More evidence that I will NEVER EVER understand liberals.... this time from the Brady campaign against guns....

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The memories of a RAPE last a LIFETIME !!!!   A feeling is of being defeated and unable to protect my self. 

 The memories of an act of self defense, even if it is deleting the rapist will last a lifetime. 

Knowing I can defend myself in a incident that someone is trying to harm me against my will, these memories are easier to accept. 

      NO! should mean something.  

OOOHHHMMMYYYGGG(osh)!  THIS is unbelievable, and I cannot believe that the Brady Bunch is this glib and stupid!!!  Rape lasts a LIFETIME - PLUS, I have NO idea what the analogy is here.  It's a total  non sequitur, and I am ashamed of whoever came up with this slogan, and more ashamed of the campaign for allowing it to go forth!

Now, I just saw this one today.  However, I can not directly attribute to Brady Campaign...even tho it has their signature line on the bottom.  Despicable.

This was a poor attempt at making their point


Remember people that in muslim groups that gender or age does not matter when it comes to rape... Be it 4 or 12 in the group they will all take their turn while they rape you...

A Rape lasts forever too, though in a different sense. That doesn't mean it is any LESS destructive than a murder !!
Yes, this ad is TOTALLY offensive, and is VERY misleading.

A gun requires an act of conscious will to be activated, or even be presented. Otherwise, it will sit in a holster in a closet until Hell freezes over, and the powder is no longer usable !!

Id love to see what ANYBODY associated with this evil group would say if THEIR daughter or wife was raped! They really need to take just 1 day and visit the House of Ruth or any womens shelter. HOW do these THINGS, i refuse to refer to them as people, sleep at night!


It really pains me to tell you this story, but this is something I saw and heard myself... Many years ago, I was on a 2nd date with a very liberal single Mother and was at her house the night her daughter was raped. How she reacted to her daughter being raped will astound you.

I happen to be eating dinner at her house, which was the very same night I found out that she had kids (like I said, 2nd date). Anyway, we were finishing a late dinner at about 9:30 pm when her 12 yr old daughter came home looking like she had been wrestling in some leaves and was quite dirty. She came in, said hello, and skipped off to her room. Other than her dirty appearance I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. But then again that was the very first moment I met her so I had nothing to compare it to. Her Mother however knew something was wrong so she excused herself and followed her daughter to her room.

Almost an hour had past and I was just about to quietly leave when the Mother came back and apologized for being gone so long. When she sat down I asked if everything was alright. I was expecting her to tell me that her daughter had been drinking alcohol or something, but instead she just blurted out that her daughter had been raped earlier at the park just down the street. What shocked me was her straightforward manner and her willingness to tell something so personal to basically what amounted to a stranger. I sat there not saying anything for a few moments and then said she should call the police and report it. Evidently her daughter knew the person that raped her. He was a 22 yr old man that had actually been to their house before. So I figured if she called the police it would be easy to find the guy. She then said that she didn't want to cause any trouble so it would be best to just 'get over it'. Needless to say I was stunned. Not in my World does a Mother treat her daughter to being raped as something to 'get over' and to forget. In my world, if you don't call the police you at least seek some sort of retribution. That was our 2nd and last date. To this day I cannot understand the Mothers nonchalant attitude about her 12 yr old being raped. The Mom also told me that her daughter didn't have to fear getting pregnant because she had gotten her on Birth Control pills about 6 months earlier. She even had the gall to say that she figured something like this would happen because her 12 yr old was very pretty and an early bloomer. The more she talked the more furious I got. 

Many many times since that night I have prayed for that dear girl. I prayed she got the heck away from her uber-liberal Mother!

Anyone who would kill her child before birth probably doesn't care very much about the child after the birth.

Nothing a liberal does is a surprise to me. It brings to mind the woman whose twin sister was raped and murdered, AND SHE'S GOING TO MARRY THE RAPIST/MURDERER! Talk about pathetic!

Rape can last for hours, the memory a life time. Using a gun makes sense to put a rapist in hell where he belongs.  Also using them can decrease the population of dumb asses. Fire arms  are a cure, not a problem...




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