Constitutional Emergency

A Mom Identifies The Threat..............from the heart.

Why OAS..........???  Listen to this well spoken lady........can you feel your heart being ripped out for her?  For us?  She may be speaking to one reality she's speaking for all of us in America!

Why don't we have 50 million Americans lined up for D.C.?   What will it take?  The thugs of Nevada descending on your town?  On your property?  Breaking down your door?

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There may be a lot of us out here that does not agree with the names associated with the petition. Allen West ignored anything to do with the birth certificate while he was seated, Cruz has never stood up and said he was not qualified to be potus, Rand Paul ignores the bc issue totally, rubio same as cruz and so on. These people are intelligent men and they know what the founders of the constitution meant when they clarified that NBC is a person with both mother and father as US citizens. They continue to ignore it.

God Bless that Mom !!

WTP Must Resist!   May 16th. in DC.   Be There!

Unfortunately for too many it will take them being personally effected before they're willing to stand up and be counted, and fight if need be, for our rights granted by GOD, not some government. Many of us do see the writing on the wall and that is why we agreed to join this movement and get everyone we can to join it as well. My only advice to the rest of us patriots is simple yet profound. TALK to others about it, don't just send emails, or post stuff on FB or twitter or other social media sites. That allows people to ignore it, dismiss it, or simply not pay enough attention to it. WE NEED to CALL PEOPLE, GO TO THEIR HOUSES, TALK to them about it, and get them on board. I've been emailing and posting about it for months and almost no one knew what was going on. So i started calling people and talking to them in person. In 2 weeks i have 5 more people coming w/ me. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO DO, and START DOING IT NOW. The people in this country are waking up to what is going on, a large percentage of the people agree w/ and know that this is what we need to do, they just need to know how, when & where. Operation American spring gives them that, they just need to know about it.

I will say this simply: Until we are ready and willing to stop begging for money, and start getting our hands dirty, then NOTHING will change. I grow weary of the egos, the cowardice, and the complacent raging behind keyboards.

We are dealing with, for all intent and purpose, a KING. An EVIL, LAWLESS KING. King Charles was executed for HIGH TREASON. We aren't waiting for American Spring: We are waiting for the SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD.

We need to stop asking for the money that they control, and start gathering people/places that will donate supplies, gas, food and man-power. You want to take their power away? MAKE THEIR MONEY WORTHLESS. Compromise, barter and work together for supplies: Gasoline, food, etc.

Until you're ready to do more than simply stand outside the White House with signs and banners, nothing will change. What's to stop them from a mass depopulation when you are out there? What's to stop the NSA/DHS dogs from using you all as target practice? Have you not thought of that?

You want change? Hang ALL the bastards and HANG THEM HIGH. Let them stand as a warning that THE PEOPLE WILL NOT BE RULED.

They are not going to stop their assault on the American people. They have armed every government agency for an all out civil war. They have set up Fema Prison Camps all over the country to imprison those who surrender for reeducation or execution, they dug underground cities for themselves to hide in when they have to retreat. People must get ready for what they are planning against us so that we have a fighting chance to restore liberty and the Republic. Laying down and becoming a slave to the NWO is not an option.

If I were as young as this woman making this speech, I would probably be just as emotional.

I'm 81, and my daughters would institutionalize me if I did so.

Hi Mary Ann,

I will be 79 next month, and I've been a political activist for six years and still blog, talk politics, and stay active in political events daily.  I was a writer and investigative reporter for >30 years, so I know just how bad the political situation is all over the world. I started investigating Obama as soon as he appeared, but I had to go to foreign websites (because of the MSM blackout) and saw newspaper photos of him joining Communist groups and getting involved in everything that he is now boasting about. Every incumbent politician in power during that campaign should be in prison for Treason, just as Obama should be, because they all knew what he was, and that wasn't an American natural-born citizen. The traitorous, unconstitutional actions he has taken are uncountable, and none of our politicians, judges, or American patriots have done anything to get him arrested. I hope that May 16th and the rest of that month can change this Administration. If not, maybe the website below can.

Five years ago I created (along with a wealthy friend) a website that could have changed it within a couple of years, but it is still a skeleton because it is too massive to bring online without considerable help in either working on it or funding it as a partner. It is "" and provides the information on each political issue in articles written by professional writers, and a related series of interactive letters to choose from to communicate to our local, county, state and federal politicians, and notify all judges and the media FREE OF CHARGE by both email and fax. Patriots could learn, write, and send a thousand emails/faxes within one/half hour, so poverty and being too busy is no excuse not to take part. Once it is online, advertising banners correlated to each member's zip code will be placed above each article and letter to pay for the maintenance (and possibly some profit for investment partners), so it is just the start-up work and the funding that is the block. Check out "About This Site" on the home page of the above site to see the Executive Summary and learn about the design, goals, and user information, and help make this possible in case it is not too late to save our country. 

Edie Mae Boudreau - Facebook

People are standing by for the call to mobilize.  5/14 is a great start, spread the word.  We are patriots, veterans, moms, dads, fathers and mothers and are not afraid.  We are looking for leadership in the vacuum of DC. Thank you Gowdey, Cruz & Lee for yours.  This courageous woman is indicative of the growing outrage and frustration.  IT WILL HAPPEN! 

If this country erupts in civil war us cat's will come out of NDAA's bag, ripping, tearing, and screaming. I have high hopes for OAS...Semper Fi Nam 66-67 

Just be prepared and pray for peace ( USAF 61-95 EUROPE and SE ASIA ) We must stand together as a people and we WILL be victorious in reclaiming our country and restoring the Constitution now or our descendants will live in fear and poverty. 



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