I am proudly South African and absolutely love my country.  What’s not to love? 

I am also not a racist having spent 3 months in an African jail for my views on the unfairness of  Apartheid.

I will, however, call a spade a spade in this story as being PC will not achieve anything.

I have been married to a US citizen for 5 years now and, because of his passion for his country, I have taken a keen interest in events here.  The more I learn, the more I realize that Americans could learn some very pertinent lessons from what has happened and is still happening to the whites in Africa.

Our countries have similar backgrounds – all the whites came from Europe, both countries fought to get rid of the British, both countries had wagon trains full of settlers looking for a better life in the interior.  Both countries “imported” labourers from across the seas.  Both countries practiced “segregation” (in the US) or “apartheid” (in RSA).  Your country had the civil war to free the slaves and my country had terrorism, repression and plenty of murder!  We are both Republics and have, somehow magically, been converted into democracies in the last few years.

My country voted in the first black president in 1994 and you have just voted in your first black president.  This is the point where both countries REALLY start to fall apart.

To give some background of where I am coming (and came from) I have to go back more than half a century to being born in the then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).  This was a British colony and was a wonderful, prosperous country.  I am sure that everyone knows the story of the war there, but, if not, please look it up.  We were a well off, middle class family.  My grandparents (who came from Scotland) had been in Rhodesia for some 20 years.  My grandfather was a Civil Engineer and my grandmother an auditor.  They had lived through two world wars and came to Africa for a better life.

I had just started school when it was rudely brought home to me that the great life that we had was about to be turned on its head.  My mother, who was pregnant with my youngest brother, was driving home from town (Bulawayo) when her car was stoned by a furious crowd of protestors and she barely got out of there alive.  She gave premature birth to my brother at home that night as we could not risk taking her to the hospital.  My father, an ex navy man, was a member of the neighbourhood watch.  About a week after my mother’s harrowing experience, he was out in the early hours of the morning on neighbourhood patrol.  The dogs warned us that something was amiss and grandpa bravely went to see what was wrong.  He found my father, barely alive, having been beaten severely and dropped on our front porch.  At the time this served as a warning that “we know who you are and were you live and can get you any time we want”.

My parents felt that, as they had 5 children all under the age of 10, it would be best if they took us to safety!  So, they started the long, heartbreaking business of TRYING to leave the country.  They were told that “of course” they could leave BUT – they could take no money with them, no furniture, could not sell their home, had to give up their pension funds – in fact they were allowed to take only what fitted into their vehicle.  7 people in even the biggest car does not allow for much luggage.  So we left literally with one change of clothes each.  My grandparents left some years later and were far worse off as even their car was taken from them at the border.  So much for lifetime of working, saving and attempting to take care of their old age.

So began the long trek which ended with us living in Windhoek, South West Africa (now Namibia).  This country was originally a German colony and had a very European feel to it. If you did not speak German in those days you might as well have been dumb.  No one in the stores would serve you or even take notice that you were there.  South Africa annexed SWA during the war because they desperately needed access to another functioning port.  

We were in Windhoek for 8 years before the troubles began to impact on our lives.  There was a war in Angola and ANC “cadres” were being trained there by Russians and Cubans for infiltration into South Africa.  They entered SA through South West Africa and practiced their new found skills on the way.  My father, still a relatively young man, with a commercial pilot’s license, joined the army and was shot twice.  When his plane was brought down in the desert, and our family, who lived at the outer limits of the town on the edge of the desert, were attacked in our home and held hostage for 3 days, they ONCE AGAIN decided to flee and take their children to safety.  We left in the middle of the night, in one car, with, once more NOTHING to our names.

And so, that is how we arrived in South Africa.  A little family of 7 people trying to make a living, raise their children in safety and just get on with their lives. 

South Africa, in the 60’s was a white ruled and run country, with a Calvanist, Afrikaans, Nationalist government who had determined, by a thorough study of the Bible, that the black Africans were put on earth to serve the whites.  The country was rich in minerals, gold and diamonds.  There was a “White by night’ law that did not allow Blacks in a white neighbourhood after dark unless they could prove that they lived and worked in a White household.   Everything was segregated.  Black areas, black buses, black toilets, black benches, black parks etc.  

