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A Letter To Vietnam Veterans.........a confession and seeking forgiveness...thank you Julie from a Veterans heart.

Dear Hero,

I was in my twenties during the Vietnam era. I was a single mother and, I'm sad to say, I was probably one of the most self-centered people on the planet. To be perfectly honest…I didn't care one way or the other about the war. All I cared about was me—how I looked, what I wore, and where I was going. I worked and I played. I was never politically involved in anything, but I allowed my opinions to be formed by the media. It happened without my ever being aware. I listened to the protest songs and I watched the six o'clock news and I listened to all the people who were talking. After awhile, I began to repeat their words and, if you were to ask me, I'd have told you I was against the war. It was very popular. Everyone was doing it, and we never saw what it was doing to our men. All we were shown was what they were doing to the people of Vietnam.

My brother joined the Navy and then he was sent to Vietnam. When he came home, I repeated the words to him. It surprised me at how angry he became. I hurt him very deeply and there were years of separation—not only of miles, but also of character. I didn't understand. In fact, I didn't understand anything until one day I opened my newspaper and saw the anguished face of a Vietnam veteran. The picture was taken at the opening of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. His countenance revealed the terrible burden of his soul. As I looked at his picture and his tears, I finally understood a tiny portion of what you had given for us and what we had done to you. I understood that I had been manipulated, but I also knew that I had failed to think for myself. It was like waking up out of a nightmare, except that the nightmare was real. I didn't know what to do.

One day about three years ago, I went to a member of the church I attended at that time, because he had served in Vietnam. I asked him if he had been in Vietnam, and he got a look on his face and said, "Yes." Then, I took his hand, looked him square in the face, and said, "Thank you for going." His jaw dropped, he got an amazed look on his face, and then he said, "No one has ever said that to me." He hugged me and I could see that he was about to get tears in his eyes.

It gave me an idea, because there is much more that needs to be said. How do we put into words…all the regret of so many years? I don't know, but when I have an opportunity, I take…so here goes. Have you been to Vietnam? If so, I have something I want to say to you—Thank you for going! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me for my insensitivity. I don't know how I could have been so blind, but I was. When I woke up, you were wounded and the damage was done, and I don't know how to fix it. I will never stop regretting my actions, and I will never let it happen again.

Please understand that I am speaking for the general public also. We know we blew it and we don't know how to make it up to you. We wish we had been there for you when you came home from Vietnam because you were a hero and you deserved better. Inside of you there is a pain that will never completely go away…and you know what? It's inside of us, too; because when we let you down, we hurt ourselves, too. We all know it…and we suffer guilt and we don't know what to do…so we cheer for our troops and write letters to "any soldier" and we hang out the yellow ribbons and fly the flag and we love America. We love you too, even if it doesn't feel like it to you. I know in my heart that, when we cheer wildly for our troops, part of the reason is trying to make up for Vietnam. And while it may work for us, it does nothing for you. We failed you. You didn't fail us, but we failed you and we lost our only chance to be grateful to you at the time when you needed and deserved it. We have disgraced ourselves and brought shame to our country. We did it and we need your forgiveness. Please say you will forgive us and please take your rightful place as heroes of our country. We have learned a terribly painful lesson at your expense and we don't know how to fix it.

From the heart, Julie Weaver 237 East Gatewood Circle, Burleson, Texas 76028-8948 (817) 295-6287 Email address:

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Julie, Imagine how Jesus Christ feels because so many of us, like you, put ourselves first before Him and He gave all so we can be reconciled to God.

Likely you already understand what I just typed. Main thing is you do. And likely we will meet in person before Him one day.

It does not matter when you opened your mind, what is wonderful to hear is that you did. Before you died.

Mountains of Blessings to you.

More than anything I blame our school systems for the ignorance you once had and parents for using those schools as baby sitters instead of administering their God commanded duties to "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." (Goes for the 'she's' too)

You like many of us who are now awake are making up for past sins BIG TIME. Many say to me at meetings, "It is too bad we had to meet under such circumstances but it is wonderful to be around so many Great Americans."



YOU say forgive you ?? NO WAY IN HELL !!!  I went to NAM 3 times got my ASS shot off SPENT a total of 47 months in different hospitals and to this day till I DIE,,I AM and will spend the rest of MY life defending OUR brothers and sisters and you wont forgivingness ???  ...aint gonna happen,,YOU did it,,you ask for it,,you got it !!! NOW you EXPECT US just to for get what you and JANE FONDA did to US ?? MAY YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE IN HELL ON EARTH AND THEN IN HELL !!

