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As a member of PFA I have been acutely aware of the keyboard warriors who pound out their endless diatribe about the people being asleep and not paying attention to what is going on in America under the current administration and how we are on the precipice of losing everything including the country. While I do not disagree that the masses are allowing the continued destruction of the Constitution, the changing of America and the principles on which this country was founded, I am curious just what the members here would say to wake up the masses if it was possible for a single page letter to be distributed to every household in America. What would you write in order to wake America up? We all agree it is a seemingly impossible task but there in lies the challenge. If you could write a single page letter  to the citizens of America to awaken them, what would you write?

This question has plagued me ever since the chatter regarding the sleeping "sheeple" has been hashed and rehashed on this site. So, I am asking everyone to put on their thinking caps and write a single page letter addressed to the 'People of America' in an attempt to wake them up and post it here. It is a common topic on this site so why not put your thoughts in words as to just what you would say to the 'sleeping population'.

It is only to obvious there has been a dismal failure on the part of the CMM's [Controlled Mass Media] part to get the proper word out and that of course is by design and/or intentional refusal. Not surprising that they, [the CCM, would not want to go against the grain and do their part in broadcasting the danger and the threat of a passive population's relectance to not take a stand against the corrupt regime and its obvious agenda. It is a known fact that the CMM love the prince of fools, and will not dare publish, broadcast or report of the danger that exists to the masses sitting silent while the tyrannical government continues on the path to destroy the Constitution that will lead to the complete demise of the country. Even the alternative media  lacks the intestinal fortitude to report what is really going on to the exact magnitude without running the risk of being labeled a 'conspiracy site by the dumacrats.

So, if it were up to you, what would be your message to wake the people up? Most of you have at one time or another claimed in words posted here that America needs to wake up. What would your message be in order to accomplish that task? Please post a single page, four paragraphs, stating what you feel should be the necessary message that will wake up America. Thank you. 

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At this point, it will take "Martial Law" to be implemented and people getting their doors blown open and people getting killed before the masses "Wake UP" and a wake up call it will be.....Blood flowing in the streets....

What would I write to try to wake up the masses? Well at this point after six years of trying to do just that, and not really making any progress, I guess I'd have to keep it simple.

I would try something like the following:

Don't believe the hype, don't believe the lies. But if you love America and your freedom, just take a look. Look for yourself.

Ask youself why was the Obamacare legislation 25,000 pages long? And why were Congress and the American people not allowed to read it before they voted on it?

What is the TPP (Trans Pacific Trade agreement) also 25,000 pages long, and Congress is not allowed to read it before voting on it?

What are they hiding?

Why has Obama refused to close the borders?

Are there really Muslim Brotherhood CAIR members working in our highest levels of the Government? WHY?

What really happened in the Middle East, in Lybia, and in Syria?
Why is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel so upset about the Obama Iran Nuclear arm talks?

Take a look around, Don't believe me or anyone else, look for yourself. But don't just sit there and do nothing, If you make a decision at least make it an informed decision.

Don't believe the hype, don't believe the lies. But if you love America and your freedom, just take a look. Look for yourself.

at the cost of linking to wikileaks [if that's okay?], TPP details were already revealed:
Adirondack, they still have another vote later this week from what I have heard so we will just have to wait and see the outcome. I'm praying the Dems don't cave like the gutless Rebs. This bill just favors big business get workers for lower wages. Big business us all in on this along with those in their hip pockets the top Reps running for president are for it, I'll remember that come voting time.

Don't count your chicken before they hatch Adirondack, this was only one piece of that maze of BS legislation they are trying to push.

If my understanding is correct this one was only the fast-track authorization to allow Obama to negotiate and design anything he wanted too into the TPP itself. This one (TPA) would have allowed him full reign and privilege to write and include what ever he wanted, but it would also have demanded that the final TPP would be open to the public and that the Congress would have the final word on the draft. THAT is what the democrats objected too. The TPA was just a carrot and there was another piece (TIA) that was handed out as a piece of sugar to get the Republicans to bite for it all. That's the piece that actually went down, and it took the TPA with it.
 The TPP Trade agreement is still out there, and these bastards are not going to give up that easily.

true, look at what happened to SOPA/PIPA being reborn as CISPA and then CISA. It still won't live past the Senate, regardless.

TISA is just as unpopular, have you seen the opposition? They could've gotten it passed if it weren't leaked, but just like TPP, TISA was leaked, and it won't get the votes.

While nothing is ever over, it is a good symbolic victory.
Ask yourself this America; why has this president who promised to have the most open and transperant administration had the most closed and secretive administration. Why has this transpeant president had all of his historical Records sealed from public view. Why has this president who professes to be a Christian never attended a church service since he has been in office. Why has this president put members of the Muslium brotherhood into members of his cabinet. Why does he have no plan to contain ISIS or any of the radical Muslium groups. Why does this president say he is for the black minority and has continually failed them in their socioeconomic standing. Why is he reducing our military capiiities. Why is he continually userping the constitution, why is he apologizing for the advances that America throughout the world. Why is he taking away Christians rights and expanding Musliums rights. Why is he taking away states rights while he explands governmental powers. Why is he restricting our right to bear arms and our freedom of speech. Why is he forcing his dictates on healthcare and trade on the American people without their vote. Answer these questions and then ask yourself why he remains the president of these United States of America. All of you who support him are like animals content to live in a cage. Wake up. Your not supporting the first black president? Your supporting a person of mixed race who is not even qualified to be president. Ask yourself this " Is your life better since Obama has become president? Is giving up your freedoms worth your free Obama phone. Certianly your not that ignorant are you?

You had me up until the part where you tell people they are like animals content to live in a cage.  Once you insult people, they will walk away and block out anything else you said.  If you're going to wake people up, don't call them animals or insinuate they have a free Obama phone.  But up to there, I think your questions are good.  Maybe printing them out and putting it on flyers with the PFA webpage address would be a start.  Then stick them under windshield wipers in parking lots.   

Thanks for your constructive comments Rattler. That was a bit much I agree. I see what I can do to correct it.



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