A tale of two funerals...........Action of a "thug" in the White House


A tale of two funerals

August 25, 2014 — Leave a comment

By all accounts, Harold was a bright child. He grew up in America. He went to school and had a bright future ahead of him.

Harold’s full life was cut short in a violent moment.

While few people had ever heard of Harold before his death, many did afterwards.

And in death, something shocking happened.

What was so shocking, especially when it is compared to the death of someone else recently in the news?

Harold is Harold Greene, Major General United States Army.

On August 5th, General Greene was killed by a Taliban terrorist. He was returned to America with full military honors. It has been a tradition that the President attends the funeral of flag officers killed in the line of duty. Richard Nixon attended the funeral of a Major General killed in Vietnam and George W. Bush attended the funeral of Lieutenant General Timothy Maude, who was killed in the 9/11 attacks.

While Major General Greene was buried, Barack Obama was golfing. The Vice President wasn’t there either. Neither was the Secretary of Defense. Flags were not even lowered to half staff.

Four days after Harold Greene gave his life for America, Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson Missouri.

It is safe to say, Brown was at best a thug.

The media has repeatedly shown photos of Brown flashing gang signs. Some media outlets have even associated him with a specific gang. In the minutes before his death, Brown committed a robbery at a local convenience store. According to other reports, Brown struck officer Darren Wilson and shattered his orbital bone.

Obama is sending a three-person delegation to Michael Brown’s funeral.

Obama would not attend the funeral of the highest ranking military officer killed in the line of duty since 9/11, yet he will send a delegation to the funeral of a thug.

When Margaret Thatcher, one of America’s staunchest allies and Ronald Reagan’s partner in bringing down Soviet communism, died Obama sent only a small low-level delegation to her funeral. The snub was not missed by the British.

When Chris Kyle, the most lethal American sniper in history was murdered, there was no expression of sympathy from the White House. There was no White House delegation at his funeral.

American heroes die and Obama goes to the golf course.

A thug dies and he gets a White House delegation.

No wonder real Americans hold Obama in contempt.

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All by design by the global elite, using oblamo as the puppet master, nothing happens by mistake in govt..

Revolutions are to keep Tyranny in check, and it will take no less to stop what is coming on 911-  2014.....

This is not my idea for a future for my children and as for me i shall not go down without a fight.

We will not stop what is coming as the dog will not be to his feet in time to react.

Society has corrupted itself and i have no hope to educate the ill-informed, so leave them behind where they belong.

Best possible action will be the Patriot's, Militia, American Hunter, and with the help of the retired vet's to organize.

Lock n Load , armed n ready boys as we have work to do, or America will be remembered in pictures only... Amen..

With all the gun confiscation scares, that's at least in our favor that everyone has been stocking up on gun related things. The elite have been preparing for a long time and while America sleeps. It looks like we are going to have to fight once again for our rights and for our country. I wish they would hurry up, I'm not getting any younger.

Don't worry "T" just a few short months ago....nobody heard of "Not-Not."  Now they're poised to be a major military. If that took just a couple short months to hear about and watch it grow, you know something is coming down the pike here real soon one way or the other.....BE PREPARED!!!!

Yes mam. Ready. Semper Fi  

Yes, there's 21.5 millions veterans in this country, all of them eager! There also 100M gun owners, most of them 2nd amendment conservatives !!! We're ready to take on the domestic commie traitors who want to trash this country, and terrorist and the likes of ISIS can bring it on, we'll wipe them out before they can set foot on our land! 

ISIS is already here, but I can guarantee this, if these bastards come out of their mosque, at least in TEXAS, we will force them back into their mosque and burn the mosque to the ground and then bring in heavy equipment to level the ground. Islam is evil and as such, they will meet their maker, sooner than later.

For the commander in chief to not attend major general Greene's funeral is in itself a dereliction of duty. For all you Obama supporters in the military, take note, this is what your commander really thinks of you. If he couldn't even honor a major general what do you think he'll do for you?

And don't forget.....the fact that he wouldn't get our Marine out of a Mexican prison!!!!

And he's going to give a lecture to an American Legion gathering in the Carolinas in 2 weeks! I wonder how warm a welcome he's going to get. He's throwing himself to the wolves! This shows that this guy is either completely demented, or he just doesn't have any sense of shame!

No conscience!

The confusion comes in where a judge wrote an amendment (forget what they called it, article,section,etc. sorry). , which basically rewrote how one could become a President if both parents weren't born on US soil. It was some type of inclusionary clause that they posed.  Again, they used this in McCain's being able to run in the discussion on FAUX News.  That's all we need are more lib-judges rewriting or amending the Constitution!!! 

Ma'am, that is not exactly correct.

John Sidney McCain III was born on August 29, 1936, at Coco Solo Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone (U.S. territory at the time), the second of three children born to naval officer John S. McCain Jr. and his wife, Roberta. At the time of John III's birth, the McCain family was stationed in the Panama Canal Zone, under American control and considered a sovereign part of the United States of America.  That being said, he was NOT foreign born nor was he granted any special "permission" to run for POTUS.

Both McCain's father and paternal grandfather, John Sidney McCain Sr., were four-star admirals. John S. McCain Jr. rose to command all U.S. naval forces in the Pacific.



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