Do you think this member should carry this flag during our march on DC?

I personally want to know if anyone here can draw or make me an image with Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, John Murtha, Durban and maybe a few other senators standing together in a pool of blood...the blood labeled "troops blood"


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The question is how radical are we gong to get. I am not a Radical, I am an AMERICAN and I have fully committed to following the Constitution and Bill of Rights since the first Gathering of Eagles on March 17, 2007. I have stood against Code Pink at Walter Reed and Meadeville Pa., Jane Fonda, Winter Soldiers II 9-15-07, 3 Tea Partys, and have attended many other events to stand against those who would take our Liberty and Freedom. I fought for our Country and our Flag in Vietnam as did both of my brothers. I will be in Washington DC on 9-12-09 and the Flag I will carry will be the Star Spangled Banner. Our statement must be BOOTS ON THE GROUND by the 10s of thousands. We need to concentrate our efforts getting people to DC 9-12 and not parlor tricks that may or may not backfire on our effort. Numbers are what we need and we need them NOW.
NO Way


It is my opinion that this would not be a good thing, i see this members point but that would be the goverments flag.... NOT OURS ! We need to show our flag, represent our country , not theirs.
No way,in very poor taste.

I like it. What is the point of going all way to DC just to be politically correct? That flag is NOT an American flag, but it is an extremely likely replacement for our current flag if things keep going the way it is.

I suppose there will be nobody there with Joker/Socialism shirts on either. We wouldn't want to offend anyone.

Some of the comments posted on here are the reason the United States loses wars now.
Rules of Engagement? IT'S A FREAKIN' WAR!!! Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out should be the mantra of the US Armed Forces.

Now we have all these people that are going to head to Washington DC to chant "We're really mad! We're really mad!"


MY BROTHER CODY, you are right that is how you win WAR'S , ALL WAR'S . The day will come I will go to Washinghton D.C. and they will feel my pain. Kill them ALL. Remember the TORA , GOD know's how to fight and win war's. My belief is that GOD gave us this land and we had to fight for it ( Please my brother put down the hammer and sickle and pick up your STAR'S and STRIP'S )
i'd have to say no. not because it's being carried upside down but i feel anything with a hammer and sickle on it will be misconstrued, both unknowingly and deliberately. maybe carrying a communist flag with obimbo's picture on it would be more appropriate.
NO. I do, however, appreciate that we were asked. As for the "troops' blood," NO. The manner in which we present ourselves in D.C. will be just as, if not more than, important as our numbers. Although we patriots understand the significance of this flag, there are people whose lives are spent hating and would possibly consider these symbols as an invitation to "act." I concur that folks on the verge of finally seeing what is truly happening in our nation might see this in a way that was not intended. Consider that we have, in effect, announced we're having a great big party and EVERYONE IS INVITED. My roommate and I did that once in college. We ended up with police officers in our yard surrounding a tree up which some raving lunatic had climbed and commenced to howling at the moon. We had lost control.
I'd vote no on carrying THAT particular flag. If he could get one made with the Hammer and Sickle and Chinas' star, with the Obama insignia that they're always using imposed over them, I thnk it would make more of an impact. The same as saying that the Obama Administration is backed by Russsia and China.
Just my opinion.
That is NOT the flag I would carry.. It is not representative of any thing I would want as my Standard into battle.
NO ,NO ,NO, HELL NO , Please , please hear me , the LIFT would love to carry the HAMMER and SICKLE becase that's what they ARE . We are Patriot's with honor and tradition . I like the GADSDEN FLAG " DONT TREAD ON ME " but that's just me. My VOTE is NO.NO.NO. HELL NO...
Nope, It is true but we want to keep the message positive. The exception might be the Don't Tread On Me Flag which was carried by patriots long ago.



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