Constitutional Emergency

A Lesson For America on International Banks & Their ' Influences '

 I first heard of this a couple weeks ago, but briefly, & almost forgot about it, but it's very important to consider. Consider that Iceland flat refused to pony up ' their  share ' for the EU's Bank Bailout Fund ! This is a great turn of events, hopefully it will cause many to consider just how important are the International Banks that demand we fork over monies we cannot afford, & at the cost of our own sovreingty, in particular. The influences of the Intnl's have been warned against since Lincoln's death, but were ignored by our own profit mongers, to our citizen's & country's peril. Basically,Iceland decided that they didn't cause the banks to fail, & they weren't going to pay for the failures. They matter-of-factly told them to take a hike. Of course they were ' downgraded ' as ' punishment ' for their nerve, & threatened with being ' kicked out ' of the EU, but this also was ignored !  They also knew they couldn't afford the payment,as it was twice their GDP ! ( There didn't seem to be a ' pro-rate ' for a smaller GDP, or country from the EU's ' demands ' ). So, here is dimunitive Iceland, left standing alone, but like a  giant,with a pitchfork, among the gullible, willing, but grumbling, victims who sheep along, pouring out their lives to fund an overly patched-up, hot air balloon that has long since passed its credibilty as a valid form of government. It was the little country, that punctured the self-impressed balloon's hot air bag. I praise their resolute motivation to help themselves, as they have done, historically, since their founding. We can take a lesson here ourselves & just say NO ! Dang it !  Bank bailouts by any other than the banks themselves are a crime. The citizens didn't create the problems & we should not be ' forced ' to feed the wind bags they have become. It appears they can be told NO, and, it needs to be proclaimed here at home in the USA. If those banks that were not structered, or managed correctly or legally, fail, they will do so, & deservedly, without harming the citizen(s) any further than they already have done.The article I read, was found by Googling up- ' Iceland's Bank Bailout Refusal ' & then went to;, wihich is an excellent news source & they offer a news feed to your e-mail.

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