Constitutional Emergency

I am personally glad "O'" Enemy N' Chief didn't defile the grounds at Arlington Cemetery with his presence, I'm also glad no one there had to endure any of his arrogant deceitful words....

By William Forstchen

Published May 31, 2010 |

"So what the hell do these conservatives want out of Obama? And does it matter if Obama throws some leaves on a tomb?
--David Corn

Memorial Day. Those of us old enough to remember might recall a parent or grandparent who referred to it as “Decoration Day.” We might recall as well that “Memorial Day,” was not on the last Monday in May, serving as an endcap for a three day weekend of sales and vacations, but instead was observed on May 30, no matter what day of the week that was.

It started shortly after the Civil War when General Logan, who was part of the forces occupying the South, supposedly observed Southern women laying spring flowers on the graves of both Confederate and Union dead. Logan wrote of it, urged a national day of commemoration and thus “Decoration Day” became a tradition in nearly all states.

After World War One, the fallen of that conflict became part of the memorial services as well.

After World War Two, with hundreds of thousands of new graves to tend, the tradition evolved that “Decoration Day,” would be a day of national commemoration for those who gave “the last full measure of devotion,” and that “Armistice Day,” November 11, would become a day of honoring all veterans who served.

And thus it was until 1971 when Congress, creating three day weekends for government employees, including themselves, reordered Memorial Day to the last Monday of the month.

As a boy growing up in the 1950s I recall Memorial Day in my town as one of solemn dedication. With streets blocked off a procession would weave through the community, visiting the various cemeteries. I marched with the boy scouts, my father with his American Legion post, and at each cemetery prayers would be offered, wreaths laid, followed by a volley salute and taps, which even then made my throat constrict.

We were a single America, united in memory. Yes there was already the blaring of ads on a new thing called television, about Memorial Day sales, and the exodus to the beach by some, but as a shared culture, Memorial Day was a day of memory, recollection and prayer.

We are two Americas today. Presidents have “missed” visiting Arlington before this day but this time, the reasons why and what commentators have said in defense so clearly shows a national divide.

Earlier this week a notice from the White House announced that the first family would “vacation” this weekend in Chicago. The First Lady was quoted as saying that this time the children “decided” where they would spend their mini-vacation.

Vacation? So Memorial Day is a vacation weekend now, even for the first family? Of course,  it was quickly pointed out that the president would visit a military cemetery near Chicago. Of course.

But that is not Arlington. Arlington is the symbolic center of our national memory for those who died in service to our country. It is as well where the Tombs of the Unknown from most of our 20th century wars are located. The ritual of the Unknown Soldier, as symbolic of all the fallen emerged after World War One, when from the torn battlefields of Europe, America and other nations recovered the unidentified remains of one soldier, to thus symbolize the millions whose final resting places are “known but to God.” To honor the Unknown is the symbolic act of honoring all and thus it became a sacred ritual.

Arlington is “the vision place of souls,” and the Tombs of the Unknown, are the focal point of that memory. When a president lays a wreath before those tombs, it is a symbolic act of memory and mourning on behalf of all of us. The laying of a wreath in and of itself is also a tradition that harkens back to biblical times. For a president, it is one of the highest honors and obligations that comes with his office.

Is that too much to ask of our president? Is it too much to ask of a president to set such an example and rather than have a vacation defined by “the kids” that instead, as the first family together they lead the nation in a day of contemplation and prayer?

We are now so clearly two Americas and this conflict about how to observe Memorial Day symbolizes a cultural divide which started in the 1960s and now seems all but unfathomable. That divide was brutally and crudely stated this week by the “progressive” journalist David Corn, editor with “Nation” Magazine, when he wrote in defense of the first family’s decision to treat this weekend at a “vacation”:

So what the hell do these conservatives want out of Obama? And does it matter if Obama throws some leaves on a tomb?

David, I will tell you what we want. We want a president who holds sacred certain beliefs and traditions that are the very essence of what we see as being an “American.” In a world of such political correctness where we are constantly ordered not to offend, we are the people who on this sacred day are offended beyond any ability to express, offended by our president’s actions, offended by your soulless mocking words. . ."throws some leaves on a tomb. . ."

If that is indeed your belief, and the belief of those who are apologists for yet another insult by our president to sacred traditions, there is only one answer. We are a house divided against itself, we have become two Americas with all which that implies and such a divide, in the end, will be resolved one way or the other and come November, of this year and in 2012 we will remember.

William R. Forstchen is a professor of history at Montreat College and is a specialist in military history. He has co-authored seven books with Newt Gingrich, the latest “To Try Men’s Souls” about Washington’s crossing of the Delaware. He is also the author of “One Second After,” a novel warning about the dangers of an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack on the United States.

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I'm glad that The Obamanation did not defile Arlington to visit some of America's greatest.

David Corn may have been born in the United States but, he IS NOT and American (any more the The Obanination is). He should leave America . . . there is no room for "Progressive's" here.
I dont want that Islamic bastard anny where close to our fallen troops.He is and has digraced a great nation.I cant say what i would like to see happen,my moma says i should think or wish bad things on people because god wouldnt like it.
Well, God and Moma are gonna have to forgive me on this one.To wish him well would be a lie.
What I have to say about that puke shouldn't be typed.
He is a disgrace and should be ashamed!!!!!!!!! He is not even pretending to be President.
Me too!
David Korn is the lowest of the low......not worthy to lick the dirt off the boots of a warrior.......a clear candidate for tar and feathering and after that, if he needed a drink, I would piss in his face.........
Sorry Harry, I wouldn't. I would watch him suffer.
As for O, I am glad he didn't dishonor our fallen with his presence. Apparently God wanted him to have no part of it either. His big Chicago show was deluged complete with dangerous lightening and thunder. I do believe that the day of reckoning will come for those hell-bent on the destruction of this God Ordained nation. I hope I live long enough to witness His wrath upon them.
I,too am happy to see that the Hallowed Grounds of Arlington weren't soiled by the footprints
of a marxist/socialist imposter.
And,as Amy has pointed out,Devine Providence sent a clear message to Ocrazy in Chicago.
I laughed when I heard that it stormed all over Scummy in Chi-town. He will get his come comeuppance in due time.
I am sorry my fellow Veterans in war and also anyone who served, Memorial day is a very critical day for our President (not vice president) to put the reef on the unknown tomb! It is (in my opinion) just another proof that President Obama is a devout Muslim and if our great Country America does not get off there haunches and vote the liberals and democrates out this November it is our fault for our Great Country is not as great as it was prior to Him taking office and if the republicans do not take the senate and congress over in November we are all in serious trouble! Sincerely yours Michael F. Roberts Ex- Vietnam combat veteran 1967 to 1968 ! plus 4 years active service and 13 years as a federal agent with the U.S. department of energy!
This dumbass David Corn's own words says all I need to know about him when he states, "throws some leaves on a tomb".
Like any typical liberal, no respect for tradition, no values, no morals.
As a U.S. Navy, Vietnam Veteran, I was so relieved to know ozbama was not attending services at Arlington. If I were to be buried there I wouldn't want that butt-monkey anywhere near to me or my final resting place. I am so thankful for those that are buried there and their families that they did not have to endure his presence.
I believe in "divine intervention" and I believe that God had a hand in the events of this latest Memorial day. Praise be to our God almighty. May God once again bless America.



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