A Mom Identifies The Threat..............from the heart.

Why OAS..........???  Listen to this well spoken lady........can you feel your heart being ripped out for her?  For us?  She may be speaking to one county.......in reality she's speaking for all of us in America!

Why don't we have 50 million Americans lined up for D.C.?   What will it take?  The thugs of Nevada descending on your town?  On your property?  Breaking down your door?

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obama ignores the constitution and rule of law yet h reid says he cannot have americans skirting the law?   go figure YEAH WHAT WILL IT TAKE?  WE SHOULD HAVE MILLIONS COMING THIS IS JUST UNREAL TO ME TIME TO END THE TYRANNY GNG ON NOW I AGREE 

I understand your frustration all to well, but am not in the least surprised. Long ago stopped expecting others to act on anything until its directly in their face, they are trapped, and cannot avoid it any longer. To expect anything more from people is setting yourself up for disappointment (however don't use this as an excuse to lower your own standards). The people will wake up and Come to Washington, but it won't be until there is an event that directly and immediately threatens the very foundation of who they are. I suspect it will take an event where innocent people die at the hands of law enforcement while defending their Constitutional Rights. Something of similar, but of more direct importance to them such as the situation in Nevada. You can't convince people its "time to act" or how threatened their very way of life is at the present, they must come to this conclusion on their own. Once this happens then they will look for an avenue to express and address their concerns and that is when they will be meeting us in Washington. Unfortunately, we are in this mess in the first place because people only think about "today", work tomorrow, bills to pay next month, kids having soccer games, etc. However, with so many issues regarding freedom of speech, guns control and confiscation, taxes, and blatant criminal actions on the part of our government officials, the event needed to trigger an all out assault on Washington DC. is surely going to happen any day!

I do believe it is out of fear that there are not more people signing.  Obama's name is on the letter, and there's no way to opt out of the individuals who you want the letter to go to. I have had friends tell me they don't want to put their name on anything that goes to Obama, because they are afraid it will result in the same kind of intimidation tactics that the Tea Party 501(c)(4) organizations went through (and which is still ongoing).  I feel the same way they do, but not strongly enough to avoid sending the letters.  It's very sad to realize the Gestapo-type govt that we're living under.

Fear is perfectly understandable.  I have no doubt that our founding fathers had the same fears, but we have a choice that I have seen many times in my travels all over the world.  Look what happened in Germany when Hitler rose to power, look what happened in Russia when Stalin took over.  For a more recent example, look what happened in the Philippines when Marcos declared martial law.  Or for example, I had a friend that lived in Iran when the U.S. Embassy was stormed and our diplomats were taken prisoner and the Iatola took power. (he and I were exchanging email and then in the middle. he was gone.)

We can live in fear under tyrants that will take away our dignity and self respect, OR as Patric Henry said, "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH"  As for me, my vote is for Patric Henry!  So as another founding father said, "we can all stand together or surely, we shall all hang separately."  So, send the letter and pray for our country and our liberty and the Constitution.

I know what you mean about people afraid of putting their names on things going to Obama.   They don't realize it, but they are probably already on a list that Obama has made out, especially if they are Christian, ex-military or a conservative.   They just don't understand that we all will get hurt if we don't do something, and soon!

I couldn't agree more! It's easy to hide behind some screen name and rant about what a crooked POS Obama, Holder, Reid, etc. are. Or, how some of us are willing to fight to the death before giving up our Constitutional Rights and our children's future, but most are reluctant to put their name to it. If we do not stand up for what we believe in and put our name and if need be our life behind what we believe in, than we have already lost!.....So, NSA, HLS, Holder, Obama, and all you other Washington Criminals that deserve nothing less than to be tried for treason.......I'm John Stowers, from Great Falls, MT. Oh and P.S. if any of you Muslims don't like me pissing on your Koran u can look me up too!

Thank you, John. I feel the same way.

Finally!  Words of wisdom from a brave man. 


Mostly, it is because of Apathy, Selfishness and lack of understanding our heritage.   Much of which, we must share the blame for allowing it to get like this.   The 60's with all of the hippy movement with rampant sex and drug use, is when we should have stopped it.  We became self absorbed and concerned only for a hedonistic lifestyle.  Our children learned from us well.   Now we must pay......

The "cream of the crop" as they like to call themselves in the anti-war and feminist movement during the 60's, when in truth, the :Cream of the Crop" were fighting in the rice paddies of Vietnam.  When the cat was away, the mice played and mulitplied into what we have today....Beware, the cats are back.........16 May 14 !!!

Unreal to me as well as to why there aren't millions signing the OAS petition and sending the emails/faxes/etc. to the Congress. It simply boggles the mind.

Those of us who cannot go because of work or financial reasons would like to do what we can to get someone else to D.C. on the 16th through a bus ticket or gas money. Please let us know who to contact for that. Maybe in areas closer to D.C. Thank you.



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