Constitutional Emergency

Do you think this member should carry this flag during our march on DC?

I personally want to know if anyone here can draw or make me an image with Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, John Murtha, Durban and maybe a few other senators standing together in a pool of blood...the blood labeled "troops blood"


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I agree. I say no. I'm not going to be able to attend, but I wouldn't bring this flag.
No. Absolutely Not. Too many men have fought and died to make our Flag the symbol of Freedom and Stength. To portray the Flag of the United States in any other manner is completely unacceptable- even flying it upside down. Descrecating the Flag in this manner is a disrespectful to everyone that is fighting to protect it. That includes everyone marching in DC. I will be bringing the Flag used when I re-inlisted into the military. See you soon!
Although I understand your meaning; it still may be taken as degradation of "OLd Glory". The American flag upside down, or the Gadsden Flag. I'll be carring the Culpepper Minuteman Flag. There are many to choose from.
Just imagine if the Metro shuts down that weekend. Mysteriously, on Thursday, for no reason, it stops running... I bet it would take 3 days to get it running again. ...Boots on the Ground seems fitting.
This is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you, I AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We Have a Flag and only one many men and women have died for .
I do NOT think this flag should be flown at the rally. If this flag were to be flown at this rally, it would be something that the far left press and media, the bloggers, twitters, would have a field day with. It would cause so much press, and controversy. We would also be doing the same tactics as those on the left do.

Also it would be something the liberals, progressives, communists, and socialists, would be wanting to see. They will be at the rally with their microscopes zeroing in on them. They want all of America to see how much radicals or terorists.they see us as. To say to America, see I told you so..

I mean I can understand why you would want to even march with a flag like this. But we have to remember what Glenn Beck said. We cannot fight fire with fire here. We cannot be the ones to throw the first punches.We cannot be the ones inciting anything. This is not about Obama, or even those in Congress. This is about US taking back America.
This is about us standing up to what our founding fathers had envisoned this country to be. This rally is for the Declaration of Independence., The Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution. It is for Washington and our politicans to know, we are no longer afraid of you. You will answer to us now. And if you are not with us, then we will vote you out of office.

Like Glenn Beck said. we cannot let this turn into another French Revolution. We cannot ask for violence or blood.
We cannot clamor for another civil war to break out. We have to be patroits in this.

Let me end with this: Something I stated once before in here:Talking about this passage from the book A Life With Karol by Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwicz: In it Cardinal Dziwisz is talking about Pope John Paul II's first visit to Poland:in June of 1979:

..."It was unforgettable! We felt as if something were happening as if were happening right above us. What was going on, I think, is that the people with the Pope at their side, were beginning to feel free, interiorly free, and to stop being afriad...

This is the very thing Glenn Beck talked about yesterday in his TV program. He spent the first 20 minutes talking about it.
We have to stop being afriad... We need to feel no more fear in us!

Because when we feel no fear. When those politicans feel inside of them fear. Having to answer questions like Beck talked about in yesterdays show... We will be victorius.

Once again a passage from the book:

..."Meanwhile the Communist regime was busily dismantling piece by peice the yellow-and white car in which the Pope had ridden during his visit"...

They will fear us. Becasue the fire is inside of us. And we are no longer afraid of them.

I think what we should do for posters is center on those questions Beck spoke about in his program. On posters, let us write each of those questons Beck had said we should be asking those in Washington. I think it is time they do answer those questions. And if they cannot answer them, then out you go in the next election.
NO to that Flag! I didn't spend a year in Viet Nam under that Flag.
NO to an upside down Flag. That usage is for the Person in Distress. It's a 911 call for immediate help. If YOU are in distress then by all means fly it upside down. If not, it is a False 911 call.
I am new here and agree that I wouldn’t use that flag or any other flag ONLY the US flag should be used.

I wouldn’t even use the “Don’t tread on me” flag because many see that and other flags as a representation of a militia or wring wing group.

When ONLY the American flag is used it makes it harder for ANYONE or any group to label you anything but an American. We are Americans standing up for our country, using OUR flag for that purpose.
Thank you! Looks like a nice site!
NO, lets not desecrate our beutiful flag, because it stands for freedom, and has the blood of all of the men who gave their lives behind it! Let's keep it HONORABLE FOR THAT REASON ALONE!!!!!!



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