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More evidence that I will NEVER EVER understand liberals.... this time from the Brady campaign against guns....

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Am I offended. Yes indeed. These non-thinking people will take a way the guns and prevent the defensless female from being able to defend herself against the rape.

Having been raped, I can tell you that a rape lasts forever.  I carry a firearm.  I am qualified and careful.  I will not be a "victim" again in spite of Sara Brady and her foolish followers.

My wife & I applaud your courage & resolve.

Sounds like the Brady Campaign is in support of rape. They must like the rapes to  happens. What a bunch of bigots. These are the kind of mental people who dont need to own guns.  Totally BS

1) Self-defense is not murder.

2) Why aren't feminazis all over this mysogynistic crap?

Everyone should be outraged by this ad.  The effects of rape last a lifetime and affects those who know the victim just like those who knew the victim of a murder.  Is this an attempt to make rape a lessor crime than murder?  In my humble opinion rapists, especially those who rape or molest children, should suffer the death penalty.  They have destroyed a life forever.

Brady campaign needs to be removed out of the country on we the people someone please make a petition to have these Traitors removed from the country I'd do it but I'm technically challenged

Just like your E Mails and mail and the Petitions when they get to your elected office the staff just puts them all in file 13......

I agree with that 100% How many petitions did we sign to IMPEACH OBAMA and the jerk is still there?

I just wonder how many of the illiterate, idiotic, loser gun control crowd will be repeating this stupid drivel contrived by some completely inept fool? If I knew who, exactly, came up with this add and could arrange to meet them face to face I would be more than happy to tell them to their face. YES guns are the answer in many cases. They would save many lives, and save a lot of money on prisons that we don't need. Rapist, especially child rapist, deserve to be dispatched with, whatever the quickest means.

immoral minds always slant everything to support their opinions.

the truth is that evil actions regardless of name - last a lifetime.


Neither is the Brady Campaign the answer!!!!!!



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