Our education system was amongst the best in the world, our hospitals were turning out fantastic doctors, we carried out the first heart transplant, had an arms industry that was the envy of most countries, had a police force and army that kept the peace at all costs and kept us safe from any threats from across our borders.  “Apartheid” was maintained by any means necessary and any and all dissenters were thrown in prison (or worse).  There was a law which stated that you could be arrested and kept in jail, without charges or a trial, for 180 days.  Should anyone enquire as to your fate they would be met with blank stares and blatant lies.  The original 180 days could be extended many times in the interests of “national security”.  Everyone had to carry a “book of life” and any black found without one would be arrested.  

“Homelands” were created by the government where blacks, no matter where they were originally from, were resettled.  “Informal settlements” (shack dwellings – mostly on the outskirts of big cities) were razed to the ground.

On the surface, everything was peaceful – but strong currents were running under the surface.  The ANC, funded by Russia, Cuba and many other European countries were training their “cadres” outside of the country and infiltrating them in to commit acts of murder and mayhem.  For your information, the International icon, Nelson Mandela, was one of these who was accused of treason after the Rosebank bombing and sent to Robben Island for life.  Because his side “won” the war of terror against the whites, he and too many more to mention are now no longer “terrorists” but “heroes of the struggle”.

Do you see any similarity here to the events on 9/11 and Fort Hood?

Because of sanctions imposed by the Western countries, South Africa became fully independent.  We grew all our own food, made all our own arms and ammunition, had a thriving industrial and manufacturing sector, made all our own medicines and drugs, supported other African countries with food, money and anything else they needed.  We had a fully home grown clothing and textile industry, and even made our own motor fuel from coal.  Our economy was thriving despite sanctions.  Our boys (my 3 brothers included) were all conscripted into the army at the age of 18 and all served all over Africa to keep our borders safe.

The internal war of terror on the whites was insidious at first and was mostly evident in violent protests where schools, municipal buildings and clinics were burnt down.  Blacks refused to pay taxes, lights and water accounts or any other thing that might contribute to society.  They stoned cars, killed indiscriminately and burnt or bombed public places where whites were gathered.  Many of my friends were killed and one of my brothers and my sister left the country for Australia after being attacked and, in the case of my sister, raped.  

Then came 1994 and everything changed.  We have an ANC government which has been in power for 15 years.   There was a centre page spread in the newspapers when they came into power giving the government minister’s credentials.  Most had a minimum education, were “freedom fighters” with no experience of running anything other than a machine gun (and their mouths) and one even had the enormously appropriate experience of having been a “garden boy”!   This, anywhere else but in Africa, would have been taken as a huge joke.  But, it is the reality we were forced into then, and live with now.

This is the era in which most houses in SA became fortresses with high walls, electric fencing, alarm systems and block watch groups.  Car jackings became the order of the day with HUGE roadside warning of “this is a high risk hijack area”.  Law and order become a joke and the police and army a national joke with bribery being the way out of any situation.  All you have to do is give the traffic cop a coke and you get away with murder, should you have the right colour skin.  

The government enacted strict anti gun laws and the, mainly white, populace went in their thousands, like sheep, to hand in their firearms.  This is easy to do as the general, law abiding populace have licensed firearms and their addresses are on record.

The law states that you MAY not shoot or otherwise harm any person found on your property illegally (even in the middle of the night),  you cannot “assume” that they are there for any harmful purpose.  Should you harm or kill an intruder, you will be arrested for murder or manslaughter.

A case in point, a 14 year old girl (white) woke in the night to hear strange noises from her mother’s bedroom. She went to investigate and found a black man raping her mother.  She took the bedside table and smashed his head in with it.  SHE was arrested on a charge of murder and it took many, many lawyers and months in court for her to be exonerated.  THIS IS JUSTICE???????

