More evidence that I will NEVER EVER understand liberals.... this time from the Brady campaign against guns....

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This a despicable ad and should be stopped NOW.  I believe that gun violence should stop (WHEN IT IS VIOLENCE) but the left's use of these type ads is repulsive.  I assume that Senator Feinstein is most likely a member of the Brady Campaign, and this will assist her in her campaign to end all guns.  Of course, she has no idea of what that would do to our nation.  The fact is that we would all end up as members of a new group "If only I had a gun when the bad guy robbed and raped my wife".

I am replying to my own comments to let everyone know that I sent the following email to the person at the Brady Campaign that most likely did or approved the ad.:

Attention : Caroline Brewer, Director of Communications:
I am sending this in response to an ad I saw that equated rape with a gun death. Actually, it did not equate it, but used it as a lead-in to the statement about gun control/violence. I find the ad despicable and revolting, because it is a sorry excuse for an ad. First of all, a rape does NOT last only 30 seconds - it lasts a lifetime of the person raped. There is the shame a disbelief of the act as well as the possibility that she may or will have to have an abortion if she becomes pregnant with the act. If she then has an abortion, she will have to live with the aftereffects of the abortion - the fact that she just ended an innocent life with that act. Secondly, GUNS ARE THE ANSWER! If that woman had a gun when accosted, she would be able to save herself from the act, as well as end the life of a monster.
Your organization has a great slogan, but you are going about it in the wrong way. Don't work at ending guns like Senator Feinstein, work at educating people about the WRONG uses of guns, rather than ending guns in the hands of responsible people. The recent acts of gun violence were in large part the work of people who were under the influence of psychotropic drugs that are being misused by the health organizations instead of increasing the Mental Health system. We have gone away from institutionalizing thoe who are a menace to society to placating them with drugs that have a negative effect on their minds and actions.
I would suggest that you put your efforts toward that end rather than put out ads like the one mentioned above. Thank you for your time in reading my words, and I hope that they will have an affect on your organization's future ads against gun violence.
Lawrence J. Zucal, LtCol, USAF (Ret.)
10509 Idaho St.
Oscoda, MI 48750-1907
P.S. I would appreciate an answer to my suggestions.

Well done!!

Thank you for your service! I just noticed you live up by our old fishing grounds :-) Canoeing out of Grayling, Old Orchard Campground on Foot Pond above the dam. Don't know what I love more, Pike, Pans and Bass in the impoundment above the dam or Steelies & Salmon below it all the way to the big water!! I mean fishing, too! NOT dragging a treble hook the size of my hand across the mouth of the dam with a 1/2 pound of lead on it either! Boy, the number of times my brother and I had to row all the way across the Pond because we didn't have a spare shear pin for the 4-1/2 horse Johnson!!! GREAT memories! I wish my Dad was still around to take us fishing like in the old days....

Ok. We can simmer down now...I wrote to the Brady Campaign and here is their response...

Dear Mrs. Gardino:
Thank you for contacting us. The Brady Campaign is in no way associated with the offensive ad/posters that you have seen on Facebook. A page calling itself the "Coalition for the Removal of Assault Weapons" has infringed on the Brady Campaign's copyright by using our logos on a series of posters that are utterly appalling and that do not reflect our values as an organization, or our values as human beings.
We have filed a copyright/trademark violation complaint with Facebook, and will consider even more serious action, if warranted.
Thank you, again, for contacting us, and feel free to spread the word that the ad in question is a hoax.
Caroline Brewer Communications Director

From: "gardino"  To: media@bradynetwork.org Sent: Friday, January 4, 2013 12:34:46 PM Subject: Brady Media Contact
Perhaps the worst commentary/advertisement...I have ever seen in my 56 years on this earth as a woman! Could you possibly be anymore crass or insensitive on either issue?...This is unacceptable and should be removed immediately!

Has anyone checked out this facebook page, Coalition for the Removal of Assault Weapons?  While not out of the realm of possibility the reply sounds a bit bogus.

I looked at the page...it was started last Tuesday...It looks 'bogus'...

How do they determin the length of time for a rape? Also from the women who I have known that were rape victims the rape they experienced was still being played in their heads years after the event and was affecting them in adverse traumatic ways. I think self defense would be easier to get over. At least it is justifiable.

Yes you are right....I am 59 and it is like it was yesterday.....people have no clue!

I can't believe this! It's so STUPID! Thank you JESUS I've never been raped but I've known some women that have and it stays with them forever. I believe it's my right as an American to own a gun and to protect myself! This ad is very very repulsive and should be pulled.



Coalition for the Removal of Assault Weapons on Facebook..."The Bad Guys..." that are spreading bad info...

I'm sure your intentions are good but this affiliation with Brady is not true per Brady...

Besides being repulsive this ad is totally wrong.  Rape is forever both to the victim and the rapist.  The only correct thing is that guns are NOT the answer.



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