Constitutional Emergency

A Republic or a Democracy?

America today is a very unhappy place. The people are more divided than ever. Democrats are unhappy about Donald Trump being elected President and pledge to get him removed from office one way or another, no matter what it takes, the end justifies the means. To them Trump must be removed at all costs. And that in turn has Republicans also very unhappy. In fact both political parties have been very unhappy for a long time, that's what helped get Donald Trump elected in the first place. At this point I could go into a long dissertation about all the things done under Barack Hussein Obama administration or the George Bush administrations (either or both of them), but all that would accomplish is to help fuel the fires of the discussions and the arguments. Which at this point will get us no closer to finding a resolution. So what really IS the problem?
Democrats hate our current system of government. They claim it's completely intolerable, the system is “unfair”, They are so unhappy that they are willing to trade the whole entire system of our American way of life along with our system of Government in favor of socialism or even Communism, Anything except what we've got right now. This of course makes the Socialists and the Communists very happy. In fact they are more than partially at fault for much of the unrest right now in America and around the world. The Communists and Socialists are the ones who have been fanning the flames and lighting fires of decent that create all this unrest.

The Socialists, Communists, and the so-called millennials all claim that Democracy doesn't work.
Well surprise surprise,,,,,,,,, I agree with that much,,,, Democracy DOESN'T WORK.
But neither does Socialism or Communism, at least not for the little guy. The average man/woman on the streets and in their homes, trying to make a living. We go to work everyday trying to get ahead, make our lives a little better. But at the end of the week or month, we find out we're right where we started or maybe even further in debt and have less and less every month to pay the bills. And on top of that now we have to constantly look over our shoulders to see who is about to stab us in the back in one one form or another. It might be a cop out on his daily “revenue-enhancement” cruise patrol looking to hand out traffic tickets. Or it might be the IRS, or the EPA, FDA, DHS, and a hundred others, or just simply a city/county code enforcement officer. Everybody seems to be looking for that almighty dollar and they all seem to think the easiest way to get them is to take them away from someone else, (You and me).
Well guess what , The system doesn't work. Sooner or later the people will stand up and revolt, enough is enough. When we run out of money for these people to take and when we get tired of working for nothing, only to end up with another fool looking to take something else from us, (be it another cop, city code enforcement official, or another crook), it really doesn't matter because when you reach the end of your rope then you're going to stand up and fight back. Socialism and Communism Doesn't work. Never has and never will. And Democracy really isn't any better.
Socialism and Communism are basically the same thing. You get up in the morning, go to work, and at the end of the month the Government takes it all. The difference between these two forms of government is sometimes only 3 percent, Socialism takes 95 % and Communism takes 98%. And they both take everything else you think you owned, your house, your car, your food supplies, and sometimes even your children. Democracy is not much better, they only take 35-50% and they let you own your own home as long as you can pay the property taxes and the mortgage on it, (with interest of course).

So what is the real answer? Where is the solution? Answer = A Constitutional free Republic. What's the difference? People will say we have a Democracy operating with a Republic now. To some extent that is true, at least in our election systems. In a Democracy or a Republic the majority rules, and the one with the most votes is elected to serve in whatever office or position he/she was running for. But what's the difference? The difference comes when these two forms of elected officials begin to make laws and rules by which the rest of us are expected to live under and obey. A Democracy is basically mob rule. If 51 out of 100 people vote to take everything you own – then it's done, everything you own is gone, probably forever. And if they happened to include everyone else in that vote (the other 49 people) then everything they all owned is also gone. (That's really called Socialism and Communism).
But in a Free Representative Republic 99 out of 100 people could vote to take everything you own and still nothing would happen, nothing can be taken, either from you or from that rest of the people. Because it is all protected under that Constitutional guarantee known as our Inalienable rights, those rights which include “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. It's all written in the US Constitution. Most of those Inalienable rights are not specifically written down but they are all included anyway. You see those three little terms, “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are some pretty far reaching terms. They may not seem like much but they cover a lot of territory. Basically what it all means is you leave me alone and I will leave you alone. Live and let live, mind your own damn business and I'll mind mine. And as long as you don't interfere with my life I wont interfere with yours.
Now that sounds pretty simple and it actually expands all the way down through our legal and justice system. If there is no victim then there is no crime. And the Federal or local Governments can NOT be the victims. In other words the Government is not supposed to create laws and then claim you are a criminal (they are the victim) because you failed to obey their laws. Instead we see that in virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Everything from State and local traffic laws, seat belt laws, all the way down to code enforcement laws that dictate sometimes what color you can paint your house, or if you are allowed to paint it without their permission. (A “Permit”). The City/County/State WANT to be the victims so they can fine you or put you in prison.
Back to these millennials and the Socialists that hate our current system of government; In some respect they are right, our current system of Government doesn't work. Democracy doesn't work, that's basically mob rule.
The ONLY system of Government that has ever worked throughout all of human history is a Representative FREE Republic. But today these people who want to trash our current system have never lived under our original Free Representative Constitution. They would have to be 131 years old because that's how long it's been since it was voted away by Congress and things were changed to this current mess we have now.

These people who want change are overlooking the simplest and easiest way to to achieve real lasting change, a change that will actually work and make their lives a lot better.

If they (WE) want a real change then try changing things back to our Original form of a Constitutional Republic. THAT is the only place where those “Inalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, granted BY the Creator, can ever be achieved and found.

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