Constitutional Emergency

A Re-Declaration of our Independence (draft) - Could we rally around this or a version of something similar ?

As Constitutional loyalists of the United States of America, being gracious people who have continually strived to live in harmony with our political advisories by means of one sided compromise and having concluded this unilateral surrender of constitutional principles for the sake of civility will eventually result in this nation under God, a government of the people by the people for the people, perishing from the face of the Earth. We seek redress for our misguided good will and the restoration of Constitutional governance.
Furthermore, for turning a blind eye to the wrongs resulting from this compromise, we humbly plead for forgiveness; from the everlasting God who gave us the gift of a constitutional republic, from the patriots of the past whose blood nurtured the tree of liberty which God’s gift birthed and from future generations who, if we fail to act, may not enjoy the comfort our costly liberty affords. Please forgive US.
In order to redress the wrongs we have allowed through our complacency and as our first act to earnestly demonstrate our sincere desire to correct this condition we boldly re-declare our independence from the tyranny of a federal government which has assumed extra constitutional authority. Also in light of the questionable re-election of Barrack Hussein Obama, given the accelerated decline of the republic under his leadership and the extraordinary centralized power he has assumed we present the following list of grievances:
1) As voting data from the recent election has been analyzed it is clear fraud has occurred. Many precincts in Florida and Pennsylvania have reported 100% or more eligible voters casting ballots for Obama. In excess of 100% is fraud and near 100% is impossible, also indicating fraud. Of equal concern is suppression of large blocks of the military vote by not providing ballots in a timely manner. With only 400,000 votes being the difference between a Romney Electoral College victory and a second chance for the Constitution and an Obama win dooming or nation, we demand an investigation. We demand that the Electoral College not be allowed to meet or to cast their ballots until this investigation is complete. We also demand pictorial voter ID, replacement of touch screen voting machines with scanned paper ballets and voter registration rolls being scrubbed every four years. Violation of voter fraud laws must be prosecuted seriously and the presence of groups like the “New Black Panthers” at polling places or any group interfering with free and fair elections needs to be prosecuted now.
2) The Affordable Health Care act otherwise known as Obama Care was passed in direct opposition of the American peoples will and 57% of the population still opposes it. The penalty clause is clearly unconstitutional. The results of the bill will be that most people will lose their group coverage, not be able to have the doctors they desire as 40% are planning on exiting the profession and cost are going to increase dramatically even after $700 billion is stolen from Medicare. Obama and Congress clearly lied as the bill was debated. They promised the American people they could keep their current insurance and doctors and they could read the bill prior to passage. This legislation needs to be defunded by the current Congress immediately.
3) The use of executive orders by this and all other Presidents is unconstitutional. They are not subject to the Constitutional process for passing legislation and account for a large percentage of controversial U.S. law. This is in direct violation of Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution and the current Congress must deem all such future orders illegal and resend existing orders passing legitimate legislation for the small percentage having merit.
4) Abortion is opposed by a majority of Americans. Allowing abortion violates the laws of God and the principles of Declaration of Independence that all people are endowed by their Creator with the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. States must be allowed to make it illegal as their citizens see fit. This must happen immediately.
5) The lack of support of Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East, is unacceptable. The Obama foreign policy is making the World much more dangerous. This must be corrected immediately.
6) The Congress has passed lawfully the Defense of Marriage act defining marriage as being between one man and one woman. We demand this law be enforced.
7) Barack Hussein Obama has never been properly vetted by any means. The only understanding the American people have of his life, loyalties and achievements are from a couple biographical books. Given those accounts are correct Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen as defined by the Law of Nations and US court rulings where the term has been defined as; a citizen born in country to two citizen parents. According to Obama’s own story his father was a British citizen and therefore he is also a British citizen. Furthermore Obama was later adopted by an Indonesian citizen and his name was change to Barry Soetoro. Obama also has used identification documentation of questionable origin and validity including; his Birth Certificate, Selective Service Registration and Social Security Numbers. We demand that the person Barack Hussein Obama be verified to be eligible for the office of President of the United States in accordance with the provisions of the U.S. Constitution Article 2 Section 1. We further demand legal verification that Obama has not committed felony crimes in presenting forged or altered documentation prior to any certification of Obama as President of the United States if he should somehow meet the Constitutional requirement. We also demand to know how Obama was repatriated after being adopted by an Indonesian citizen as well as how and when his name was changed from Barry Soetoro to Barak Hussein Obama.
The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America. As legal citizens of the United States of America, swearing allegiance to this Constitution and furthermore asserting that our grievances are the result of blatant violations of said Constitution by present and past members of the Federal Government, we claim legal authority to redress these wrongs. We demand that Congress take action on the enumerated grievances before the supposed President elect is certified or the undersigned will protect the Constitution of the United States of America by any and all means necessary.

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I wrote this before Obama-Barry was certified, so it needs work. Also these are my grievances possibly the list should be enhanced. I feel the preamble was inspired by The Lord, just how I felt lead. Can this be escalated to OAS leadership?

Carl, I just received this from Col Riley:


Excellent observation...............

I'm up to my ears and have been dealing with press from my gut.........

You have started some important points on "talking points"    Please continue and flesh them in out.

Lawlessness, no longer 3 branches of equals, congress surrendered, ballot box compromised, America has no representation in D.C.  on and on.

Harry Riley

From Terry G Trussell to Harry Riley
Sent 5 hours ago

Col Riley, please consider publishing 'talking points' to be accessible (and memorized)  by all participants. This will accomplish at least three objectives: promote a unified front; control the press's opportunities for obfuscation and portraying inaccurate/false images; keep our participants from straying off message/mission.

For instance:

1. We are not 'anti-government. We are 'pro-government', as we have all taken an oath to our Republic and subsequently support our government as formed and maintained under the provisions and restrictions of Our Constitution.

2. We are not revolutionaries or revolting against The Government. We are American Citizens, committed to the preservation of our Republic against agents, both foreign and domestic, who would lead us from our chosen path.

3. Our objective is not to destroy anything. We are here to restore our Government under our Founder's vision, and support our elected representatives in their sworn duty to maintain Constitutional principles. We stand for responsible, accountable representation; financial solvency; return to a free enterprise economy, and a free press; removal of all infringements on individual freedoms protected under the Bill of Rights, with emphasis on, but not limited to, preservation and protection of our personal property rights.

...or something like that.

Allowing participants to go off message, like: "We're here to remove Obama from office", or "Let's kill all the lawyers", or "Show us his birth certificate!" will place us firmly in the lunatic fringe and only subject us to marginalization and ridicule. I suggest our mission is better served if we disassociate ourselves from being categorized with the 'occupy' rabble, and show unity through a consistent, constructive message.

If you have already published something on this order, please ignore. I simply haven't seen it. Thank you for your consideration. See you May 16, in DC!

Would you consider helping me flesh this out?



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