Constitutional Emergency

Do you think this member should carry this flag during our march on DC?

I personally want to know if anyone here can draw or make me an image with Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, John Murtha, Durban and maybe a few other senators standing together in a pool of blood...the blood labeled "troops blood"


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No - I do not think a member should carry "that" flag. Flying an American flag upside-down is completely acceptable - but this flag is an obamanation and I do not think we should be stooping to code pink tactics.
No, even though I know what you mean, others may not. This would be an offense to our FLag to have this on it!!
We have freedom of speech carry the flag ! But remember that we have responsibilities for our actions. We want to take a strong message to the "slime" in DC. I personally do not like the Stars and Strips altered. That's just my opinion.

Jerry sure is an attention getter. Not sure how I feel about it though. American flag upside down is the sign of distress, and we're sure in great distress...I definitely wouldn't carry this flag right side up though. It might be a bit too inflammatory. What about carrying the Gadsdens [don't treat on me] and the American flags upside down.

Ultimately, however, we do have a First Amendment...
No, I think it would be playing into Nancy Pelosi's "swastika" delusion. I want this movement to be all-American, Constitution supporting, patriots. I think we can leave the colorful theatrics to the Liberals.
The media would have a field day with dripping blood and revised to communism American flags. While it is true we are angry, true we see the communist writing on the wall and see a total change in our government if O succeeds, we MUST take the high ground. We show that we are TRULY PATRIOTS and the true representation of what American exceptionalism is all about. We must not stoop to the cheap shot tactics of the left. Remember the amnesty battle a couple of years ago when all those LaRaza people and others were out telling us they wanted to be made legal and then flying MEXICAN flags. It was insulting and unacceptable at best and we hated it. Did the media criticize? No, but you can be assured after all that has already been said about us that we would be labeled as Timothy McVeighs and worse.

Show your patriotism, show your American pride, show that you are willing to stoop to the level of the left, even if the left doesn't recognize it, others will. This is about showing all Americans that we can stand together as a nation and do the right thing.
No, period. To me that is a desecration of our Flag.
NO! That seems to be carying things a "bit" too far.
Absolutely Not!
This Attachment is my choice.
President Davis left the Union with the Constitution AND this Flag, than to stay in the Union without the Constitution. This is the only Flag that stands for our Constitution.
No, I would be upset to see the flag - even though I understand the message. We're not radicals, we're patriots and we have acceptable and appropriate symbols to carry during our protests and marches; conflating Communism and our democracy in one symbol will be misconstrued by the general public and used by the media to make people think we're a bunch of crackpots.

I have considered flying my 5' American flag upside down, though.
I plan on flying a second Revolutionary flag.
NO! We must remember that there will be people watching from their homes and I know if I was on the fence about all of this and I saw that flag being carried in the crowd, I would not want to be associated with those people. We must be patriotic, well behaved and courteous to one another. We don't want to give the media any fuel to use against us.



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