Begin Operation Flood Congressmen/women June 30 2014.  Send the letters to their State/District offices.  They will be home in recess from DC until July 7th when they will be back in D.C.

Colonel Riley...Dave R and I(John H) were talking in the chat room this morning and we both have a FANTASTIC idea.

We were talking of course about Obama getting out offfice, that is our goal as you know.  NOW...E mails can be deleted with a push of a button, it is EASY to do that, because it is virtual mail. so, we have this idea. it is below.

Someone in OAS drafts up a general letter to congress. stating that we want them re affirm their oaths. the letter can then be posted somewhere on the OAS web site. NEXT...everyone copies that letter to their printers and they stuff the letter into an envelope. Place a stamp on it and then EVERYONE sends the letters out on a specific day... that YOU choose... to have the letters sent out by everyone.

We FLOOD congress with physical mail..I mean thousands and thousands and thousands of letters...from everywhere, from everyone, from every group and organization. We post the letter on facebook as well and get people involved that are not even with OAS and have them do the SAME thing we are doing. People could even make copies of these letters and pass them out to people physically, so they can mail them themselves to congress, to re affirm their oath.

Numbers on a computer system stating how many e mails you have...can be deleted quick fast and in a hurry...BUT....LETTERS...fill up offices in congress and gets the attention of people.

We keep sending the letters and sending the letters, until they get sick of it. It WILL hit the news..someone will say something to the media...and BAM! we get exposure for what we are trying to do here, to get them to re affirm their oaths. If they do NOT re Affirm their oaths...oh....that will send a HUGE message to the population and will expose these criminals for who they are. This could work sir. we just need to make a plan and execute that plan to do this.


Since a large majority support John and Dave's initiative, let's go with it beginning immediately.

Below is a suggested letter:  use it, parts of it, none of it, prepare your own, as you desire but send a letter.

As has been recommended, the fastest way to get our letters to our servant politicians is to send to their District/State offices.  You can find the address here.  www.house.gov or www.senate.gov  Look at the top of each page and click on "Senators" or "Representatives"   find your servant or any Sen/Rep and then look for a "contact" tab on their page which will give all office locations.

Here's what I think is adequate, short and sweet...........

SUBJECT:  I expect a personal answer on topic from “You”.


  1. You, a member of Congress have failed to abide by your responsibility as outlined in Article 1 of the US Constitution. The charges are numerous, grave, and position the United States in jeopardy.
  2. You as my servant representative have failed to abide by your oath as confirmed by your failure to support the US Constitution as outlined in paragraph 1 above.
  3. I expect you to renounce your disobedience to the US Constitution, hold yourself accountable to me, your constituent, with a formal acknowledgement of action you will take to begin “constitutional restoration”.

Failure to respond to me, or to respond with varnished truth will damage your credibility beyond repair, guiding my active support  throughout your District and State.



Name, address, zip code, phone number

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I wonder.......do you think it would do any good to flood the MSM media with letters, calls, emails too?

To try and get them to provide coverage of what's going on?  Course the MSM seem to be in cahoots 

with these political traitors.

A waste of time and effort.

Actually, that's probably the BEST IDEA OF ALL......is to flood every news station with crates and crates of paper mail until they have trucks out front of their buildings wondering where to haul it all off to.  That would get their attention. They may cover that no matter whether it has anything to do with our gov or not!!!!

You're such a smart man Les!!!! 

Big hands and all! ;)

Great Idea! Let's roll!!

Let's do it. 

I'm sending my Soiled Underwear to the White House.

Obama says he needs Briefs for the Illegals!!

Let's help them out with our SOILED BRIEFS!!!!

Sounds like an excellent idea!

They will NOT get sick of it. They will ignore it. No amount of shouting, marching, petitions, letters, emails will do one thing; EXCEPT.....waste time. Obama and comrades are NOT going to stop anything because we verbally or write letters of complaint. That is pure Unreality. The only things that will work are prayer and God granting a miracle and our fighting and taking America, Constitution, Christianity and freedom back. I support the OAS work, but I will fall out and thank God on my knees if he helps with a miracle. OAS just has not and will not work. 

 Pete I believe you are wrong in some of what you say, prayer is definetly a good thing and a must, but for you to say that what OAS has done or will do has and will not work is ignorance on your part.

  Why did God tell Jonah to go to Nineveh and tell them to repent or he will destroy the city? You sound like Jonah, he said to God that it wouldn't do any good, yet they actually repented.  Why did he tell his disciples to go out into all the world and preach repentance for the kingdom of heaven is at hand? or why did he send John the Baptist? Your strategy is to just pray, yet the Lords Word proves that we must do more than that, all throughout the bible physical action was required most of the time. Faith without works is dead.

We really need a march on Washington preaching repentance and turning from the wicked ways, like this administration and even some republicans condoning gay marriage, gay adopting of children and Obama even encourages gays and promotes it. God destroyed a city for this and he will destroy America for it if we continue as we are going. And of course things like running God and Yeshua our of the schools and gov't departments, etc. Prayer alone will not get it done, the bible is proof of that.

I also must add that as Gods Word says, the prayer of the righteous man availeth much, the prayers of many God never hears as the Word teaches because many choose to willfully sin while yet still expecting God to answer their prayers. We truly need a march on Washington that last more than a day where we fast and pray and preach Scripture while warning politicians and all americans that the wrath of God is coming if we don't. And the wrath of God is going to come for where we are now and have come in the last few years with all this gay marriage stuff, etc and then we should point out His wrath and preach more is to come if we don't repent.

You should apologize to the Colonel and OAS for your remarks which are so negative and mostly false that suggesting only prayer will work.    


Pete, it costs you printing ink, three pieces of paper (representative + 2 senators), 3 envelopes, 3 stamps, the gas to go to where you mail your envelopes, and your time and effort.  Is that too much to ask without hearing complaining and giving out a negative which anyone could have said anyway?  I do not remember hearing your name in the news regarding arrests because you were hanging a banner on an overpass, nor were you involved with the truckers march, nor the motor cycle march, nor with OAS.  Have you ever done anything but complain and then only to those who cannot do you any good?  So what is your problem, Pete?  Print the letters, get 3 envelopes, get 3 stamps, mail the letters, go home and feel good about yourself.  Well?  Gitterdun!

Let's Roll!

PETE--they might not get sick of it, but IF it garners news from a lamestream media that's now beginning to question the tactics of Obama, he WILL see problems getting worse for the RAT party in November's elections.



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