Constitutional Emergency

Jerry Delemus is a US Marine currently in prison for standing up against the Bureau of Land Management raid at the Bundy ranch in 2014.
This letter was posted by his wife on Facebook.

Susan DeLemus

From Jerry DeLemus

A number of years ago I made a statement that at some point in our near future the unconstitutional and illegal behavior of our government would not be able to remain concealed from the people. The reason I stated this was because most of the things that needed to be accomplished in the dark would be in place and then all that would be left to do would be the more obvious things which would be so obvious they couldn't be hidden. I stated around 2011 or so that if I ever ended up in prison we would have tipped over that edge. We have been told by those in Washington DC that we must surrender our freedoms, a little at a time, in order to be provided security we have the Patriot Act and the FISA courts as examples of this. We were warned by our founders that "a people that is willing to surrender it's freedom for security deserves neither".

Here we are with a corrupted press which is nothing more than a propaganda machine for those that have broken faith with our Constitution and all ties to the truth. There are those in our government agencies that have decided to run their own private investigations and prosecutions not because of the rule of law but rather in spite of the rule of law. Attacks have occurred against our rule of law and our election process by those that fear the loss of their personal power that have enriched them. Those that supported our President became targets of the Department of Justice which is and was a nest of revolutionaries to include many within the Treasury (IRS), CIA and FBI and State Department. The FBI which has long been touted as the world's premiere law enforcement agency has become nothing more than a secret police. Sure there are some good people employed in the FBI we just haven't seen or heard from them as they fear for their jobs. That being the case are they still "good people" or have they become part of the problem? Their job is to seek justice not to frame and intimidate the innocent. The Liberty Bell has been cracked for quite some time and maybe that was a warning to us that we failed as a people to heed. That the FBI lies and entraps American citizens are facts, ask Lt. General Flynn and others victimized by these agencies. General Flynn was played by the FBI to destroy him financially and then to go after his son. Flynn being the soldier he is took the bullet to save others, God bless him.

We see the corrupt waging a war against our President trying to destroy him and those that are his supporters, why? The threat of the truth being exposed is too much for those that have other plans for our nation. The President has been provided the perfect opportunity to expose these traitors that have now exposed themselves. The "wheat and the tares" within our government are ripe for the cleansing of our government and we must not tolerate their continuing the assaults on our freedom, our Constitution and our way of life. We cannot just let these criminals off the hook they must be exposed and prosecuted for the revolution they have waged against our Constitution and our form of government. We see time and time again government employees and those in the media escape prosecution and punishment this must stop. There is no room in our Constitution for elites that are not subject to the same laws as the people. This is America's chance to reclaim our nation in the vision our Founding Father's afforded us if we falter we will be lost. We as a nation have acted like the Church of Laodicea Christ condemned in the book of Revelations (Rev 3:14-19).

I sit in prison for standing for justice and honoring my oath to the Constitution I took as an 18 year old Marine. Lawlessness cannot become the norm of any civilized society and those in the government's employ even those that have a badge cannot be tolerated by a free people. Our nation's future is at stake for all to see at this moment in time and how we deal with it will determine whether or not we are a free people. Make no mistake our President is suffering a revolution aimed squarely at him by enemies of our nation and our freedom this means they too are at war with the American people and our Constitution. It is ironic now that those that have attacked our Bill of Rights for decades now claim it is their "constitutional" duty to impeach our President. These same hypocrites attack our freedoms even down to the size soda we can drink.

Semper Fi,

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