Begin Operation Flood Congressmen/women June 30 2014.  Send the letters to their State/District offices.  They will be home in recess from DC until July 7th when they will be back in D.C.

Colonel Riley...Dave R and I(John H) were talking in the chat room this morning and we both have a FANTASTIC idea.

We were talking of course about Obama getting out offfice, that is our goal as you know.  NOW...E mails can be deleted with a push of a button, it is EASY to do that, because it is virtual mail. so, we have this idea. it is below.

Someone in OAS drafts up a general letter to congress. stating that we want them re affirm their oaths. the letter can then be posted somewhere on the OAS web site. NEXT...everyone copies that letter to their printers and they stuff the letter into an envelope. Place a stamp on it and then EVERYONE sends the letters out on a specific day... that YOU choose... to have the letters sent out by everyone.

We FLOOD congress with physical mail..I mean thousands and thousands and thousands of letters...from everywhere, from everyone, from every group and organization. We post the letter on facebook as well and get people involved that are not even with OAS and have them do the SAME thing we are doing. People could even make copies of these letters and pass them out to people physically, so they can mail them themselves to congress, to re affirm their oath.

Numbers on a computer system stating how many e mails you have...can be deleted quick fast and in a hurry...BUT....LETTERS...fill up offices in congress and gets the attention of people.

We keep sending the letters and sending the letters, until they get sick of it. It WILL hit the news..someone will say something to the media...and BAM! we get exposure for what we are trying to do here, to get them to re affirm their oaths. If they do NOT re Affirm their oaths...oh....that will send a HUGE message to the population and will expose these criminals for who they are. This could work sir. we just need to make a plan and execute that plan to do this.


Since a large majority support John and Dave's initiative, let's go with it beginning immediately.

Below is a suggested letter:  use it, parts of it, none of it, prepare your own, as you desire but send a letter.

As has been recommended, the fastest way to get our letters to our servant politicians is to send to their District/State offices.  You can find the address here.  www.house.gov or www.senate.gov  Look at the top of each page and click on "Senators" or "Representatives"   find your servant or any Sen/Rep and then look for a "contact" tab on their page which will give all office locations.

Here's what I think is adequate, short and sweet...........

SUBJECT:  I expect a personal answer on topic from “You”.


  1. You, a member of Congress have failed to abide by your responsibility as outlined in Article 1 of the US Constitution. The charges are numerous, grave, and position the United States in jeopardy.
  2. You as my servant representative have failed to abide by your oath as confirmed by your failure to support the US Constitution as outlined in paragraph 1 above.
  3. I expect you to renounce your disobedience to the US Constitution, hold yourself accountable to me, your constituent, with a formal acknowledgement of action you will take to begin “constitutional restoration”.

Failure to respond to me, or to respond with varnished truth will damage your credibility beyond repair, guiding my active support  throughout your District and State.



Name, address, zip code, phone number

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Greg, it costs you printing ink, three pieces of paper (representative + 2 senators), 3 envelopes, 3 stamps, the gas to go to where you mail your envelopes, and your time and effort.  Is that too much to ask without hearing complaining and giving out a negative which anyone could have said anyway?  I do not remember hearing your name in the news regarding arrests because you were hanging a banner on an overpass, nor were you involved with the truckers march, nor the motor cycle march, nor with OAS.  Have you ever done anything but complain and then only to those who cannot do you any good?  So what is your problem, Greg?  Print the letters, get 3 envelopes, get 3 stamps, mail the letters, go home and feel good about yourself.  Well?  Come on, Big Guy!  Gitterdun!

Let's Roll!

John- if you would like i can send you copies of my correspondence with the elected officials in my state. ( Mccain, Gosar ) I am doing what i can from online since the invention of the computer. Do they have these in your area?

This should not be about me, directions coming from anyone who just cant see the bottom line is a bother. If you could please read between the lines, an focus on doing what needs to be done, and what will be done after everyone stops talking about it. We have a completely OUT OF CONTROL  government, using any part of it to repair itself is a dream, as the corruption is not within the USA only. This is a complete global takeover, so see if you can open up your screen to give you the hole picture, connect the dots, this ovomit thng is just what they wish for you to focus on, so hopefully you wont see the BLIND SIDE coming in the very near future. Nobody wants a revolution, see if you can get your arms the FACT  that it is what we need to get the job done !  May God Be With Us---- An Then We Can Rebuild Our Republic !!   Bottom Up !!


John, that would be fine.  choirmaestroJack@netscape.net

I think what Dave and John are working is "mass" impact.......just the numbers and continuation.  The very same concept that OAS was pursuing...........but as usual, many find reasons not to do something than try.

If OAS would have fielded millions, America would be on the way to constitution restoration.  The impact would have been astounding to the world, not to mention the illegal Obama and the "do nothing" Congress.

I wish it weren't true, but you have the sense to understand fact, human nature, and despotic behavior.

  If you feel this way, you do not belong in with the,OAS! ! any help at all is a help!! .

Personal greed for a 'damn good' political career, and ignorant people who keep re-electing them to office. I hope most of them today have learned a valuable lesson from this abuse of power.

Steny Hoyer's Office is 3 minutes from my home.  I have a printer.  Like the vitamin: One-A-Day.  I will mail our two illustrious senators their copies.  Pick a date.  Any date.      Let's Roll!

Yes, it surely sounds like a good idea.  I would also look into the possibility that if they do not re AFFIRM their oaths of office we could bring charges against them....something else to look into for if we did it as a group there would possibly be more impact.  Just a thought.  God Bless. 

You will need much more than harassment tactics to actually make progress, even if you had reasonable goals. You also will alienate the the only people who are able to make a change before the voters do that in November. Such ideas are just not adequately brilliant in the real world to do more than cause turmoil. -Technidigm

Charles Jones, have YOU started anything?  Was it better than this?  At least this is DOING something!  What are YOU doing that is equal to or better than this?  Negativism is a cancer.  Get the cancer out!



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