A Message Recommendation To Trump (Somebody get it to him)

It's time for Donald Trump to look American's in the eye and send us a personal message....example below.

I want to be your President. I will give you everything I can muster to restore dignity, honor to America and our Constitution. Oh yes, I'm crass at times but I love America and I'll do whatever it takes to make America "what you want it to be".

Please remember, I can't be your president if the massive resolve from you, the American people, does not continue at the ballot box.

I'm sure you're aware that the entire republican establishment/elite are doing their best to defeat me. The hypocrites, money changers, power brokers make no effort to hide their despicable behavior. However, I can win and beat them all if I have the 1237 delegates when I arrive in Cleveland for the nominating convention. Otherwise, the establishment will be in control and dog fight will ensue. Let's beat political hacks evil game with honest ballot box results.

A rhetorical question? Are you satisfied with what you've been getting from the political establishment over the last eight years, and even decades before? Of course you're not happy or I wouldn't be the leading republican candidate. I understand your anger, even rage at the treatment the bureaucracy and power brokers are engaged. The message I am sending America from my heart is "we the people's" message and you are not going to hear it from any other candidate. And guess what, the establishment hates me for trumpeting your message. In essence they are telling you, the American people, that it makes no difference to the political establishment what "we the people" desire, they intend to do it the "old back room way". That can't happen, that can't happen.

Tell your friends and the world through twitter, facebook, emails, letters to editor to get to the ballot box....any means possible to encourage Americans to vote for me or they will get the same garbage the political establishment has been handing out for decades. You are calling for a change back to constitutional government, three equal branches of government as the Founders left us, and many other corrections....I will do my best to make it happen.

I am fighting as hard as I can, paying my own way, with your voting support, to right wrongs of so many past political administrations who have taken advantage of the American people and use corruption as a normal way of political business.

Let's let the ballot box speak for the American people and totally extinguish the smoke-filled back rooms at the republican convention.

Help us move to Cleveland Convention representing you as "your" republican nominee for President of the United States.

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Maybe not thoroughly, but at least partially.

I hope and pray Donald Trump will read this message, and tell the American people what they need to hear. I think, against all odds he will overcome all the attacks, and become our next president.

Very good, and glad to hear all of the comments on here.   I told some people at church I have been praying for our Country now for some time, that God send us someone to take control of the evil, spit it out of our government and make America Great Again.  Those as church have no idea.  They are telling me that they will vote for Hillary before Trump!  Make me sick, but I just keep on wearing my Trump T-Shirt to Bible Study.  I get attacked, but I still try and put the truth out there.

Thank you for standing firm Patricia........

My pastor is a Cruzbot :-(. Any candidate who thumps a Bible steals his heart.

once again... people want to know.. why aren't the " Generals" out there standing beside Trump??

Everyone has to be in this.. show the people not to be fearful... and do the strong thing. Lets all get back our country.!!

nice to meet you Robert... I too am disgusted with the way our country is being washed away. And yes we all know all about about Hussain Obama ! Who is he kidding.? Not the American people thats for sure..! Except the these young college students , they have no idea what's going on. i am for trump and in hopes he gets things done. I think he is putting his life in his hands to do so.. Now his sister has gotten threats. I do not know how this country is going to make it and its very disturbing. i am also an elderly person. and I see the down turn of everything.. the kids education , the kids do not even know who the vice president is. or how to elect a president. Its just scornful.. and we out here are all disgusted.. Robert do you know why the GENERALS do not get out there and back Donald Trump..? Stand with him and show the American people some strength.. they need it..! what is your opinion.? Thank You / old school

As a retired Naval Officer, I do know that General Officers do not usually involve them selves in Politics at the level you are asking. I am a Retired Lieutenant a very Junior Officer, so there are not the principle restraints on me that Senior Officers have, The one General Officer that did was Black and enjoyed the protection that Blacks have by being Black, There is no question that this particular Black General was promoted because he was Black. You know the so called Slave thing, although this General was not born in America he was Born in the Islands off the East Coast, but they are still considered descendants of Slaves by those who hardly know anything about Slavery. Obama's  Real Father (Frank Marshall Davis) is an American Citizen and a descendant of Slaves. The Generals will contribute after the Election!! Thank you for asking, the reason there is no question about Obama is because the Elites want the Constitution destroyed and they will let people think Obama is the son of an alien, just as  will not raise the issue of "Natural Born Citizen" with Cruz and Rubio. People lack the Education that I had on the Founders and their reasoning for how they assembled this Country. Trump had to get his understanding from the many business deals he was involved in and probably employed many attorneys to answer the questions involved in the big business deal he was a part of. My understanding of the founding documents of our Country came from my First, Second and Third Grade Teacher, Miss Lucille Jones Clark, 1933, 34, 35. She died at age 94 and sent me a birthday card every year of my life until her demise. I am in my 89th Year and probably enjoy the greatness of the founders work, because of Miss Lucille. To find the truth about the attitude of ex slaves, read the Booker T. Washington Book "Up From Slavery" and then delve into his history for more about his positive "UP" about Slavery. The Democrats made "Black People" victims for their own political reasons, "Control".  By By!!

Mr. Robert E. Smith, It's a pleasure to have you here Sir. Thank you, and thank you for your service. Sir.

I like Trump & will vote for him,but I do fear for his life. I don't understand why people can't see that when the elite are against him that he has to be doing something right. I do think that he needs to study & understand the Constitution better if he wants to win. He will need it if he has to debate Cruz,& that seams to be a weak point for him. When all is said & done,how can he be any worse than what is being thrown at us now?



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