A Message Recommendation To Trump (Somebody get it to him)

It's time for Donald Trump to look American's in the eye and send us a personal message....example below.

I want to be your President. I will give you everything I can muster to restore dignity, honor to America and our Constitution. Oh yes, I'm crass at times but I love America and I'll do whatever it takes to make America "what you want it to be".

Please remember, I can't be your president if the massive resolve from you, the American people, does not continue at the ballot box.

I'm sure you're aware that the entire republican establishment/elite are doing their best to defeat me. The hypocrites, money changers, power brokers make no effort to hide their despicable behavior. However, I can win and beat them all if I have the 1237 delegates when I arrive in Cleveland for the nominating convention. Otherwise, the establishment will be in control and dog fight will ensue. Let's beat political hacks evil game with honest ballot box results.

A rhetorical question? Are you satisfied with what you've been getting from the political establishment over the last eight years, and even decades before? Of course you're not happy or I wouldn't be the leading republican candidate. I understand your anger, even rage at the treatment the bureaucracy and power brokers are engaged. The message I am sending America from my heart is "we the people's" message and you are not going to hear it from any other candidate. And guess what, the establishment hates me for trumpeting your message. In essence they are telling you, the American people, that it makes no difference to the political establishment what "we the people" desire, they intend to do it the "old back room way". That can't happen, that can't happen.

Tell your friends and the world through twitter, facebook, emails, letters to editor to get to the ballot box....any means possible to encourage Americans to vote for me or they will get the same garbage the political establishment has been handing out for decades. You are calling for a change back to constitutional government, three equal branches of government as the Founders left us, and many other corrections....I will do my best to make it happen.

I am fighting as hard as I can, paying my own way, with your voting support, to right wrongs of so many past political administrations who have taken advantage of the American people and use corruption as a normal way of political business.

Let's let the ballot box speak for the American people and totally extinguish the smoke-filled back rooms at the republican convention.

Help us move to Cleveland Convention representing you as "your" republican nominee for President of the United States.

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Mine are working great. perhaps you should try it too.

Trump has continually moved to the right over the years, as I have (although I did it sooner), as Reagan did (he was a Liberal Democrat originally).

Sometimes changing your position is good. For example, Trump quickly learned the error of his position on torture and corrected it within a day. Over decades, he has improved his position on guns, abortion, health care, to our advantage. He has demonstrated a strong trend and is documented fairly well via theontheissues web site.

Meanwhile, quislings like Cruz flip-flop like crazy over immigration and trade, then lie about it. Aso, Cruz is hiding his toxic closest advisers!  Read some of these,, please: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=cruz+cfr+neocon+advisers

You can't make up stuff like this. These are he same idiots and traitors who have run us off a cliff over and over again. Cruz is an "Outsider?" ROFL!

I have always held respect for you but in this, you are wrong.  Trump and his Father campaigned with Ronald Reagan and he received a personal invitation from Reagan to attend the inauguration.  I have posted videos from 25 years ago, as well as videos that follow him from 1980 to 2015 - in each and every one, he says the exact same thing he is saying now.  Once again, Rogue, you are wrong on this!


You were listening selectively, or maybe you really DO need that hearing aid.

Hardly any major pipelines, highways, major building projects in urban areas,  can be done without at least some eminent domain, Eminent domain is perfectly justifiable with due process, public consultation and just compensation.

Did Trump go too far with some of them? Maybe. But the real fault lies with the govt. agencies that managed the process and had the ultimate say over it. Trump stated his case, others stated theirs, govt decided.

The most celebrated case is where Trump didn't even try to use eminent domain on some little old lady, who resisted. It was written up in the media as Trump the predator, but the old gal never sold out and Trump never even got the property.

But you, "Rogue," are a willing dupe, parroting Progressive propaganda about the evil Capitalist Trump.

Going Rouge Emmenent Domain is always for someone's enrichment be it an individual, a corporation, a governmental agency or for the benifits of the people who live in the area and purposes it is being acquired for. It's purpose is to compensate the the individual and enrich those in the area in which its acquired. It can be a win/win situation when both sides agree, and their are checks and balances in place that prohibit unlawful use of ED. The problem lies when it is done or attempted to be done illegally. Its when the law fails to protect the buyer and seller is where the problem lies. The lady in question was not forced to sell to Trump and he didn't use his emmence wealth to force the issue. To fault him for trying would be to accuse him of doing something illegal which he did not do. Just saying....
Going Rouge... And I whole heathy agree. That's why I stated that the problem arises when the courts don't enforse the protection laws which they did in this case. We can split hairs over which case is an abuse but each attempt at taking property and or land has to be adjudicated properly and fairly and that responsibility depends on the courts. You may see a parking lot or a store or a casino as bad, others even within the community might see it as good, I.e. Jobs, increreased property value, etc... Which can be a subjective opinion. The bottom line is do the benifits outway the means. But certianly the balance should lay with the owner at the onset since he has the original right of ownership. Again, the way our judicial system is being corrupted thatight no longer be the case. But I truly understand your concern and agree with you.

Your reading skills leave something to be desired. Where did I claim you were Progressive? I merely wrote that you were duped into parroting Progressive propaganda- Trump evil capitalist.

He may have actually believed that his proposed use of land served a higher purpose for society. But, you and I both seem to believe that widely circulated approach is not right and that land should only be taken when necessary, because no suitable alternatives exist.

Again, I state that the government failed again, in not applying the right criteria.

Good article. Don't forget Cruz is not eligible  to be president or vice president. He is not a natural born citizen which is required in the constitution. Every State needs to look at their election laws and get them straightened out while the legislatures are in session. Maryland is a prime example of a state that supports the Democrats and will stop at nothing to keep the corruption going. Even Republicans who call themselves conservatives are blind to this. A natural born citizen must have a father who is a citizen when he is born. Obama didn't, Cruz doesn't and Rubio doesn't.


i am not for Cruz, but he is a strong advocate for the constitution ... it is said.. if one parent is an American citizen , then that child will be an American citizen. So according to that , he is verified.

Very shallow thought Nancy, Natural born Citizen is what the Constitution says, and that means both Parents must be citizens. Do not bring up Obama, his Daddy is Frank Marshall Davis, not the person he was named after, and the person his Mother married. All the elitist who runs this country knows that, for a fact. Cruz is not eligible, nor is Rubio.

I am for Cruz and I pray he gets the votes he needs. He has been anti estab and I believe he will be a strong moral leader.

Then you have been thoroughly deceived. 



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