The law also states that, should your property be left empty and a person or persons (only Black persons) move in and live there, you CANNOT evict them, if they have been there more than 24 hours, without a lengthy court case in the Supreme Court.  So, if you have a holiday home, or a property for rental purposes, these properties can just be taken over and you will pay hundreds of thousands in legal fees to evict the people.  By which time, I assure you, you will not want the property back.  If they legally rent your property and do not pay the rent, you also cannot evict them.

If you have an empty piece of land, you can be sure that it will become a squatter camp with hundreds of shanties built out of cardboard and corrugated iron erected on it.  These people then demand that the municipality provide them with “services” such as electricity, water, toilets, roads, sewerage and trash collection.  When this is not forthcoming, they protest by burning anything in the area, trashing any passing vehicle and shutting down roads and highways.

Should the government wish them to move, they build them low income housing with all the amenities on a suitable, “legal” piece of land.  These people then protest and refuse to move.  They have more protests and trash the new houses built for them.

These settlements include 4 million illegal refugees from Zimbabwe who have fled the terror and genocide being carried out by Mad Bob Mugabe, their president, who was beaten in the last elections and refused to step down.  All the anti white laws being enacted in this country originated with Mugabe and LOOK at his country now.  Your wonderful president Obamanation, has given Mugabe $73 million and refuses to remove him from power, thereby supporting his tyranny and contributing greatly to the problems in my country.

Farmers are being literally thrown off their land, even though many farms have been in the family for generations, the reason being “land claims” in which anyone who has some dim, distant ancestor who may, possibly have lived on the property hundreds of years ago, can claim ownership of your land.  The land claims court will decide on the legality of the claim and the farmer will be paid a pittance for his property.  Some of these claims have been “pending” for years and so farmers are loath to farm or improve their farms for fear of throwing good money after bad.  You may not sell or otherwise dispose of the property while the claim is pending.  

My parents have had an outstanding claim on their farm for the last 10 years and have given up trying to farm it.  So, in their 80s they face, one more time being refugees with nothing to show for their life times hard work and may have to start over.  How do you do this with no money and at their age?

Farmers who have workers who have worked for them more than 15 years are obliged to “give” a portion of their farms to these workers.  They also have to build schools, clinics and houses for the workers.  Given the state of the world economy, who can afford this?

For this reason together with the mass farm attacks and murders, South Africa is no longer able to feed itself, never mind export hundreds of tons of food as it did some years back.  

Then the monster of “Affirmative Action” was passed into law with white business owners being forced to have a black partner.  The employee base of every business has to reflect the “demographics” of the country.  Essentially this means that a business has to have 80% black employees, whether they have the skills for the jobs or not.  This applies to our sports teams as well.  As Whites make up a HUGE 8% of the population, this small %  has to carry the majority of the remaining populace.  

In every workplace it is a game of numbers and the few that are skilled and able to do the job have to toil mightily to keep the business running and carry all the dead wood.  White males are an endangered species as far as jobs go as, although there is no law forbidding you from hiring them, it is severely frowned upon.  So, doctors, dentists, skilled labour, blue collar workers, artisans, professors and thousands of other highly qualified, experienced and desperately needed people have left for places where they are not endangered and are wanted, appreciated and, most of all, SAFE!

Foreign investment is greatly hampered by the enforced “Black partner” law!

It falls under the affirmative action law of the country. Note that it's the law... and its designed to favour blacks above all others.

In a nutshell, companies and universities etc have to hire or admit people according to the countries demographics which means you need a minimum of 80% black employee/student ratio. You hire or admit people according to a list of priorities which have black female as highest priority followed by black male then other races and right at the bottom of the list is the white male. So if you are a white male, your chances of finding employment are really slim as you are a last legal choice.

Add to that the fact that people from former disadvantaged communities (blacks) get preferential status and huge discounts on study fees and busaries etc.

My sister in law was a school teacher and she was instucted to pass all blacks regardless of their study performance. I don't know what law was used to make that happen but it was a spirit killer to most teachers who got saddled with students who thus had no motivation to make an effort and to non-black students who noticed that their black classmates passed 'anyway'.

