Constitutional Emergency

Democrats on the street still believe that Donald trump colluded with the Russians and Putin.

After 2-1/2 years of the Mueller investigations with 18 of the nastiest Democrat lawyers and Clinton supporters, the Democrats in the House still were not able to add any charges of Bribery or treason to their articles of Impeachment.
If Mueller and his bunch of crooked Democrat lawyers and FBI investigators were able to find anything even remotely resembling an real "CRIME",  then we can all be very sure it would have been included in those House articles of impeachment.

Why was nothing like that included in the impeachment articles?


And those people who still believe that Trump "Colluded" with the Russians must really be

People need to face the judge and spend some very serious time in prison for all of this mess.
But President Donald J. Trump is NOT the one who belongs in prison.

NOW, according to news reports Rep Adam schiff spend hours on the Senate floor talking about Trump and the Russia collusion.

The Democrats are all up in arms about how Trump “STOLE” the 2016 elections. Plus now they are claiming that Trump (and the Russians) are scheming to “Steal” the 2020 elections.

Well here’s what I think.
Back a few years ago Texas Democrat Rep Sheila Jackson Lee made a comment that Barack Obama’s real legacy would be that he left them (Democrats) a system that would guarantee there would never be another Republican President.
In other words they had somehow rigged to election systems in such a way as to make sure that only the Democrats could ever win again.
But Trump WON anyway, Democrat Hillary Clinton LOST. So in their minds the only way Trump and the Republicans could win would be to “Steal” the election.

Here’s the BIG question: IF Barack Hussein Obama and these Democrats somehow rigged that 2016 election, and now trying to rig the 2020 elections, HOW are they doing that?

You may think that our American elections system can NOT be “rigged”, but you would be wrong.

Nothing in this world is ever perfect, and our elections systems are no different. YES they CAN be “rigged”.
Pay very close attention to our State and local elections. Pay attention to who is being elected and appointed to positions that can influence the voter registrations and the counting of ballots. Pay attention to who is holding positions of authority in the State Attorney General’s offices, and in the County officials office where the voter registrations and reporting the elections results are held.

Voter Fraud: Pay attention to voter fraud. Over the past several election cycles we have seen counties in ever State reporting 110, 120, 150 Percent of the registered voters reporting as being counted.
How can we have 100-110-120 or more of the voter population counted and EVERY one of them all voted for the Democrats?
That has to be done at the State and County levels.

A year ago California reported that they had found 60,000 illegal voter registrations, either illegal immigrants or dead people on the voter registrations. I think that number may be closer to 600,000 or more.

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