Constitutional Emergency


More evidence that I will NEVER EVER understand liberals.... this time from the Brady campaign against guns....

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If the Brady campaign hires people that are stupid enough to put out garbage like this we don't have worry about losing our guns. If the woman with all the education and credentials listed is the one that came up with this she shows that she's right up there with the obamas and Clintons, highly educated and dumb as a brick!

totally illogical. totally repulsive.  totally insulting to rape victims.  If it indeed came from the Brady campaign, it shows they are clutching at straws because the decades of delusionary cries against inanimate objects like guns has not worked. Who wrote the ad isn't as important as who approved it's use.  

ignorant, malicious, unfounded. typical lib.  mrs. brady needs to move on.

 i don't think the rape and ultimate murder of the young Indian woman last wk only took 30 secs.

Nope.....more like 5 minutes or so but then at 13 it seemed like an hour or two!

she was 23.  but at any's endless.

30 seconds.  tell that to the Indian woman who died last wkend after her rape of 2 hrs.

Terrible.....just cannot imagine 2 hours!!!!!! Horrible!!! I have always said a man that low should have his dick cut off.....NO QUESTION PERIOD!

cut off his balls, gut him and hang him on a stake for ALL to see.


Problem is Indians aren't allowed to have fire arms.

Does anyone need anymore proof that we are under attack by a guy without a gun... trying to disarm us ....what a pansy way to win a war... if the teachers had guns ...they will live... if a victim of rape has a gun... they live how stupid do you have to be,if you know someone that wants your gun you should kick their teeth out and say should we make combat boots illegal cause the boot removes teeth fuck them Pansy Asses

So very true Mike!!!!!



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