The crime is another story. Most houses in JHB where I lived had electric fences to deter burglars etc. I can go on for hours...

But if you can overlook all that, its a great country yes.

13 Jan 2008, 12:18 - Report

Our education system has suffered from the theory of “level the playing fields”.  If the standards were any lower, you would not have to go to school at all, simply attain the age of 18 and graduate!  Should the pupils or teachers not approve of anything done at the school, they simply kill fellow students and burn the school down.  The taxpayer then has to fork out to rebuild and re establish the educational facilities that the populace “demand”.

Our hospitals. which were among the finest in the world, are now in total disarray.  There are no beds, bedding or food.  Should you have the bad luck to have to go to a government hospital, you have to take your own bedding (always supposing you can get a bed) and get your food brought in.  Nurses and Doctors strike at any time for better pay and corruption is rife.  Hospital administrators are employed on the “buddy system” and have no financial or medical experience whatsoever.

Now they are discussing the closure of State Hospitals that are in total disarray.

Our state broadcaster (the only official one in the country) the SABC, recently had Parliament step in and dismiss the entire board (cronies of the previous administration) for billions of rands of corruption which left suppliers and movie makers bankrupt although they had delivered the service.  This despite the fact that every TV in this country has to be licensed yearly or you face a huge fine.

ESCOM our quasi statal and only electricity supplier has suffered so much from corruption that they are now unable to meet the demand for electricity.  No repairs or upgrades have been done for more than a decade, and now, after a 37% increase in tariffs earlier this year, they are demanding a 45% increase each year for the next 3 years to enable them to build new power stations and repair and maintain the existing structures.  This, despite the fact that management have just voted themselves 37% increases and millions in bonuses.  The CEO was asked by the board to step down two weeks ago and has refused, and is now suspended on full pay until such time as the matter is resolved.  In their defense, ESCOM is owed millions in unpaid bills by the government and is forced to supply, free of charge, power to the squatter camps and may NOT switch the power off to these people when they do not pay their bills.  However, this does not apply to white consumers.

The electricity utility has been negotiating with the World Bank for four years and initially asked for US5 billion.

Eskom is under severe financial pressure to expand its capacity and has applied for permission to hike its tariffs by 45 percent per year for three consecutive years, much to the ire of consumer groups. - Sapa

The CEO of Armscor, our military suppliers, has been accused of about R30 million corruption recently and ALSO refuses to step down and is also suspended on full pay.

The Minister of Police (never a member of the police force) racked up a R1 million hotel bill in 3 weeks – nothing has been done!

The ex police minister is on trial for murder and corruption.  He will not doubt be exonerated, while his white partner in crime, a mafia boss (apparently) will be convicted.

Our national athletics board was recently suspended (they also, surprise, surprise, refuse to go quietly and have appealed to the constitutional court) lied to the world and to the government in the Caster Semenye case.

Our current president, Jacob Zuma, whilst having been accused of rape, fraud and corruption, appears to be attempting to correct these glaring injustices.

I can only say that your country appears to be heading in the direction our country seems to be emerging from and I sincerely hope that Americans stand up NOW and fight for their rights or you will end up in the same mess – if not far worse.  Your unemployment figures equal ours at an estimated 20% +, your president is trying to convert your once great country to a form of socialism and is  refusing to call terrorist attacks exactly what they are.  He is bankrupting your country with idiotic bailouts, trying to pass anti gun laws, revering terrorists and dictators, your Senators are corrupt, your people on being criminalized for being poor and unemployed, thereby removing their right to vote.

I need to stress the fact that all of this is written from my personal experience and does not necessarily reflect other viewpoints as they have not lived what I have.

Here are several links to what is happening in SA

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I've retired from the Marines in 97, due to the onset of gulf war syndrome, and moved to a 90% Black farming community, primarily because I believe if we, the self-responsible Americans who desire to return to "citizen sovereignty", we have to pull our Black Brothers and Sisters, Aunts and Uncles, back in, along with us.