As we forgive we will be forgiven.

Bro, like you I went 3 times. I get your anger.  I still feel it too sometimes.  You don't have to forgive this person, but you probably should, for your sake not hers.

Your anger isn't hurting anyone but you.  It's long past time to give it a rest and find yourself some peace.  It's not easy, but it's easier than carrying all that anger around.

Do yourself a favor and get some couch time if you need it.  Your anger is eating you alive. 

You might want to consider why you went.

At least once, you swore an oath to defend the constitution twice before you swore an oath to obey the LAWFUL orders of CINC.  It's the first 2 that matter.  If you don't include defending the rights of assholes to be assholes and hate your guts, you missing the point I think.

Semper Fi, brother...from a Marine Vietnam Vet, '67-'70.........You mentioned a name that I have hated for so too damn long, and was hoping that I'd never hear her name again EVER. Her father, Henry, was one of the actors that I always watched either on TV or at the movies. He was always in westerns and war movies. And I kind of looked up to him for the roles he played. But when his brat, or bitch, of a daughter came along......I just didn't, or couldn't see how he could ever hold his head up again. To this day I hate that BITCH...and wish every minute of my life that I could have run across her in Nam. She wouldn't be here today...that is if she's still around. Anyway, welcome home brother and I thank you for your service...from one vet to another ( the only ones who will EVER know what we went through, AND are going through). Semper Fi...

I would be more than happy to volunteer to place the noose tight around her neck if the U.S. ever gets the guts to try her for TREASON.  

Hanoi Jane Fonda is a liberal scum that doesn't deserve a breath, not in OUR homeland.

But, my dear brothers, we all know that the U.S. government will NEVER try Traitors for their treasonous deeds any more, you see most of the government has ghosts in their own closets and therefore keep their pie-holes clamped shut when it comes to the likes of OBAMA or JANE FONDA or JOHN KERRY (perhaps the second biggest fraud in the U.S. government today).

Bye the way cliff, I well know the icon you've place beside your name:

(Harry, please don't delete the icon, it tells the truth regardless of the harsh language).  If you don't like it then leave up the second icon attached.


Doesn't this say it all?


Please don't let your hatred destroy the rest of the time you have here on earth. You can forgive but doesn't mean you have to forget!! They know what they did and I am sure they live with that every day. I had to forgive someone in my life for my sake not theirs. When I did that I was released from so much hatred stored up and I felt the difference. You should be proud, as most Americans were, of what you did for us. I see it going on again with the main stream media leading the charge. They spew their hatred day after day for whatever cause they can latch onto just to get rich. Greed and ignorance is a horrible thing but I am afraid it will be here forever controlling situations. Those of us who are smart enough to make our own decisions and not be driven and lead by the media will always do the right thing but those brain dead idiots who are followers will always latch onto something to hate. They have no one to look up to because they are lazy followers. I am an 80 year old woman and I speak to my grandkids about the history of our count ry all the time, it is not taught in schools anymore so it is up to us to do it at home. I have twin grandson in the US Marines and I thank God everyday for men and women like them and for you!!!

If you can not forgive at least be indifferent.  Indifference does not mean forgetting.  Why waste you time on something that is not doing you any good.  

If you want to put your anger to good use, start a campaign to find out why the government continues to deny leaving behind thousand of living prisoners.  The politicians lies have left the families with the agony of not knowing what happened to their loved one.

If there are any living POWs their coming home would be an embarrassment to the likes of Kissinger, GHW Bush, McCain,  That is a long list.  

From one who can only appreciate your sacrifice Thank you.  It is all I can give.  I do understand your anger at J Fonda, I am being polite.  She has never truly apologized.  Even if she did I would not believe her.  To late for to little.

I wrote email to Julie, and I said: 

Read your letter "A confession and seeking forgiveness" on Patriots For America and wanna thank you for it.  Makes me more happy to forgive than begrudge.  "Truth is the exact time, place, form, and event.  Is what is."  You're a good American for writing it. 

BTW, this is how you fix it.  Watch this documentary exposing the cause of military suicides and who's cashing in.  Also, keep in mind all the school shootings.  Same people were behind Vietnam and subsequent wars.  Write about them, spare America the mistakes of Vietnam.

Semper Fi Nam 66-67

Gray Jones 'Pointman'

SALUTE  Gray  Jones..~~God  bless  you

Thanks Ronald...Gray



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