Congressman: America Schools Should Be Modeled After Islam & Use Koran

congressman advocates use of koran in schools

Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), the Muslim congressman who once said that the Tea Party would “love” to see black Americans “hanging on a tree,” made another controversial statement during a May 26 speech. This time he gave what is at the heart of the Islamic mind and that is the indoctrination of Islam into the West.

Speaking about the American education system, Carson told the audience that American schools should be modeled after Madrassas and touted the benefits of schools that use the Koran as their “foundation.”

A Madrassa as: “a Muslim school, college, or university that is often part of a mosque.”

The congressman said,

America will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at the model that we have in our madrassas, in our schools, where innovation is encouraged and where the foundation is the koran.

“And that model that we are pushing in some of our schools meets the multiple needs of students. Most of us are visual learners. Some of us are auditory learners. We learn by hearing. many of use are kinesthetic learners. We learn by doing, touching, and feeling. I have found, as my wife is a principal and I have a five year old daughter at Salema, that we need an educational model that is current, that meets the need of our students. America must understand that she needs Muslims.”

I see. So the Congressman would have us believe that we should teach our children in little madrassas the koran, a book that without the hadiths is virtually impossible to understand, and which promotes a pedophile leader who demands that Christians, Jews and anyone who will not convert to Islam to be killed with the edge of the sword. And this is supposed to “meet the needs of our students” and “tap into educational innovation and ingenuity”? This is supposed to be an “educational model that is current”?

I’ll let that sink in for a bit everyone and you just remember that these are the same people who wipe with their left hand and eat with their right. These are the same people that get gung ho about sending their children to blow themselves up thinking they will be gaining a myriad of vigins to fulfill all their sinful, carnal lusts. These are the same people who would not come out after September 11 and renounce the attacks.

What the congressman is pushing here is the very reason why America will never win the war in the Middle East. America will never win the war there because she has not identified the enemy and she is unwilling to root out the problem which is the indoctrination of Islam into the minds of the children. Because she is unwilling to call Islam what it is, she will now be willing to embrace it and have no problem in giving their children to such indoctrination. After all, Americans are already sending them to a godless, atheistic indoctrination center now.

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This is down right GROSS!

over my dead body!!

Over your dead body is exactly what the Muslims have in mind.


It should be over THEIR dead bodies. At the least gathered up and dropped off in the middle of a desert of a 3rd world country, endless miles surrounding them, and no food or water. Talk to their Allah then.

WE must put pressure on our congressional elected officials to stop the political correctness insanity and eliminate all threats, efforts to impose creeping Sharia law and the Koran in our Society. This is a Muslim war that they are waging for the conversion of our souls or the elimination of all infidels!!! We are being attacked by the Muslim agenda and by the Socialist/Communist agenda, supported by the homosexual and the feminist, pro-abortion groups which are financed by George Soros. We are a larger number, yet we let every one on these single-digit percentages dictate to us how we should live in this free Republic. I say enough is enough!... I've written my Senators and Representative every week with a series of complaints to be addressed.... before the November elections! After the elections, I want to see a Nuremberg Trial to deal with the Commies in Congress and the universities.. for treasonous activities.  And, if there are not enough street lightpoles available...  let's get them !....   even if it's from China !!!!

The only people who should be hanging from a tree sir, white, brown, black, whatever, are ones who try to make the people believe such lies and nonsense that for instance spews from your lying mouth about the Tea Party!  WTH are people like you doing in our system?! Oh, that's right! You're here to see to it that everyone that doesn't succumb to your muslim garbage, hangs from a tree, or worse!!!

So if he says Madassas are so good at education, how come the Muslims have so few Nobel prize winners in the Sciences?  I'll take our dumb schools that produce almost all of the innovators in the world today developing all of the technology that makes our lives more pleasurable to live and leave his 6th century education madrassas and their 'kill the non-believer.'  Let them keep educating the dirt floor living people of the middle east awaiting their 76 virgins.  If God had a sense of humor, he would give each of them 76 virgins...76 Nuns with those wicked rulers that taught us right from wrong.

His presence in Congress and many Muslims in other political positions is exactly what the Koran directs them to do to accomplish conquest by the infiltration process.  This process cannot be stopped by the target country, in this case the USA, unless we throw of the bonds of political correctness and stop treating Islam as a legitimate religion.  It not a religion anymore than Nazism or Communism.  It a sect and form of government and it can't be stopped by "nice guys".  


There should be a constitutional amendment that the practice of Sharia law in the U.S, be a capital crime and those practicing it, excuted for TREASON! The constitution provides for equality, tolerance, mercy, justice and peaceful communities of peoples from multitudes of backgrounds and beliefs all living in community and peaceful coexistence. Islam considers ALL others as "Infidels" and, under the operational philosophy of Dhimmitude; ALL infidels are worthy of only 3 things: enslavement, death or conversion with death being the preferred option by the Fundamentalists. It is philosophically and religiously and morally abhorrent and inherently an abrogation of our constitution and those values by which we live. It is dedicated to the destruction of our way of life and a world dominated by Radical Islam. They are ruining Europe and they have begun the SAME process here. Look at the recent persecutions of Jews and Christians in Dearborn, Michigan and our own government does NOTHING to prevent it or protect these AMERICAN citizens and their rights under the constitution while ceeding to Sharia as the local authority. This INTOLERANCE cannot be tolerated in a tolerant country or it will be forever lost. We know the enemy within and it is political correctness; the idea of offending no one no matter how much they offend you. turn the other cheek , a Christian concept used to target one's neck better for the chopping by these Muslim murderers. Andre Carson may be a citizen but, he does NOT speak for the rest of America and he has NO right to propose the overthrow of the United States Constitution to achieve a conversion to Sharia and the establishment of Madrassa schools or anything else involved WITH Islam , like honor killings, which further voliate the constitutional rights of American citizens, particularly women. He should be watched closely and removed for cause and impeached and, if he preaches Treason, executed for it. We can deal with the overload of communists later as it too, is a serious problem. If you love liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by the constituion , then it is incumbent on us all; to be prepared to fight for it if we must. Many of us have done so earlier in our lifetimes, aging and/or infirm, we will; do so AGAIN, if need be. I CONTEND, CONGRESSMAN CARSON, THAT ONE THING AMERICA DOES NOT NEED, IS MUSLIMS, or you!

WTF............. Did you notice that he is talking like he is the Rep for a muslum country???????

"America should look at OUR schools, where WE have....etc etc.... koran....etc etc etc'"

Has the idiot forgotten that it is the American People that voted him into office , and he is representing the American people, not some diaper headed backward muslum country?????

This idiot needs to be impeached, recalled, and tried for Treason.



Dear  Twana,  Louder  on  the  AMEN,  Lest  We  Forget,  Both  Elected  Muslim  Congressmen,  one  from  Indiana,  other  in  Minnesota  TOOK  THEIR  OATH, Putting  their  hands  on  the ``QUAR'AN,  Not  the  Bible..!!!  Our  own  leader  failed  the  oath   TWICE.. on   the  Bible.  This  month  is  expected  to  turn-up-side-down..!!  ARE  WE  READY..???? Stay  true  to  the  word..!!  This  place  is  hot  with  Truth..!!  

Rick,  He talks that way because he is a representative of Islam, not a country, but a sect bent on world conquest.  Many thoughtful articles have been written (and ignored by our PC government) that it is not possible to follow our Constitution, form of government, and laws and be a true Muslim.   The old saying is true that "No man can serve two masters".  




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