A plea to the patriot inside all of us
Since the dawn of time, Man has had the burning desire to make decisions that affect their lives, at a time and place of their choosing. The will to be free is not only felt in man, but throughout all life on earth. A caged animal yearns to be free, just as man yearns to have the freedom to choose their own path. This unalienable Right, given to us by our creator is ours alone, for which we have the ability to fight for or allow others to decide for us.

Opposite of freedom is the dark yearning inside man. The desire to be powerful for which we have also seen since the dawn of time. The feeling that one gets when others listen and do as they are told is a feeling that every person can understand. It is our instinct for protecting our own survival coming to the surface. The adage, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is exactly right, especially when that power is giving to one freely without fight.

History has shown on many occasions that these two yearnings are in a constant struggle. The drive for freedom will always take power from those with power, and the drive for power will always take freedom from those with freedom.

It was said that when The People formed this Country 200+ years ago, that our type of government was the first in 6000 years of history and not likely to occur very often. Also, as history has shown, governments rise and fall like the tides. Our Country has risen to resemble the brightest star in a dark sky, and is currently falling from grace as it descends to its obscurity. This ebb and flow is circular by nature and again the old adage, “History always repeats itself” seems to be written in stone. But that is not true, for if it was, we would still be banging sticks and throwing rocks. Change comes from those willing to break the circular cycle.
So, I am speaking to everyone as I write this letter. Change is upon us, but the path has yet to be chosen. 3 options lie before each and every one of us in this Country. Option 1 is to continue down the path that we are on, destine to continue to the circular rise and fall scenario. Option 2 would be a left turn down the road of Socialism, where yours is mine, but in reality, it’s nobody’s until the powers that be say so. Option 3 would be to fight for our Freedom, Liberty and Republic as Ben Franklin so eloquently stated, IF WE CAN KEEP IT.

Liberty and Freedom is not free. Now that statement has been used as a rally cry to support our military and rightfully so, but it also applies to our everyday, ho hum lives as well. Freedom is a double edged sword. In order to have freedom (one side of the blade), one must be responsible to maintain freedom (the other side of the blade). That price is paid through actions, words and what could be the ultimate sacrifice, which is laying your life down to preserve Freedom for our posterity.

I, myself choose option 3. I choose to fight to keep my freedom and our once in a millennium Country as a Republic, a Constitutional Republic none the less. So, here is my plea to the Patriot in all of us.

To the Patriot that stands at the forefront, screaming from the mountaintops, thank you. You are bringing light to what is an otherwise dark or blurred image of reality. Your work is tiresome, unrewarding and at times completely under assault by the opposition and our own. Without your efforts, the facts may never be told. Keep spreading the word and working to re-unite We the People of the United States of America.

To the Patriot that stands at the ready willing to defend our Country and People, you are the slingshot of David in the arena where overwhelming opposition stands. You are made up of many. From the strongest soldiers to the frailest of frame, your courage to stand up and defend our People is valiant. The armor and sword of God has been instilled upon many of us and with that comes responsibility. May we pray that we never have to use these against our own.

To the Patriot who organizes and enacts our Right to assemble. You are doing the heavy lifting. Keep up the effort and never give in. The People are awakening, slowly but surely and the effort you put forth is the first thing they will see. Remain peaceful, but never give to the opposition. Be courteous and righteous, though difficult at times, and try to communicate to the best of your ability. Our message is right, and in the big scheme of things, we are all not that far apart in ideals. Basic freedom and equality are fights we can do together.

To the Patriot that can speak and write ever so eloquently. The spirit of the Founders is inside you. The words you speak are inspirational to all. Never stop spreading the word. Liberty and Freedom depend on the ability to communicate between parties in order to avoid conflict. You are the first line of defense and oh such an important component.

To the Patriot that sacrifices their time and energy to collect for those in need. You are the heart of the movement and the beauty that comes from within. Love thy neighbor is exactly what you do and you do it at an unbelievable level. Many more would suffer and struggle without your love.