     What you say is a very accurate statement, and it has power because it takes note of "unintended consequences", something we have a penchant for ignoring.  We have failed in two separate areas of supreme importance; we have failed to establish the truth on record, and we have failed to make good on our moral failure.

     The first is a matter of world history, long ignored because it is morally offensive.  Slavery was brought to us via Islam.  The word "slave" is a "slang Arabic word" for infidel, the opposite of "Umma", designating "the People of Islam", and covering all who are not "Islam".  It is directly derived from the name of the eastern European tribes, the Slavs, who were among the first captive Europeans taken by Islam in its quest for empire.

     Words designating "indentured servant", captive worker" from the old Testament have been translated into the word "slave" for convenience, in principle because its origin was not considered important when it was first translated.  It has meaning in that the first people commonly taken as war prisoners by Islam, and beheaded or made totally subservient were Europeans, not Africans.

      The second error commonly made, is having fought free of such, and worked hard teaching following generations to avoid becoming an Islamic slave, our ancestors failed to demark it as morally evil, as an act of man, an abomination, and while hating its impact on life on the Med, it's impact on preparing city/states constantly for war, hating the fact ancestors were lost, people known personally were gone, none the less, having seen the value in use, some of our ancestors chose to follow the easy road, stealing lives, rather than using their own life, and the good intent of God, and being the cause of their own success.

     We don't have "fixed, solid and well founded principles, unless they apply to our actions when no one is supervising us, when no one is looking, and we do what we know is right, no matter the circumstances.  Americans chose to compromise on our principles because half the states would not form a union, except they continue to hold and use the "Slaves" they inherited from the Empire.  These men and women looked at the swamps, the wilderness, the huge stumps in the ground, and simply didn't see success in the future without the advantage of the much stronger Black African slave, capable of working in conditions which killed Whites, and refusing to see these they could not make it without, as being clearly then, people, and at least equal, or they would not be absolutely necessary.

     We have to acknowledge what was done in spite of the high minded language of our Declaration, was an abomination, according to it, and we who challenged the freeing of all men, were truly calculating the costs, the possibilities of success, and the logistics of replacing Men who could be told what to do, driven to do it were they reluctant, and knowing with understanding, they didn't need be driven or harnessed as mules would, they, themselves wouldn't have to constantly rescue mules or oxen or horses from being mired, but that Slaves would be the power of the mule, with the wit of man.

     Most of us who do believe what was done was both wrong, and antithetical to principles, and in essence, a poke in the eye of both those enslaved, but also all those who fought against this idea strictly because it was wrong, morally, regret there weren't enough on that side, and too many willing to use people because it was felicitous, to hell with morals.  Regret only tells the truth of feelings, and doesn't put meat on the table.

      Most who still hold feelings of difference, refusing to acknowledge equality, hide among the rest of us, and use our words to mask their own destructive lack of values.  We must stand four square amongst ourselves, and refuse to back off any, on rhetoric slavery is was, and will be simply wrong, morally, and by this, openly evil, to be fought against, and by no means to be accepted in any way, not even considered as less than evil in our presence.  I suspect only experience can change those minds, however we must not allow them to articulate their reason or excuse without casting it down vehemently, focusing on the taking of a man's fruits of his own labor, and calling it stealing always, forever.

     What we call "political correctness" today is nothing more than allowing people of evil intent to continue excusing the evil of former times, and by doing so, demonstrating they remain unable to hold to principle, and willing to cast it aside for profit's sake.  We may not be able to stamp it out, but we can denounce it, deny its right to be in a free Nation, and call such people immoral, as they state their immoral standard.

     When we do this, we will no longer be countenancing the hypocrisy as we have done, even if we have held the truth ourselves, if we have not denounced with vigor, those violating principle, we've fallen short of truth.  That is what we must deliberately and carefully do.

     There is truth in the fact everyone person who has become part of America has profited from the past, and we should well acknowledge the enormous contribution made without consent, by so many stolen from their homes, and sold to Americans, who knew better.  Showing real esteem for these ancestors, laying claim to them as part of each our own past, not allowing them be derogated as "mere slaves", but in every instance, take note "mere slaves" were in fact the backbone of the building of a large part of America, is giving a people their due respect and proper place as real Americans, no less important in our history than those who we give homage to for their courage and felicity in war.

