Constitutional Emergency

This question was posed in a post as a reply but I think it deserves more attention and more answers...Thank you, Beverly.

How do we fight it, when it's not just illegals or new immigrants but main stream people who have no clue to anything but their own pleasure?

If you possess the nerve to engage people, people you know or random people, ask questions...tough questions, and insist on nothing less than their thoughts about the possible answers. That is planting seeds. Seeds of thought are potential growth.

If you do not possess "nerve" and feel that you are unable to engage, then the only way to fight it is to explain it to our children as if they were adults and encourage them to ask questions about things that they do not understand.  Explain! Take ownership of the problems.  Sadly, this is a generational approach.  If your children understand Pride as taught but do not see it from their Teachers then they can only pass THAT on. 

ugghhh! There are so many ways to fight it! The first step to fighting it is to stop wondering how!

sorry...we know what to do, we just fear the discomfort that comes with doing the right thing.

I have barely scratched the surface and I ask that members weigh in on the question.

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You can do all the things you can think of to get people to come on board as I did tonight with my sister and brother in law. In the end when you leave with a headache don't lose heart. If no progress is being made move on to the next person there is no time to waste some people will just not ever come around. Remember it was just ten present of the people the first time around.      

Thanks Dale, Amen to the "if no progress is being made, move on..."

And it was not 10%, it was 3%  which makes it all that much more achievable.



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