To the Patriot that stands in the shadows watching and preparing. You are a vital aspect to a growing concern that conflict may arise. Your ability to care for others may be of utmost importance. While your voice is missed, your efforts, if ever needed will be of crucial importance. Prepare for yourself and family, but also prepare to assist in the time of need. Please never forget this one statement. You may be able to run and hide until the danger passes, but what are you going to return home to? There may be a time to step out of the shadows and stand shoulder to shoulder with our brethren.

There are many smaller paths to choose from on this journey, for all are important. Think of it like our mighty military at its highest point. Each branch has a job to accomplish; just as each of us have a job to do to be a Patriot. So to the Patriot that has yet to understand their role, I pray that you find your calling. Our posterity depends on everyone, and each of us has a mission to complete. Find your journey and work to find the end.

To the Patriot that chooses the other two paths. I hope that you see the error in your choice. I hope that your eyes open to the circumstances that when you choose safety over freedom, you have neither. I pray that one day you will understand that an attack on any Man’s Rights is an attack on yours also. That loving thy neighbor includes those you do not agree with and that through peace and communication, an understanding can be found. I pray that those who rely upon thy neighbor for their sole existence sees that they are no longer free, but a slave in every form of the word. I pray that you see that you have a role and something to offer to humanity and that light will steer you away from dependency upon the government and into a self sustaining way of life. And I truly hope that those seeking to take from one, in order to give to another, is not seeking equality. I hope your eyes open to the human atrocities in history that have occurred from such ideas and bear witness to that exact action taking place in real time in Venezuela. I know there is common ground to stand up and restore a way of life that is fair, full of liberty, and rewarding.

To those that oppose the Patriot and all that we stand for. I hope that you find peace. I hope that the anger and resentment melts from your body and you can be at peace while your shackles and chains of the oppressors you hold so high, lay lightly on your ankles and wrists. I pray that their nefarious actions do not result in torture and that mercy finds your soul.

The time has come that we Stand together or surely hang separately. The tide is rising and is tickling at our toes. Soon it will be pulling back and alone we will be swept out to sea, but together we can tether ourselves and stand strong against the current until it has past. As Free men and women, shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, hand in hand, we are stronger than any opposing force. For when we stand for Freedom, we stand with God and when we stand as One, our might is great.

The time to Stand is now before the wickedness has the chance to grow. Yesterday, today and tomorrow we must Stand and defend our Freedom, or we shall surely lose it. Will you Stand and fight for Freedom now when the outcome is certain victory, or will you chose to wait and fight when the odds are stacked so high that the chances of victory are slim? The choice is yours, and it is here in front of you now. Together we are mightier than any opposing force even in the face of the strongest force on earth. Our Forefathers showed us this to be true. They defeated the greatest force on earth to give us our chance at Freedom without shackles and chains. I for one will never be shackled; I will die a free man standing, in tribute for their sacrifice to me. Our efforts will pass along some form of a nation to our posterity one way or another. Those efforts and those alone will determine what Nation that will be. Remember William Wallace, 7 foot tall and kills men by the hundreds, and if he were here he would consume our enemies with fireballs from his eyes and lightning bolts from his ass. But William Wallace was just as ordinary of a man as you and I. The difference is he was willing and ultimately did die to fight for his Country’s freedom. He did not ask to be free; He lived as a Free Man. There are many throughout history that we can gain inspiration from and find the courage to Stand. Remember that Courage is not the opposite of fear; Courage is what is made when one is fearful but continues to push forward in the face of their fear.

Again will you stand while the chances of victory are certain, when peaceful actions are certain to prevail, or will you chose to stand when it seems all hope is lost and the price we pay is very high? We can take our Country back with peaceful force, but with force none the less. Force is defined as a push, or pull interacting against another object. Our actions are force, and that force is magnified in numbers. We must unite and stand together if we are going to have enough Force to overcome.

Whether we like it or not, our generation is the last of its kind. The idea of Liberty and Freedom must be passed on otherwise the world will become a very dark place to be. For us, we may not see it, but our posterity will. I will not sit by and be the generation that let Liberty die. Freedom is not free, but the price to pay now will never amount to the price humanity pays if we stand by and do nothing.

In Defense of this Great Nation,

BJ Soper

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