      We could well have accomplished it in the manner we ensured Nazism wouldn't ever be tolerated in Germany again, rubbing the nose of all those slave owners having them walk in their slaves shoes, after the war, taking the time and effort to forever eliminate any notion of "benevolence" among slave owners, as long as anyone was "owned", but we tried to appease both the real victims, and those who would end up ruling their own States again, when the aftermath of the war was over.

      We must do everything in our power to ensure all Blacks who are interested willing to be party to taking our country back are completely welcomed, fully respected, and this must include an accurate appraisal of their skills and what they bring with them to the table.  We can't ignore the past, but we mustn't patronize either.  Adults who have concluded the past has not been right, but intend to go forth with principle, can do so without patronizing, and simultaneously acknowledging past wrongs, and the intent to simple move forward, as there is much to do, and not much time to waste.  This is giving full respect to the people involved in securing our future, while acknowledging the importance of making hay while the sun shines, and time we do so.

     We have a lot to do, and a short time to do it in, we'd best get our work face on and get to it.  One who truly finds egalitarian truth, easily acknowledges it in day to day actions and general living.  Doing such is truly recognizing the fact of equality discarded in the past, but acknowledging the wrong of that, and the truth today. We must stand on that is enough, we can't undo the past, we can only acknowledge wrong, and move forward, in the face of evil which never rests, and cares nothing who is used up and abused, only in the profit and advancement of their own person.

    We have to focus on the very real enemy, acknowledge the past, and stand pat on the fact moving forward means we have to leave old grievances behind, and work with the best we can get to work together, because "the best" will only be found among all of us, far too many on all sides have been beguiled, and won't see the truth.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.  Vanceboro, NC

Gunny, first, I am a military retiree and 'Nam vet. I am more of a classic liberal than an egalitarian.  I believe in individual freedom, in free markets, in private ownership of property and in the Rule of Law, but not necessarily the laws of man. I do not believe we are created equal, rather we are each unique in some way, and that is a good thing, because we can  complement each other, but the only equality should be equal treatment under the law, i.e., if a politician commits a crime and I commit the same crime as defined under the law, the punishment should be the same.

For many years I have lived in a country where, when 2 people of about the same age meet for the first time, they do some verbal sparring to determine who is older and once that is determined  the younger changes the way he or she addresses the older of the two to show respect. It does not mean that they like each other or dislike each other, but keeps a certain level of respect and courtesy towards other people as deeply ingrained in the culture.  This is unlikely to ever take root in American culture if such a thing really exists, given the brainwashing by the totalitarians over the years. Many of us were raised in the USA believing that we should listen to our politicians, yet those are the first to mislead us. . They think they are our leaders when they should be serving us.  They live far better than we do on our money, while their legislation destroys wealth and jobs. When they raise the minimum wage for example, many of us say, "Hooray, they are helping the poor.", but they are only helping people who already make the minimum wage - and then only if they do not get laid off because the company cannot afford to keep them,.  But it gets worse. When they raise the minimum wage, people looking for jobs can't get them at the new minimum.  Companies have limited resources.  Think about who will not get those jobs.  Young, inexperienced and unskilled  men and women will not get jobs.  This not only keeps them from working. There are always high unemployment rates for young people, who are also counted as poor, because the politicians priced them out of jobs.

 This partially explains why so many young blacks have problems finding jobs.  And when young, inexperienced people with few skills cannot get a job, their future development and opportunities to rise above any minimum wage rate is delayed.  All because the politicians "helped the poor".  The politicians do help the remain poor. One might think that those who are getting the minimum wage really benefit from getting an increase, but they only benefit temporarily. Why? Because minimum wage increases are inflationary,  They raise the costs of doing business, which are passed on to the customers, and make things cost more.  So a minimum wage increase just ends up paying the higher costs of living  that follow.  There are other negative impacts of a minimum wage increase.  The only ones who really fain are the politicians who get votes from the suckers who think they did something "to help the poor", when the opposite is the reality. So in America I am not too concerned about the Islamic threat as yet.  The bigger and more immediate threat are the politicians that control out lives, prevent us from being free and keep imposing more and more costly laws and regulations that make things cost more, leaving us with less. If the Islamics ever get strong enough in the USA to enslave us, they will not have much work to do, because the ignorance that our politicians and media has foisted off on use will make the job simple.

