Begin Operation Flood Congressmen/women June 30 2014.  Send the letters to their State/District offices.  They will be home in recess from DC until July 7th when they will be back in D.C.

Colonel Riley...Dave R and I(John H) were talking in the chat room this morning and we both have a FANTASTIC idea.

We were talking of course about Obama getting out offfice, that is our goal as you know.  NOW...E mails can be deleted with a push of a button, it is EASY to do that, because it is virtual mail. so, we have this idea. it is below.

Someone in OAS drafts up a general letter to congress. stating that we want them re affirm their oaths. the letter can then be posted somewhere on the OAS web site. NEXT...everyone copies that letter to their printers and they stuff the letter into an envelope. Place a stamp on it and then EVERYONE sends the letters out on a specific day... that YOU choose... to have the letters sent out by everyone.

We FLOOD congress with physical mail..I mean thousands and thousands and thousands of letters...from everywhere, from everyone, from every group and organization. We post the letter on facebook as well and get people involved that are not even with OAS and have them do the SAME thing we are doing. People could even make copies of these letters and pass them out to people physically, so they can mail them themselves to congress, to re affirm their oath.

Numbers on a computer system stating how many e mails you have...can be deleted quick fast and in a hurry...BUT....LETTERS...fill up offices in congress and gets the attention of people.

We keep sending the letters and sending the letters, until they get sick of it. It WILL hit the news..someone will say something to the media...and BAM! we get exposure for what we are trying to do here, to get them to re affirm their oaths. If they do NOT re Affirm their oaths...oh....that will send a HUGE message to the population and will expose these criminals for who they are. This could work sir. we just need to make a plan and execute that plan to do this.


Since a large majority support John and Dave's initiative, let's go with it beginning immediately.

Below is a suggested letter:  use it, parts of it, none of it, prepare your own, as you desire but send a letter.

As has been recommended, the fastest way to get our letters to our servant politicians is to send to their District/State offices.  You can find the address here.  www.house.gov or www.senate.gov  Look at the top of each page and click on "Senators" or "Representatives"   find your servant or any Sen/Rep and then look for a "contact" tab on their page which will give all office locations.

Here's what I think is adequate, short and sweet...........

SUBJECT:  I expect a personal answer on topic from “You”.


  1. You, a member of Congress have failed to abide by your responsibility as outlined in Article 1 of the US Constitution. The charges are numerous, grave, and position the United States in jeopardy.
  2. You as my servant representative have failed to abide by your oath as confirmed by your failure to support the US Constitution as outlined in paragraph 1 above.
  3. I expect you to renounce your disobedience to the US Constitution, hold yourself accountable to me, your constituent, with a formal acknowledgement of action you will take to begin “constitutional restoration”.

Failure to respond to me, or to respond with varnished truth will damage your credibility beyond repair, guiding my active support  throughout your District and State.



Name, address, zip code, phone number

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Charles instead of Criticizing, why don't you help to devise a better plan, for we should all be working together.  I believe this is one reason why our America is being destroyed.....Americans have forgotten the art of True Brotherhood and respecting each other for their opinion....Believe me the enemies are working in their own Brotherhood to destroy us.  God help us all. 

This was a discussion item and asked for comments. Politely entertain feedback, since it was requested, whether positive or negative. This is a Think Tank strategy perhaps with which you're unfamiliar.

Betsy, this is far from what I call a think tank, but, alright, it is a place where we think and place our thoughts......to a point.  You write: "This was a discussion item and asked for comments."  Where is it written in the opening that they were seeking alternatives. Just a simple reply of yes or no was implied.  Nevertheless, I understand your point.  My point is that this is a good idea and I saw one person who had an addition for it that was also excellent.  I applaud both.  No need to run down people.  Those blogs are run by libs.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

Betsy is one of the few members of this forum who are able to communicate even handedly and in keeping with the example set by the Founding Fathers.  I applaud her plea for civility.

At the end of my post, I typed the key word Technidigm, which for some would be recognized as related to the plea to encourage politicians, the news media, and voters to learn about and apply the 12 Elements of Technidigm.  So John's suggestion that I make a positive contribution, while valid, ignores that I have done that, several years ago in the form of a book titled "On-the-Level: Common Sense, Technically Speaking".  It is on Amazon for $3, an electronic book easily downloaded.

