Americans or our way of life. They are Pakistani muslims who would prefer a muslim America and world.

You cannot embrace a burning coal and expect not to get burned.  Bring in anon, and I'm gone!

Sean, don't get all steamed just yet. There have been a couple of people that have attempted to "explain" that anon is nothing to worry about, however, rest assured the staff of PFA and OAS are not going to enlist the help of that particular group. Simple fact is that they are now and forever will be associated with OWS, which were a bunch of ,well I won't say it, but you know and we don't want that guilt by association.

anons have zero religious loyalties. Your understanding here is by virtue misinformation. There are law enforcement agents, political figures, common folk, and..... American Christians in the anonymous unorganization. I would strongly advise researching ALL sides of a "labeled stereotype" before making accusations. ALL groups of human beings have their fundementalist fanatics. Americans joining together for a common just cause is just that, by alienating some strictly for personal beliefs the may or may not have is unAmerican. If anons come forward to help in the cause, playing by the rules on common ground, there is no logical right to discriminate. Please discontinue the fearmongering. There is a distinction between anonymous individuals, Anonymous commitments of criminal activities, and hacker factions utilizing the anon namesake.

No, you are misinformed. I have first-hand knowledge of anon. And all that you stated about them is complete and utter bunk.

Please describe your first-hand knowledge as well defend your claim what I stated is bunk. Had the admins not have banned anons here who have stepped forward they would be more than happy to explain their own personal views. Your statement is another case of flaming in attempts to misinform without disclosing FACT. You, sir, have commented as a discriminate pregidous person in ignorance.

I'm very impressed by your vocabulary. Very impressed by your usage and proper syntax.

However, I was accused first by you of being "misinformed", if you recall.  Therefore, you should be defending that statement first. 

Obviously, you don't want anyone making statements that detract from your status in these forums as the guy with all the smooshy answers. I'll bow out and say that all you have said is sacrosanct, and worthy of all praise.

sorry to have stepped on your pride in your little kingdom.

I'm gone.

We have opposing views that go from one extreme to the other on this issue. There is really no reason for anyone to get in an uproar over this. What I posted was the simple truth. I hold no personal dislike for anon or the non-members but the fact remains that they were associated with OWS. Now, it may have been a few of them or many, we can't know. Another fact is that we cannot stop anon from posting videos on the web in support or anti OAS and would not attempt such foolishness. All of our arguments are therefore irrelevant. Correct?

Sean. My defense was outlined in my very FIRST post. as for stepping on "my little kingdom and pride"... believe me, sir, you have trampled nothing here. I am still waiting for some fragment of fact to defend your own accusations of your slanderous statement. Your statements are inductive appearance of a "troll". Please use a bit more logic and rationality when you choose to discredit other individuals or associations. "Shooting from the hip" with vague statements and unverifiable opinions will never win your case in court. I see your opinion is formed and shall not be changed, we can agree to disagree. However... There are others who are not nearly as reasonable and rational as I am myself.
Have a good day.

have the colonel ask me, I'll be delighted to tell him. otherwise, go stroke your ego with someone else.

what you should have said was, "sorry, I can get a bit zealous."  but you obviously just can't help yourself.

Anonymous are anarchists and not our friends! They play both sides of the fence for their own personal amusement!



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