I am aware of that Tawana, but they are not strong enough  yet to demand subservience.  Right now the home bred totalitarians we call the "left" are the main threat, because there are far more of them in America, but if they are permitted to enslave us,   it will make little difference who the masters are, since they are all totalitarians. Sadly many Americans are totally clueless about what elected officials are doing to the country, because they cannot see beyond the next reality show. The point I made about the minimum wage applies to just about every piece of legislation, but the voters cannot see beyond the words on the paper.  If they could, politicians would likely get zero votes.

Am I concerned about the Jihadists in high places in the USG?  Certainly, but I am more concerned about the Statists, because there are more of them and they are also armed, no matter how much they complain about weapons. They also control our Armed Forces.  Despite all their proclaimed "love" for Muslims, the Statists are not stupid and they are unlikely to open the immigration doors to flood the USA with Jihadists, because they want power, and so do the Muslims. The Statists  are users of other people, not tolerant  as they claim to be, and they will not want competition. Of course I could be wrong, and the American "left" might turn out to be the useful idiots. .

Howie,  I grew up with very much the same understanding and perspective of life, as a "navy brat" I learned to work taught by Spanish stone masons, building the apartment next door to ours, in Barcelona, Spain, and was taught brick structural masonry by Italian masons, for the two years I lived in Naples.

      This nation has been run as a "fascist government" since "Teddy" took office, and while it was openly and proudly announced at the time, it did not change when people came to the conclusion fascism was simply another form of socialism, with none of the "isms" political, but means of revolution, with no plan for governing, which always means totalitarian in the end.

     We lived for decades pretending there was a "Soviet Union", however there was never a time you could ask any of the citizens of those highjacked nations, and received any answer but "Empire and subjugation" as their actual form.  Not one was a republic, voluntarily united with Russia in an egalitarian common bond.

     On 1 October, 1933, FDR had one of his evening "talks" having posted in all newpapers, the demand all gold and gold certificates be turned over to government by 31 October, and stating the same that evening.  Later, months, then years, it was suggested that some 65% of gold and certificates were actually turned in, however researchers using statistics, based on expected caches of gold and certificates, to be found as time passed, have concluded it quite likely as much as 85 to 90% of all gold and certificates were actually turned in.

     For better than fifty years, colonists complained, petitioned, wrote letters, demonstrated, all because England was constantly adding a percent of so of tax specific to the colonies, because it costs to send things here.

     We fought against these taxes only because we knew the colonies were a great profit for the Empire, and it was ridiculous to tax us when we were "carrying their load", we thought it was immoral.

      We chose revolution rather than bowing to masters and living as "subjects".  What happened to our belief system, our principles, between 1776 and 1931 that we could chose revolution over taxes, yet give the government every bit of our money and accept monopoly money in its stead?

     How is it we could have principles which drove us to revolt, throw the government which was breaking its own laws, out, invite the invasion by the army, and fight a bitter war till they couldn't afford to fight us any longer, over taxes, yet having set up our own government, with our rules, my grandparents, and all the Americans of that generation simply allowed FDR to steal every dollar that belonged to citizens and then call him great and wonderful?  What happened to make us so damned stupid?

      When we entered the 2nd world war, England was doing its utmost to secure middle east oil from Germany.  "Lawrence of Arabia" accepted the commission to try to gather the three to five thousand tribes of Bedouin, and get them to stand together and hold the Sahara against the Turks, who had sided with Hitler and Germany, bidding to take over the oil.

