A Mom Identifies The Threat..............from the heart.

Why OAS..........???  Listen to this well spoken lady........can you feel your heart being ripped out for her?  For us?  She may be speaking to one county.......in reality she's speaking for all of us in America!

Why don't we have 50 million Americans lined up for D.C.?   What will it take?  The thugs of Nevada descending on your town?  On your property?  Breaking down your door?

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This Nation has turned it's back on God. The Leaders have codified sin. They have done it with abortion, homosexual marriage, theft on so many levels i would not know where to begin. Both parties play the game and the people follow. Know this though, If God be for us, who can be against us?? God doesn't need 10 million people. He just needs the faithful. Keep the faith and march on that City and remember this, Joshua had a few men, the walls fell and that City fell. God Is Able !!! Blessings on all. I will keep praying.

I'm not sure what you are referring to, Patricia. Just because a person can't or doesn't want to march to Washington, D.C., why do you say they don't belong in this discussion.  The person is still a patriot, but is willing to put her faith in God to bring us freedom or salvation instead. I pray the same amount of time that I work for our Constitution and America to be restored.

I agree with you. There are many who can't go to Washington because of a disability or a family obligation such as; an ill relative that needs caring for or just does not have the finances. There are many Patriots who would take a stand if they could and attend but they can tell others and spread the word to those who can.

This is so true of America, Jean. Our Founders had put their faith in God and prayed for His blessings upon our Nation and it was granted. We now have a government who no longer seeks out God for spiritual guidance and I place the blame for directly on the people who could not discern the truth from the lie. Spiritual blindness has taken over the people. Now there is only a remnant of what use to be. 2 CHRONICLES 7:14

What was the outcome?

Oath keeper: USMC RVN 69-70

"Destroy them, O God, let them fall from their counsel: cast them out for the multitude of their iniquities, because they have rebelled against Thee."   Psalm 5:10


"Let his days be few and brief; and let others step forward to replace him."  Psalm 109:8


"Your promises are backed by all the honor of Your Name."  Psalm 138:2

Very powerful, very compelling. The gov't will not relent, we must stand and demand our constitution be brought to bear against this evil.

The way I see it is that we are willing to fight or help any country in trouble except our own. The people that can't see what is coming for whatever reason will be the first to pay the price when the shit hits the fan here.

This started well before WWII or WWI you have to do the research folks, the Rothchilds and the other big Euro bankers got control of this country in the middle 1800's inspite of President Jackson's heroic act of removing the nations money from the big banks and spreading them around in smaller banks. Lincolin said..."I'm battling the southern army on one front and the bankers bitting at my rear, and I fear the bankers the most, he refused to borrow money from the Rothchilds at 30% and saved our nation, at least he delayed the on set. Practicaly all the wars and conflicts around the world have been instigated by the same people who control our money. Do the research, the real facts are seldom told. But, Do not ever call our brave soldiers "suckers" they stepped up and did what was asked of them. In Viet Nam and... CONCORD ! Thank God for men (and women) like them. Amen and God Bless this country.

Absolutely, Chris! That evil cabal of misfits who control the world's currency have done more damage to America and other countries for the soul purpose of profit. 

I wish I were more informed about all this.  Many people would agree with you.  I can't get my own children to want to be informed.  They would agree about the importance of the military because I have one grandson who is completing his training for Special Forces.  We know he has had the best leadership training, and that he and his military friends are the best of the best.



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