Constitutional Emergency

    It's not that I'm trying to figure out why the President, through executive order, is going to raise the minumum wages of federal contractors, has anyone who wants to insure loyal, supporting employees, would do the same. It is the product, the production, that I'm of greater concern with, has, what he is doing is actually choosing one proportion to unite around the promise, while pissing off another. Another proportion, of theory, that later will be, can be dealt with, through the elective promises of a later legislative process, and that too retaining, gaining support from a public manipulated into such a position.

    While that two step process is an easy one to pick out, and expected to be seen, understood by political opponents needing to focus, and counter such politics, its the third, constantly  set simmering point of segregating, and dividing the classes, according to his discrimination, that's also a "hope" which could reach a boiling point, causing greater "change". Now sitting in the wings are pissed off, low waged workers, kept just below, at poverty level, or a regulated level now letting them walk into the offices of federal workers, for food stamps, housing, energy assistance, you name it, they are going to be sitting, or standing in line waiting for assistance from a fed worker that they know has taken something from them. The stage is being set for a confrontation that will, can be worked in their favor, has they know damn well that a confrontation is eminent, and it needs to be while they still have majority control of Senate, and Presidential suite.     

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   If Drudges comment in reference to the current state of the union, with expectations of its future state, per the dreams of the obamanation, and its state of the union speech justifying the current state of the union, I'd suspect Drudge means what he says. A default is eminent, already happening, while even the fed is functioning on credit, and trying to maintain their power, and wealth, with slight of hand, and "hope" for "change", before getting caught up in their own whirlwind.

    Thedailysheeple does understand it too, and while not being drawn into being focused on a singular point of turmoil, turbulence, is seeing, and looking beyond the attacks, and battles being implemented, and waged.



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