     "Lawrence" endured all the possible indignities which an Arab, Bedouin Muslim could inflict on an "infidel" westerner, hated Englishman, a white man, if you would know what they were, read the original book, but in enduring, he got the respect of the tribal leader of the Saud tribe, and he with much influence over other contemporary tribal elders, managed to get the whole of the "Bedouin community" to "caucus" together and choose to hold what had been seen as a literal "ocean of sand", and belonging to no one, as the ocean can belong to no one, and hold it for the first time in history, as territory.  This was the means of securing the oil fields out of reach from the Nazis.

     In return for this, western civilization crowned the leader of the Saud Tribe King over the Sahara, and because of our power, provided by oil and technology, it was reluctantly accepted, as the whole of the "Bedouin People" recognized the Saud Tribe had betrayed them all, yet there was nothing they could do to return to the pre-war tribal state.

     By this, we took on treaties allowing the Saud tribe provide all our prison missionaries of Islam, be provided by the house of Saud, meaning Wahabism.  We agreed they would provide any imam we might ever need in our military, our government, our state governments, even down to local communities.

     We have the House of Saud's plan for America and its plans to teach America to be subjects, infidels, fully in place, and we have allowed them to control muslim immigration.

      We have a far greater presence of Islam in America than any but the most careful researcher can imagine.  For every independent imam in our country, there are a hundred "Wahabi imams".  For every muslim who emigrated on his own, fifty have been selected and allowed by control of the house of Saud.

      The muslim brotherhood is a minor offshoot of "wahabism", and the Saud's answer to the secular governments established in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Lebanon, all of which were established by the multiple cultures and peoples who had lived in those places for centuries and millennia, the "Ba'athist" party was the combined party of all but the radical islamists, specifically established by their own people, to ensure egalitarian rule.

     We considered Hussein to be a horror, however it was only because of his capacity for death that kept Iraq a nation with education, living in the 20th century, and with rights for non-muslims, and we broke that when we attacked Iraq in 91.

     Assad is the Ba'athist ruler who has kept Syria a nation of dozens of cultures, including one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, however attacking him has destroyed all the freedom the non-muslims have enjoyed for centuries, going back to Paul's trip to Damascus, to set up a church.

    We don't have any real idea how infiltrated we are, not by numbers, nor by ideals and principles.  The left which we all consider "home bred totalitarians" don't even know enough to consider this aspect a real threat, but believe they are a step away from total dominion.  Almost everyone standing on that side is abjectly unaware if they take full power, we become a muslim nation at that point.

     We have been warned hundreds of times, regarding the vast numbers of muslims illegally emigrating across our border, yet we only consider the much smaller numbers who emigrate legally.

     Those government officials aren't stupid, they know they are publishing false figures, but they do their job, trust their superiors, and ignore suspicions which rise up.  They trust the words of the socialists they believe in, and pretend not to be afraid of the rise of islam.  If they did fear those numbers, if they started to feel fear, they would trumpet it to the media, because they are not self-sufficient, well responsible and capable people, such people don't flock to government service, but flee, knowing it is the most oppressive place to work, unless you don't work much, and laze around.

     The media is the most active of the left, having left school with a mission to change our understanding, and turn us into them.  We can't possibly expect any truth any warning, anything of value to come out of the media, because they believe they are already on the high road to power and total control.  They don't fear government, they believe they control it and the nation by their words.

    They are completely ignorant of "media" in Islam.

     No one is looking out for our interests vis-à-vis maintaining American culture, and keeping our Nation secure from Islam.  We can do no more than merely guess about muslims in our Nation, and judge by the thrust of the Islamic world, where they know they are at.

     We had better figure out what their actions, statements, and considerations mean because it is our sole means of seeking a factual knowledge of what is about to come to fruition for our country.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret. Vanceboro, NC


Excuse me for getting in between this conversation, but I wanted to bounce something off of you.

IMHO I think "Black Liberation Theology" is hurting the Black community. I have no problem with preaching to people to be proud of their heritage, but BLT goes so much further than that. Plus, we have a political set-up whereby politicians, propped-up by liberals that are the majority at the DOJ, that for the most part treat Blacks in a favored light over others. Am I way off base?



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