As I noted, we need far more than harassment tactics to make progress on our many issues, and that includes being smarter and more circumspect than we used to be.  I could fill several pages with explanation, but I would consider it to be a great step forward if we included in these communications with Congress the question: "What is your position on the suggestion to apply the 12 Technidigm Elements as a fundamental part of the American political discourse?"

I just turned 70 and am still active in the work force, have a top secret security clearance, am a retired military office with Vietnam ribbons, and have made many contributions to the safety of nuclear power plants and nuclear weapon nonproliferation.  You would of course know that if you Googled the word Technidigm and any relevant other key word. 

In short (this is as short as I can do this), I have created a simplified, 12 element paradigm that is probably a bit too complicated for some but truly simplified relative to my expectations at a nuclear power plant as to how to do things right.  Yet, since politicians create laws and regulations that control nuclear power plants, I think it is not too much for them to be required to learn and apply the 12 Elements of Technidigm.


And where, I might I add, would I have read about your writing and where would I have read your Letters of Reference in order to justify absorbing my time in reading your book as anyone may and can write a book?  So, I cannot ignore that which I do not know.  Perhaps you do not know much about me.  Should I hold you at fault for that?  Absolutely not.  So, you have made what you call a positive contribution?  I cannot deny that until I read your positive contribution.  Meanwhile, I am very involved with reading two masses by a living composer and I am to make critical marks in his scores for him before sending them to press for publication and distribution for performances in addition to writing my own article for a national music magazine in addition to other articles I am to construct and composing my own oratorio while meanwhile writing people throughout the world about how to develop their choirs into choirs of excellence and holding Presentations at conventions.  I do not think that I will have the time to read your book.  It is still not too much to ask to have you be positive with your actions and comments and to send the letters as requested.  Join me and others in doing so.  Et in terra pax hominibus! 

Let's Roll!

Les........I'm weary of your approach...yours is no better than what you're criticizing........as you should have noticed John's last comment was five hours before you took your shot.  Knock of the vulgar approach.

I agree, it could work.  How do we know if we don't try?  If we don't try we will be no better than the House of Reps who say ther'es no use in sending articles of impeachment to the Senate because the old woman speaker Harriett Reed will just sit on it. I say go for it, it's a small sacrifice for WE THE PEOPLE!

John,  with respect, doing "something" is not always the best thing to be doing.  Personally, I agree with Charles and would consider this plan a form of harassment and without a specific positive hope for any change by doing it.  So, "they" reaffirm their oath (which "they" have already taken) and then continue with the status quo?  what is the gain?  A waste of stamps, paper and printer ink.  Though, on second thought, it might help out the Post Office some and they could use it!  To me, this plan seems like spinning wheels...  And don't ask me if I have a better plan, John.  My plan was OAS and it hasn't been successful...yet.

What John are you writing addressing?

With respect: Don't tell me what to do!  I will ask anything I so choose.  You are a lib, a negative force.  If you do not want to help, leave!  You have never done anything anyway!  Good idea, Harry.  Good idea, Pamela!  Let's Roll!

Judy just joined Betsy on my list of wise counselors in this discussion.  We might be able to avoid spinning our wheels if we come up with something new.  Most of us are apparently seeking the same Objectives, based on good Principles that we have learned over our many years.  We just have trouble coming up with a Solution within the proper Context, something that would resonate with those of us and our fellow Americans who are, indeed, On-the-Level and not polarized by self-serving interests or lobbyist Opinions.  We see the Facts of most situations and are eager to find more relevant Facts through Research to come up with a Solution to any problem.  We would be glad to fund the Resources for that Solution as long as we could obtain Feedback over Time to make the necessary adjustments to the Solution, reaching our Objectives without compromising our Principles, and while keeping everything in the proper Context, and while remaining On-the-Level.

It is far more difficult than that, but most of us can at least understand that much.  We should expect our politicians and news media folks to understand much more than that.  The book is around 280 pages and explains everything that has happened to us since about 1971, the last time this country was mostly On-the-Level and before the simple minded liberals took over.

Good, Charles.  Excellent!  You come up with other suggestions and announce them and perhaps they will get accomplished.  meanwhile, let do what harry is requesting without question as it stands solidly on its own merit!

Let's Roll!



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