Begin Operation Flood Congressmen/women June 30 2014.  Send the letters to their State/District offices.  They will be home in recess from DC until July 7th when they will be back in D.C.

Colonel Riley...Dave R and I(John H) were talking in the chat room this morning and we both have a FANTASTIC idea.

We were talking of course about Obama getting out offfice, that is our goal as you know.  NOW...E mails can be deleted with a push of a button, it is EASY to do that, because it is virtual mail. so, we have this idea. it is below.

Someone in OAS drafts up a general letter to congress. stating that we want them re affirm their oaths. the letter can then be posted somewhere on the OAS web site. NEXT...everyone copies that letter to their printers and they stuff the letter into an envelope. Place a stamp on it and then EVERYONE sends the letters out on a specific day... that YOU choose... to have the letters sent out by everyone.

We FLOOD congress with physical mail..I mean thousands and thousands and thousands of letters...from everywhere, from everyone, from every group and organization. We post the letter on facebook as well and get people involved that are not even with OAS and have them do the SAME thing we are doing. People could even make copies of these letters and pass them out to people physically, so they can mail them themselves to congress, to re affirm their oath.

Numbers on a computer system stating how many e mails you have...can be deleted quick fast and in a hurry...BUT....LETTERS...fill up offices in congress and gets the attention of people.

We keep sending the letters and sending the letters, until they get sick of it. It WILL hit the news..someone will say something to the media...and BAM! we get exposure for what we are trying to do here, to get them to re affirm their oaths. If they do NOT re Affirm their oaths...oh....that will send a HUGE message to the population and will expose these criminals for who they are. This could work sir. we just need to make a plan and execute that plan to do this.


Since a large majority support John and Dave's initiative, let's go with it beginning immediately.

Below is a suggested letter:  use it, parts of it, none of it, prepare your own, as you desire but send a letter.

As has been recommended, the fastest way to get our letters to our servant politicians is to send to their District/State offices.  You can find the address here.  www.house.gov or www.senate.gov  Look at the top of each page and click on "Senators" or "Representatives"   find your servant or any Sen/Rep and then look for a "contact" tab on their page which will give all office locations.

Here's what I think is adequate, short and sweet...........

SUBJECT:  I expect a personal answer on topic from “You”.


  1. You, a member of Congress have failed to abide by your responsibility as outlined in Article 1 of the US Constitution. The charges are numerous, grave, and position the United States in jeopardy.
  2. You as my servant representative have failed to abide by your oath as confirmed by your failure to support the US Constitution as outlined in paragraph 1 above.
  3. I expect you to renounce your disobedience to the US Constitution, hold yourself accountable to me, your constituent, with a formal acknowledgement of action you will take to begin “constitutional restoration”.

Failure to respond to me, or to respond with varnished truth will damage your credibility beyond repair, guiding my active support  throughout your District and State.



Name, address, zip code, phone number

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  I like the idea of mailers and I believe you can get more people to do that because it is not as costly as traveling to Washington but I don't think asking them to recommit to their oaths will have any affect, the mailers should ask for what has been asked for all along about resigning or the impeachment of Obama and Holder, sealing the borders...  The letters should be specific in the constitutional violations of all involved, etc. 

  Another suggestion to get more people to show up in DC which I believe would have the most impact would be to try and get churches involved like marching on DC for a time of prayer and request for politicians to fear God and repent of the gay promoting by this administration, the deficit, etc.

 Set up bus trips or buses so people wouldn't have to pay so much to travel, get better organized on getting millions to show up, if enough people show up the media and all would have no choice but report the news on what is going on.   

Go to www.celebrateamericadc.com   there will be thousands of people as well as well-known speakers in DC from July 1-19.....The on July 21-22 there will be thousands more for CUFI.... www.cufi.org   for the Washington Summit. Also, with well-known speakers. Both events have been advertised worldwide........HURRY get there for these events!!!  OAS can piggy-back with these events!!

 I also say I don't think it will do our cause well by sending the mailers over and over from the same person, we want to act like gentlemen and not like terrorist. 

When the going gets tough..........THE TOUGH GET GOING!!!

We have to do whatever it takes to get this trash out of office. I would love to send Hannity of Fox News a bunch of letters too. He is a real Patriot who would help us. At least that's the impression I get from watching him every night. He can't stand Obama. I'm in!

We flooded Hannity and all the Fox News people months ago to no avail.  Flooding the major news stations with boxes/crates of letters (and whatever else deemed appropriate) would probably get some kind of attention!

Totally agree Les! Now a bunch of letters are going to make a difference! What planet do these people live on??? The only way we remove those traitors is by force! Either millions of Americans march into DC and literally drag them out of our buildings or by a military coup! I don't think that's going to happen! Sad to say but the majority of the people do NOT care........spoiled and dumb down!

ABSOLUTELY---  Paul i do agree with you . I also think letters to any criminal will make him stop

in his tracks an take a new course. I firmly believe gravity shall stop at any moment, or the Devil

will shout out that he is sorry. But seriously, A few dozen started 150 yrs ago to do the exact things

we see happening today in America. If the masses believe a million letters will get the job done in

reverseing the devil's work-- " just say pandemic "  an watch folks run to get on board.

Our society has some BIG malfuncions, the list is endless, corruption is sooo deep i find it hard to

believe any amount of Brain Dead citizens shall even flinch...

They are all RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) with a couple of exceptions and those hosts have their time scheduled at off-peak hours and off-peak days.  And, if they get too rowdy, their wrists are smacked as were Hannity's.

When FOX let Glenn Beck go, I saw the writing on the wall.

After that, they have been mouthpieces just like Politicians.

Appearing to be Conservative but controlling the Narrative to Protect Obama

and the rest of the Progressives. Social Media and some Talk Radio is the only

way for us to hear the TRUTH anymore. I believe the Letter Idea is the best one

to come up. The Government Steals from Hard working Americans to give to the

"PARASITES" a HUGE number of them being "MUSLIMS" & HISPANICS.

I went to "SAM'S CLUB" Yesterday and actually talked to about four Americans who spoke English.

They were the ones Paying with Dollars. We spoke of the FACT that it felt like somewhere, we

had crossed over to another Country. We were driving our Clunkers while the Immigrants were

driving their $30,000-$40,000 SUV's.

You don't give Hannity enough credit--Murdoch and Roger Ailes have control of network and what they allow to happen on those shows--Hannity and Jeanine Pirro are probably the two most outspoken on the network, remember this is the network that is "Fair and Balanced" but they AXED Glenn Beck on threats from George Soros over his exposing Soros' network of organizations and complex influence over Obama and DemocRAT party.  Even Hannity is only allowed to push so much and Fox has NIXED any attempts to expose Obama's background and records.  And Bill O'Reilly?  He's a FENCE RIDER--he will NOT commit one way or other IF he sees a possibility he could be wrong. He never misses an opportunity to tell YOU how much smarter he is than YOU because of his Haaavard educacation, he's so much like Obama--the most recognizable differences is color of skin and EARS--Obama's is bigger and more sensitive. O'Reilly's ego gets in the way of common sense.  You gotta remember--unlikely Hannity, Pirro or other see much of their emails--MOST go to staffers who pick and choose which THEY deem important for the show heads to consider.

I response, as far as my writing is concerned, the couple were Hannity and Jeanine.  Others excite us by smacking of Patriotism but then rush us back to reality with their RINOism.  Others are pure RINOs.



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